Parents in Stoneybrook Stink- or BSC #36- Jessi’s Baby Sitter

First, the cover- Aunt Cecilia ( who is ” Jessi’s Baby Sitter”) is wearing an apron and looking very stern as she shakes a wooden spoon in Jessi’s face. Jessi is looking all ” sassy, defiant black girl” about life (which, frankly I find really annoying), Becca is standing next to Aunt Cecilia looking petrified and sad, and Squirt is just chillin’ in his high chair. You rock, Squirt.

So the book begins in Jessi’s dance class. Madame Noelle is having the students practice plies. Naturally since Madame Noelle has a French accent, Ann M. Martin feels obligated to spell the words as Madame says them know what I mean? Like Madame Noelle says ” donce” and ” “sird pooseesin”- I HATE when Ann Martin does that!!! Just say she speaks with a French accent and that’s it! It’s like how when Logan talks in his Southern accent and says, like, ” A’m sure!” GRRRRRRRRRRR! So anyway Jessi’s dad picks her up from dance class, and Jessi smells a yummy chocolate cake in the backseat. Mr. Ramsey says he bought the cake to celebrate something, but it is a surprise.  When Jessi gets home, Jessi and Becca ( Becca being Jessi’s 8 year old sis) speculate that maybe Mrs.Ramsey is preggo with her 4th kid! ( Squirt is Jessi’s baby bro).  Ummmm Jessi your mom is not Mrs. Pike OK? I doubt she wants 4 kids!

Well turns out that Jessi and Becca were wrong, and the good news is that after 11 years of being a stay at home mama, Mrs. Ramsey is going back to work in advertisting full time! Jessi is happy for Mama Ramsey and all, but Jessi is like ” well I can babysit Squirt and Becca in the afternoons, but how about when I am in school?” Well problem solved- Mr. Ramsey’s sister, Aunt Cecilia, will be moving in to help with Squirt and the other kids, too!! Mr and Mrs Ramsey are all VERY EXCITE over this, but not Jessi or Becca!! Apparently Aunt Cecilia can be quite strict and controlling, and she feels that the Ramsey parents do not raise Jessi, Becca and Squirt properly. Well the example given may prove that- one time, when Papi and Mama Ramsey went away for a weekend, they left Jessi in charge and that was the weekend that Becca was shipwrecked along with 2 babysitters, and of course what happened to the boat wasn’t Jessi’s fault, but who the FUCK leaves an 11 year old child alone with an 8 year old and a baby for a WHOLE weekend??????? Yeah, good one Ma and Dad Ramsey!! These are Stoneybrook parents FOR SURE!! I am on your side that doing that was dumb as hell, Cee Cee Ramsey! 🙂

So Jessi complains to the other members of the Baby Sitters Club about the news, and Kristy points out that Nannie came to live with the Brewer-Thomas clan when Elizabeth and Watson Brewer adopted Emily Michelle, and it’s been awesome! And Jessi acknowledges that Nannie kicks ass, but Aunt Cecilia is different because she’s a strict bitch!

Jessi goes to sit for the Rodowskys- Archie age 4, Jackie age 7 ( aka the ” Walking Disaster” ) and Shea age 9. Jessi sits for Jackie while Mrs. R takes Shea and Archie to piano and soccer practice, respectively. Jackie wants to enter a science fair at his school, but he has no clue what he would do as he is not very good at science, but he wants to enter to prove that he can do things just as his brothers can.  Jessi suggests that Jackie can make a volcano, and Jackie thinks that’s a cool idea because well it IS!! I LOVE those volcanoes!! Jessi and Jackie walk to the library, where Mrs. Kishi ( who is Claud’s mom- wooooo) helps the kids find books on volcanoes that Jessi reads to Jackie. Then when Mrs. R comes home, Jackie talks about his science project, and Mrs. R asks Jessi if she can sit more hours to help Jackie with the project because as a true Stoneybrook mother, naturally Mrs. R cannot help, and neither can her hubster. So of course Jessi volunteers to help Jackie!!

Then there is a chapter devoted to Mal and Dawn sitting for the Pikes, and the Pikes decide to open a lending library for kids in the neighborhood ( who cares? Then again I was never a big fan of the 8 Pike brats and I thought Mami and Papi Pike were nutso to have 8 kids!) and Margo Pike wants to enter the science fair, too! Margo is going to do a project about the planets. Cool beans- planets kick ass, especially Saturn.

So the dreaded day arrives- Aunt Cecilia moves in! First of all, Aunt Cee Cee moves in bunches of crap into the house that clearly will not fit. Then at 8:30 pm, Aunt Cecilia tells Becca and Jessi to get ready for bed- OK yeah they are a little too old for an 8:30 bedtime. So Jessi asks Mama Ramsey if they have to go to bed, and she says of course not. So Jessi 1- Cecilia 0! HAH HAH HAH CEE CEE!!

The next morning, Daddy Ramsey suggests that all of them go to brunch to celebrate Aunt Cecilia moving in. Aunt Cecilia tells Daddy and Ma to go to brunch themselves so that they can be alone, and she will stay home to ” baby sit” Jessi- and Jessi is a baby sitter HERSELF- how dare Cecilia say she is BABY SITTING Jessi, the PREMIERE sitter???!!!!! BITCH!!!! So then Jessi and Becca ask Aunt Cecilia if they can take Squirt for a walk and she says no. So Jessi then asks if she can just ride her bike to Mallory’s house and Auntie says no because it ” might” rain and Auntie doesn’t know the Pikes- well DUH Aunt Cecilia Jessi knows them, and I am sure the Ramsey parents do too! So now it’s Jessi and Cecilia 1-1 in the battle of wills between Jessi and Aunt Cecilia.

The next day, when Jessi comes home from school, she tells Auntie that she has to sit for the Rodowsky fam after school. Aunt Cecilia does not want to let her go because she ” doesn’t know the family.” Cee Cee, HONEY, you JUST moved to the Ramseys’ home of course you don’t know them but again Jessi DOES!! And I am sure Aunt Cecilia must have heard of the BSC about 1,000 times since Jessi and the rest of the members are obsessed w/ that shit club. But Jessi says she has to honor her commitment to sit for the family, so finally Aunt Cecilia agrees to let Jessi go. So 2-1 in Jessi’s corner! So at the Rodowsky home, Jessi is shown basically doing the project for Jackie and telling him everything to do and say in order to win the science fair at school. Then, Jessi comes home 10 minutes late. Yeah, she was only 10 minutes late- I am a big proponent of being  on time, but I don’t even consider 10 minutes to be a huge deal. But apparently Aunt Cee Cee does, because she says that because Jessi did not call to say she would be late, she is no longer allowed to attend the BSC meeting- BITCHY!! Jessi tries calling her dad at work to see if he will say that Jessi can go, but Mr. Ramsey is out of the office according to his MALE secretary- LOVE that Mr.Ramsey has a male secretary BTW! So Jessi is not able to attend the meeting-BOO!! So Jessi calls Kristy to tell her she cannot attend, and Kristy is upset for Jessi and can’t believe how ridiculous Aunt Cecilia is being. So if you are keeping score, it’s now 2-2!!

And then more chapters on how David Michael, Kristy’s bro, and Charlotte Johanssen, Stacey”s favorite sitting charge, are also going to be in the science fair. Who gives a shit? Then at another BSC meeting, Jessi is describing how she is pretty much doing the work for Jackie, and Mary Anne points that out and Jessi is all huffy.

So finally it’s the day of the science fair. I am not going to go into much detail other than to say Charlotte won third place for her project on how plants grow depending on what music is played for the plants. Cool. Margo’s project was pretty much ” Barbie In Space” and didn’t really make sense. David Michael’s project wasn’t even described. And Jessi helped Jackie light the volcano and it was bitchin.’ But then the judges asked Jackie questions, and he had no clue how to answer any of the questions since Jessi did all of the research for him. So of of course Jackie lost and he blamed Jessi, but he was at least happy that the kids at school loved when the volcano exploded.

So now Jessi is thinking- when she took over Jackie’s project for him she was pretty much treating him like a baby- just like Jessi felt Cecilia was treating her!! REVELATION!!! So then Jessi comes home and tells Mami and Papi Ramsey about how Aunt Cecilia is treating her and Becca, and how Aunt Cecilia leaves Squirt in a playpen most of the day and doesn’t really interact with him, that sort of thing. So Ma and Pa Ramsey and Auntie all talk, and in the end Auntie says she was afraid she wasn’t as good a babysitter as Jessi-ummm so she was, like, overcompensating. So then Jessi and Aunt Cecilia make up, and all is good in the Ramsey household. And Jessi and Jackie also make up. Sha la la la!

Next- ANOTHER BSC book featuring Jessi ( don’t ask why!) and then the BSC book about the Winter Carnival! And soon, I will start reviewing Sweet Valley High books again don’t you worry!! And I got my Sweet Valley  Twins/ Sleepover Friends books, so reviews of those books are a comin’, friends!


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