Being Claudia Kishi: It’s Fun-gus!


I can see The Kish wearing these earrings while helping the sitting charges cook a mess of food to be served at a corny Valentine’s dinner thought up by Kristy for the “hard-working” parents of Stoneybrook. Or Claud might pull these out for one of those fabulous pizza parties somehow paid for by the BSC’s dues. I’m picturing two mushrooms in one ear and a pepperoni in the other. Naturally Claudia would fashion the pepperoni earring herself. She might even make it out of real pepperoni that Dawn refused to eat. Way to decrease your carbon footprint, Dawn… you really made a difference.


One Response to “Being Claudia Kishi: It’s Fun-gus!”

  1. girltalkread Says:

    Claud would soooo rock these!!
    ” The hard working parents of Stoneybrook” – HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH

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