Diana’s Great Idea

My sister (Janet) and I have been talking a lot lately about the way we wasted so much of our lives hanging around watching TV and reading trashy books when we could have been learning to crochet, play the tuba or sculpt busts of Warren G. Harding. It’s tragic, isn’t it? I mean, we’re both smart (she is), funny (I am), awesome (again, I am)… how can we justify years of doing nothing?

And I thought to myself, how does anyone in today’s society justify years of doing nothing? Why, a blog!

Janet and I are not new to blogging. We’ve both been writing about our crappy lives for quite some time… with limited success, I might say. Seriously, all that time being lame made for boring adulthood!

I realized a lot of the characters who had more bitchin’ adulthoods than I do weren’t even adults! The Baby Sitters Club (I’ll never find a man as devoted as Logan), the gals from Girl Talk, Sweet Valley High, Girlfriends, the Making Out Series… even those little bitches from The Sleepover Friends. Darn them all! We’ll learn them by tearing their little stories to bits!

Ha ha ha!


No, seriously. That’s all the blog is going to be about… our reviews of crappy books. Maybe a shitty movie here or there.



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