Being Claudia Kishi: Being Lindsay Lohan

Big shout out to all the new readers! Thanks for leaving comments… your love and support is greatly appreciated. Heck, even your mild interest is greatly appreciated.

Here’s something Kishi-tastic for you:


These beauties come from Lindsay Lohan’s line of leggings. It’s called 6126, which is also Marylin Monroe’s birthday, Supposedly Marylin Monroe is Lohan’s inspiration for this line… at least that’s the story she’s sticking to because it would probably sound really lame for her to say she read a lot of BSC and what inspired by Claudia Kishi.

This particular “style” of legging(s) is called “Mr. President”. Now I know you’re thinking “Ewww! Claud would never go all ‘Oral Office’ on us! Ann M. Martin could barely see fit to give Claudia a decent date now and then.” But think of how PERFECT the built-in knee pads would be for baby-sitting, especially if it’s for the Rodowskys. I can also see these being wonderful for those times when Claud has to be on her knees painting some big mural or whatever.

The only drawback is at $132 you’ll be saving up your baby-sitting earnings for quite awhile before you can call these leggings your own. Although I suppose you could really Kish out and make them yourself.

Almost forgot the URL:


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