Girlfriends #6!!

The name of this book is ” Daydream Believer”- most of the books have song titles as the title, as clearly Nicole Grey is obsessed with ” la musica.” Whatevs.

So our fair book begins with Daryelle busting into Edan’s cabin right as Edan and Nat are about to have some sexy time!! To review Daryelle was the blonde bimbo at the general store where the gang stopped for provisions prior to going to the ski cabin. Daryelle is supposedly a huge fan of Corrupting Cleo and who knew that a ragtag bunch of 19 year olds in a local band could get so much pussy? Honestly, I gotta ask my friend Dan if he gets this much play as he is in a local band as well called Unprepared and granted it seems they have about 50 people if that at any one gig, but maybe Unprepared DOES have groupies. I dunno. But I digress.


So Daryelle busts in there and she’s all sick and crap and needs to stay with Nat and Edan in the cabin as there is no way to leave as there is a huge snowstorm. But the bitch FOLLOWED Edan to the cabin in the hopes of gettin’ her own sexy time, knowing a blizzard was a comin’ DUMB ASS FUCKIN BITCH!! So of course sexy time for E and N is ruined, and Natalie is pretty much stuck having to care for Daryelle and make her coffee. Luckily, the trio do get rescued but not before Natalie overhears a convo between Edan and Daryelle whereby Daryelle calls Natalie a bitch, pretty much, and Edan doesn’t even really defend Natalie! THEM’S FIGHTIN WORDS!!!

Meanwhile, Stephanie Ling is about to get a normal boarder in her home in the form of Faizon, Cass’s new boyfriend. I did find out that Faizon is paid to be a counselor at the hospital and well- first of all as a peer counselor I wouldn’t have thought that was a paid gig I would think peer counselors worked on a volunteer basis. Plus no hospital would have some 19 year old with no advanced booklearnin’ in the form of a college degree on a payroll to provide counsel or therapy of any kind!  Corinne, Stephanie’s 10 year old sister, just adores Faizon and even Ana, the 13 year old, and Mrs. Ling are actually civil to him due to Faizon’s Southern manners.

The woman who owned Janis’s dog, Jett, comes to Harmony House after the woman sees a pic of Jett in the newspaper. Jett is the doggie that Janis rescued from this woman when she saw the dog being starved and chained, living in filthy conditions- and I know Janis can be a self righteous beeyotch at times, but she was right to get that poor doggie out of there! The woman goes up to Janis and starts to demand Jett back because she wanted to breed her- eewwww. Well, Janis put a twist in the gal’s knickers because Zoe, Janis’s mom, was going out to get the doggie spayed around the town the animal abusing ho that was Jett’s owner was wanting Jett back. So once the woman found that out, she didn’t seem quite as keen about getting the dog back. PLUS- the cops go to Harmony House one day  to corner the owner of the dog- and the cops tell Janis that the woman was being arrested for heroin possession and dealing, and she pretty much kept Jett to ” protect the heroin” -ewwww! Now, when Janis is agonizing over what to do about Jett’s former owner, her boyfriend Brian says it was wrong to steal Jett anyway and Janis should pretty much ” give the dog to her rightful owner.” Fuck you, Brian, you useless piece of cat dung- the dog WAS being abused HELLO!! And AGAIN why are Janis and Bri together? Well, Janis then decides that she is sort of tired of how much she and Brian fight, and one night Janis meets her ” dream man” at a coffeeshop- Dorian Gray, who Janis finds soooo hot as he has long blonde hair and blue eyes and ” looks like the male version of Janis”-ummmmmmmmmmmm why would I find the male version of me HOT?? That’d be like either fucking myself or, like, my brother- and who wants to fuck her brother unless she’s in a VC Andrews novel? Well as you can guess, dear reader, despite Dorian singing all of these songs about activism and seeming so ” deep” in the end he’s just another musician wanting to get into an innocent gal’s pants, and when Dorian invites Janis backstage one night, he tries to take advantage of her but Janis is all ” hell to the nizzo” and of course ” So you are not an activist?” FUCK NO bitch!!!! God that was DUMB of Janis!!!

Maria finally lets the cat out of the bag to Jesse and says that Leif tried to rape her. Leif was the jock douchebag who yes does try to rape Maria in book 2. Jesse gets all Latino macho and goes over to Leif’s house to kick his ass, but as Leif is a hell of a lot bigger than Jesse, Jesse is the one who gets his arse kicked naturally- and Jesse spends the rest of the book pretty much in hiding in his apartment because he is ashamed of getting his ass kicked by some football playing white boy, I guess. And he, like, didn’t really defend Maria’s honor after all. Maria also has started a peer abuse network thing, where girls can come forward and say their boyfriends are abusing them, and basically Maria provides counsel to these gals and makes sure everyone in the school knows which boys beat their girlfriends. Again, some unqualified nimrod providing counsel!! ( sorry as a trained social worker this is kinda pissing me off!) Well, anyway this one gal Nancy keeps telling Maria that her BF, Hank, who sounds like grade A white trashola, abuses her on an almost daily basis. I did like that Maria tells Nancy at one point that Nance has a friend who loves her and is good to her and does not show it by hitting her, why should Nancy think that Hank is showing his love by hitting her?? Well Nancy does finally decide to leave after an incident where Hank chokes her- yikes! and then Hank starts like stalking Maria pretty much because he’s pissed Nancy dumped him.

Cass is skipping ballet constantly to fuck Faizon- hope you all are using condoms!! Miriam, Cass’s mom thinks Cass is at ballet class but when Miriam finds out she is not ( as parents do always find out this shit eventually!!) she hightails it over to Steph’s house, all yelling that Faizon is committing statutory rape and she no longer wants Cass to go to a house in ” that part of town” and basically says the Lings are also trash for being poor- yeah fuck you Miriam. But unlike SVH or BSC, it seems, at least the parents in Girlfriends books are SOMEWHAT involved! So Miriam is dragging Cass out of the house and Corinne is crying as she can’t believe that anyone would hate Faizon.

Our book ends with Maria being stuck in the dry cleaners where she works ( her parents own it) with Hank staring at her in a creepy manner, and Janis going to Bri’s house to say she really loves him but fucks it up completely because Brian says ” oh it’s over with Dorian” and dumb Janis goes ” yeah because he is leaving town tomorrow!” -ummmm Janis you CUNT!!!! UGH!! And also, Daryelle decides to invite Nat and Edan to a fancy restaurant to thank them for rescuing her, and Daryelle and Edan are chatting about gardens and crap and leaving Nat out of the convo, and Nat bought a sexy white dress for this ocassion damn it! So Natalie stomps out of the restaurant leaving Daryelle alone with Edan, which yeah Nattie, don’t leave your man alone  with a hot blonde come on!!!!

Now sadly  I have no clue how obtain Girlfriends 7 or 8 so my next review is Girlfriends #9! And for a quick movie recommendation- if you all have Netflix get the docudrama ” On the Outs” about three teenage girls and their issues with drugs, sex, pregnancy all that. It’s honestly an awesome movie- like ” Kids” or ” Thirteen” but even better if you ask me.


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