Girl Talk #9- Peer Pressure

Our tale starts with Katie Campbell getting up very early for school because Katie tried out for an Olympic Event at Winter Carnival- which is an all county event. Katie tried out for the sychronized ice skating competition, and the results will be announced during 1st period at school!

School finally starts, and the results are announced during first period. Katie made the sychronized skating team! Sychronized ice skating is similar to sychronized swimming except it’s on skates of course, and Katie has never had formal figure skating lessons but she has practiced a lot at home. Katie is so excited that she made the team she doesn’t even hear who her partner will be- there will be two skating teams made up of four girls, and Katie has no clue who who her partner will be as she tuned that part out. Katie figured that knowing who her partner is is not that important- uh yeah Katie of course it is!!! Well, Sabs is the one who is going to break that bad news to Katie- Katie was paired with Laurel Spencer- aka the ” Ice Queen” who is one of Stacy Hansen’s cronies- Stacy is as ” Stacy the Great” the biggest bitch at Bradley Junior High!! And yes Laurel is the school ” Ice Queen”- although you never hear a thing about Laurel being any type of ” Ice Queen” until this book. And the other team consists of Stacy and this sexy 8th grader Kim Kushner- Katie waxes poetic over how Kim has a ” great figure”- hmmmm too bad Kim wasn’t your partner huh Katie???

At lunch, Stacy the Great goes up to Katie whilst Katie is putting her dishes away, and Stacy pretty much tells Katie that she best not fuck up during the skating competition and ” make Laurel look bad.” Laurel just stands there being her Ice Queen self with her ” ice blue eyes” staring Katie down. Can you believe Stacy had the nerve to tell Katie not to make Laurel look bad? I just wish Katie had told Randy what Stacy said because Randy would have beat Stacy’s ass New York-style! 

All of the Girl Talkers are going to be involved in Winter Carnival- Allison is in charge of writing about the event for the local paper as one of the school reporters, and Randy and Sabs are in the band!  After school, Katie and Randy stop at the office to get the schedule for the Winter Carnival, and they run into Laurel and Stacy, who are trying to see if they can switch so that Stacy and Laurel can skate together because that cunt bag Stacy says ” at least one of the teams should know each other really well.” Randy is fuckin brilliant though- Randy starts talking to Stacy in this wicked sweet voice and says that it makes perfect sense that Stacy and Laurel should skate together, because Katie deserves to have a partner like Kim- Kim has won numerous skating awards and it only makes sense that ” Katie skates with someone who is her equal in terms of talent!” Stacy is STEAMED and I LOVED it- in yo’ FACE, Stacy!

Katie comes home and tells her mom that she made the skating team and Katie’s mom says congrats.  Then Katie’s perfect older sister Emily- ya know hot bod, hottie boyfriend, cheerleader all that shit- arrives home to say that she was chosen Winter Carnival Queen for Bradley Senior High- OK who calls high school ” Senior High??” And Katie’s mom is much more jazzed over that news than she was over Katie’s, and Katie’s Ma and Emily start talking about what dress Emily should get. So Katie is bummed.


The next morning is Saturday and it’s the first day of the synchronized skating practice. Laurel keeps trying to mess Katie up during practice and naturally it’s pissing Katie off. Stacy is being all showy and flapping herself around like an idiot, and messing Kim up and pissing Kim off.  Coach O’Neal says that the girls definitely need a lot more practice. Coach also says that the girls have to get together and pick their music soon, and it will be a good way for them to bond or whatever. So Laurel invites Katie to go to her house the next day to pick the music, because Laurel has tons of ” records and tapes.” YEAH RECORDS AND TAPES!! Remember those? 🙂 Katie tells Sabs about how Laurel was being at practice,and Sabs instantly makes Katie feel better because Sabs is bitchin as hell.

So Sunday comes, and it’s time for Katie to go to Laurel’s house. Katie learns from her mom and Emily that Laurel’s dad is president of the bank that Katie’s mom works for, and Laurel’s college age sister Lana is a prima ballerina. When Katie arrives to Laurel’s house she is shocked- Laurel lives in a mansion with a pool, tennis courts and everything! Laurel answers the door and says that Katie can go meet Laurel’s ma and sis. Laurel’s mom and Lana are deeply involved in a conversation and they barely even notice Laurel arriving in the room. Laurel calls her mom ” mother” and uses this stiff, formal voice and Katie finds that wicked odd.  Laurel’s mom barely pays attention to anything Laurel has to say about the skating competition, and Lana just says that she was in the figure skating event when she was in junior high and naturally she won 2 years in a row. Fuck you, Lana.


Laurel and Katie retire to Laurel’s room to choose the music, and Laurel says she thought they could dance to something ” jazzy” rather than the usual ” classical or pop” music. Yeah, Laurel said ” pop.” Who calls top 40 hits pop? Certainly no 7th grader that I know!!! Laurel had a song called ” Breezes Blowing” in mind, and Laurel puts the record on and Katie thinks it’s just lovely. After they pick the music, Laurel suggests that Laurel and Katie have a snack, and Laurel discovers a freshly baked apple pie that the housekeeper, Edna, just made! Yes, Laurel also has a live in housekeeper and I know bank presidents make good $$, but enough for a live in housekeeper? I would seriously doubt that. But no matter. Right after each girl has a slice of pie, Mrs. Spencer comes into the kitchen to have a cup of coffee and to tell Laurel she is taking Lana shopping. Laurel asks if maybe Mrs. Spencer can find skating outfits for Laurel and Katie, and Ma Spencer pretty much blows Laurel off. What a CUNTY mom!

On Monday, Sabrina wants to hear all about Laurel’s awesome mansion. Katie fills Sabrina, Allison and Randy in on what Laurel’s mansion is like,  but Katie does not think it’s fair to Laurel to mention how Ma Spencer was practically licking Lana’s cunt while ignoring Laurel. Randy and Sabrina then talk about how so far the band sucks ass, and Katie tells Allison and Randy about the awful skating practice- although Sabs had Randy, Allison and Katie over after Katie’s practice, so wouldn’t Katie have told Ran and Al about this already? But whatever. Then Randy says it’d be better if Katie were paired with Kim, and Katie says she is ” stuck” with Laurel, and Laurel ” is not so bad anyway”- yep, Katie is all relating to Laurel because both of them have these perfect older sisters, and Laurel was pretty sweet on Sunday. Randy freaks out and says ” Not so bad??” Randy reminds Katie about the time Allison modeled with Stacy ( read Di’s blog on Girl Talk 3 for more info) and how Stacy was sweet to Al at first and Katie said she doesn’t think Laurel would be that way and Ran says well be careful! Ummm Randy I doubt Laurel will steal Katie’s non existent 16 year old boyfriend, kay? Chill out. 

After school, there is more skating practice and Katie and Laurel do a much better job. Stacy is still not very polished and is still all showy- and frankly she seems mad sucky and I don’t get how Stacy was chosen to be on this team.  Randy, Sabs and Al are all watching the practice, and so are Eva Malone and BZ Latimer, Stacy’s other 2 cronies. After practice, Stacy is all claiming that she and Kim are doing sooo well- bullshit- and starts snarking on Katie saying that hockey players are not as ” polished” as figure skaters, and Laurel sticks up for Katie and says Katie is an awesome skater and Stacy is just jealous! IN YO FACE AGAIN, Stacy! Katie leaves the rink, and as she is walking home Laurel sees Katie and asks if Katie would like a ride to the Spencers’ ( Lana picked Laurel up) so they could go over routines.  Of course, when they get to the Spencer’s, Ma ignores Laurel again in favor of bitch ass Lana.  Then Laurel says how it drives her crazy that Lana is Ms. Perfect, and Laurel does skating because Lana ” doesn’t care about it.” – ummmm earlier in the book Lana mentions winning skating competitions! BIG MISTAKE THERE, LE Blair! Katie agrees that having a perfect older sis sucks, but thinks to herself that Emily does not seem nearly as douchey as Lana. Laurel then asks if Katie would like to go shopping for skating outfits at the Widmere Mall Saturday, and Katie says sure.

Telephone Talk Time- Sabs calls Katie to say that she ” volunteered” Katie, Randy and Allison to be on the decorating committee for the Winter Dance and Katie is all ” well I am pretty busy already” and is not as jazzed as Sabs wants her to be. Sabs, hon, I love ya and all but that is why you ask people before just volunteering them to do shit. Then Sabs asks Katie if Katie wants to hit the mall on Saturday and Katie said she can’t because she and Laurel are already going. Sabrina freaks out over this and calls Randy, saying that Katie is going shopping with Laurel- yeah Sabs so they can get the skating outfits! Sabrina thinks this means Katie will join Stacy’s group, and Ran calls Sabs insane for thinking that, and then she calls Allison. Allison says that Katie is busy with rehearsals, and Al heard the coach say he wants the girls to get closer to each other to be good partners, and why don’t they just ask Katie about it at school tomorrow? Ran says that sounds good.


Katie assures Ran, Sabs and Al that of course she still wants to be friends with thme, and she is just busy with the rehearsals and all that. Sabrina, Randy and Allison all feel better.

So here comes the mall trip! Originally, Laurel says they can go to Elena Roberts at the mall because everyone there knows her fam, and they have cool clothes. But one skating outfit costs 75 bucks, and Laurel is all ” oh yeah Katie is poor she can’t buy this!”  So they go to Jump and Stretch to look at clothes, and Laurel and Katie say how both were reluctant to be paired up at first but they are now glad to be partners. Laurel and Katie pick pink leotards and matching pink and yellow skating skirts- that actually sounds cute!

But then when Laurel and Katie leave the store, they run into Stacy Hansen, BZ Latimer ( what kind of name is BZ?) and Eva Malone, and they ask Katie and Laurel if they wanna hit Hamburger Local. So they all do, and Eva, Stacy and BZ spend the whole meal snarking on all of the mall partrons which makes Katie all uncomfy but COME ON- snarking on other mall patrons is what makes the mall so goddamn fun!!!! But then Stacy starts snarking on Allison and that really upsets Katie, and Katie does defend Allison. Then Laurel and Katie buy rhinestones, barrettes and sequins- they plan to decorate the barrettes and they want pink ribbons to hang off the barrettes- HAWT!!!

Katie then invites Laurel to Sabrina’s house to help decorate for the dance.  The girls are doing some outer space theme. At first the gals are all having fun, but then Sabs starts totally snarking on Stacy’s skating, and Laurel starts pursing her lips and says she has to leave- seems Sabrina sorta forgot that Laurel was right there!

The next day, Katie’s mom says she is sorry that she is not that involved in what Katie is doing, but it’s hard for Ma Campbell to ask questions because her skating knowledge is so limited. Katie says to her mom that she’s the best mommy ever, and Katie’s mom makes the cool barrettes for Laurel and Katie.  Laurel and Katie then meet at practice and both Katie and Laurel said they are sorry about what their friends said, and neither one is mad at the other. Sha la la la!

So for the next 5 days, Laurel and Katie are kicking ass at rehearsals and Kim and Stacy still suck ass.  Finally, the day of the Winter Olympics has arrived!!!!!!! Well the night before, they had the awesome dance, the decorations were funky fresh, and Katie got VERY cozy with Sabrina’s twin Sam!! HOT!!! Then on the day of the Carnival, Allison shows what the layout is gonna like for the paper, and the girls are VERY impressed with Allison’s awesome newspaper skills.

Competition time! As you can guess, Kim and Stacy wicked sucked. But Laurel and Katie KICKED ASS and they WON!!!!!!! 🙂 WOOOOOO! And Katie says that she knows that no matter what happens, Laurel and Katie will be FRIENDS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 As I never read a girl talk book after this one, I have no way of knowing if this is true or not. My guess is that Laurel and Katie never talk again, because that is how YA novels work.

My next review- Sweet Valley High #2- Secrets!!! Enid Rollins has a HUGE secret!!!


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