SVH #6- Dangerous Love

Dangerous Love is the Sweet Valley High book where Elizabeth gets into a motorcycle accident and goes into a coma- obviously you know she lives in the end because why would anyone think to kill off one of the twins but this is one of the more memorable Sweet Valley High books- though I didn’t read this one in my youth, however I did read Book #7 Dear Sister many times and it was one of my favorites.


So the book begins with Liz going off to school dressed like she is a Choate Rosemary Hall ( prep school in CT) student in a blue blazer and slacks. That is a boring outfit even for Liz. Jessica asks Liz why she is takign the Fiat to school ( though not sure why- isn’t the Fiat their car to take to ummm- school?) and Liz explains it’s because Todd is taking his new Yamaha to school, and the Wakefields #1 rule ( yeah the Wakefields have rules- who knew?) is that the twins are sooooo not allowed to go on a motorcycle because 3 years ago, their dear cousin Rexy died in a motorcycle crash.

So the twins are at school and Todd comes to school on his ” rad” ride, and he even bought a pink helmet for Liz for when she rides with him! See, Liz never told Todd about the Wakefields’ rule because Liz is stupid. Meanwhile, Todd is waxing poetic about how he can’t wait for Liz to be on the back of his sweet Yamaha. After school, Liz is off to the Dairi Burger to write about their grand re-opening and to eat their nasty tasting clam special. Todd arrives at the Dairi Burger with his study partner, Mandy Farmer, who is apparently really hot even though she’s a brunette, and she is all holding on to Todd’s waist and all and probably giving him a hand job while she’s on the bike.  And thank God Todd came to DB when he did, because Jerry ” Crunch” McAllister ( the teen town drunk who dropped out of school after a knee injury rendered him unable to play football- loser!) was gonna start trouble with Jessica’s new man but luckily Todd was there and told “Crunch” he could ride Todd’s bike across the parking lot and Crunch is all ” Sweet” and forgets about punching Jessica’s new squeeze’s lights out.


Of course, when Jessica and Liz get home, Jess has to start being a cunt and says that Mandy and Todd looked cozy on the bike, and does Todd know about the rule, and Liz best watch out b/c all of the cuntbags at school are gonna totally wanna fuck Todd b/c he has a Yamaha. Liz does admit that Todd doesn’t know about the rule, and Jess does pretty much say that Todd should know. So the next day, Liz’s blood again boils because this time Enid gets a quick ride on Todd’s bike, and yeah Enid is a huge threat. So finally Elizabeth tells Todd about the rule her parents have, and Todd says that he will ask the Wakefields to rescind their rule because he’s a safe driver, and if you are safe motorcycles are no prob blah blah blah. And oh yeah, Enid’s 16th bday is coming up and her mom is throwing a huge party at the country club which uh being that Enid’s ma is single, seems like she can’t afford this bitchin’ country club party and the whole school must be invited as even Lila and Jessica are invited which really makes no sense because as these books often point out ” there is no love lost between Jessica and Enid.” Enid’s cousin Brian who is apparently a real hottie is coming and Jess wants Enid to hook them up- yeah Jess I am sure Enid really wants to do you a favor after you fuckin smeared her rep!


Well Todd makes his appeal to the Wakefields but they ain’t gonna budge.  Liz  is secretly relieved about this. 

So it’s the night of Enid’s soiree. Enid actually did agree to hook up Brian with Jess because ” Brian will have fun with Jess” – code for ” hey my cousin may as well get with someone who’s an easy lay”. Jessica is looking wicked hot  in a black jumpsuit ( not really sure what happened with Jess’s squeeze that brought her to the Dairi Burger but whatevs) and meanwhile Elizabeth is all sorts of pissed b/c Todd had his grandpa’s bday to go to and it’s midnight and he STILL hasn’t showed up to Enid’s party- WTF? And all of the kids are going to this sweet club ( what kind of cool club is there for 16 year olds to go to after midnight?) and Liz is stuck with no ride because Enid’s mom can’t bring her, and Jessica is off making out with Brian and completely forgets about Elizabeth. So Todd FINALLY shows up and says he was gone for so long because he actually was off making a deal with Crunch to sell his bike- because if Liz can’t be on the bike of his bike, no gal can, and the bike is causing a rift in the relationship. So for some reason since Todd will no longer have the bike, Liz impulsively decides that she wants to go for a ride on the back of his bike just this once because it’d be a real turn on or something. Todd says at first that he doesn’t want to bring Liz on the bike, and Enid’s mom offered to call a cab and he’d rather Liz take the cab but Liz insists- although Todd sold the pink helmet because Liz can’t go on the motorcycle. Liz STILL insists and Todd actually acquiesces! Yeah Todd GREAT idea!!! So Liz hops on and pretty much is having an orgasm over being on Todd’s bike, when all of a sudden a drunk driver in a van- CRUNCH- who Todd did say was sure chuggin’ down those beers, crashes into the motorcycle!! OOHHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOEESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Lizzie had on NO helmet!

As Todd had a helmet on, he had only a few scratches but Liz is now in a coma. Ned and Steven Wakefield are right pissed when Todd shows up, and Mr. Collins then shows up- yeah Mr Collins- the teacher- who BTW Mr Collins was ALSO at Enid’s party! Who invites their fucking English teacher to a sweet 16- and he actually fucking went? BOUNDARIES COLLINS BOUNDARIES!!!! So Todd and Mr. C have a heart to heart, and eventually the fam says that Liz is very headstrong and when she insists on doing something there is no stopping her-ummm since the fuck when? Isn’t that Jess? And of course Jessica is VERY upset as she feels if she had showed up in time to pick Liz up, Liz wouldn’t have had to take a ride from Todd. So to try to wake up Liz, Jessica and Todd squeeze Liz’s hands but it doesn’t work at all and at the end of the book Elizabeth is STILL in her coma and they don’t know if she will have brain damage or not.





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