A Baby Sitters Club Super Special!

Yes, I will be reviewing Baby Sitters Club Super Special #3- Baby-Sitters’ Winter Vacation. This is the one where all of the BSC’ers spend that week at Leicester Lodge in VT and frankly most of this book is rather boring. So come along with me on this rather boring journey…


First of all, Maryann is the narrator of the book- well not narrator per se but the book comes about because Maryann is writing a book for Logan about the trip. Now, this winter trip to the lodge is a Stoneybrook Middle School trip, and it’s fuckin MANDATORY to go! Isn’t that dumb as hell? A rich family, the Georges ( well a rich couple) love for all of these brat turd kids to come to the lodge every year, and they contribute cash for this trip, as does the school, so that every child at SMS ( and other schools) can go on the trip for free. How does Logan get out of this, you ask? I guess he and his fam have planned a trip to Aruba for the same week, and it’s been planned for months, so Logan had a really, really good reason he couldn’t go on the trip. Well how about reasons like ” I am a totally unpopular, frizzy haired girl with like one friend who will hate spending a week with lots of bitches” ( that would have been me if I had to go on a trip with my WHOLE junior high school- I may have had to commit suicide I swear!) or ” Skiing sucks”- those aren’t good excuses? Eh, I guess not. So yes the beginning of the book is pretty much Mary Anne describing how all of the BSC’ers are so excited for this trip, well except for Mal and Jessi who have never gone on the trip, and how some of the BSC gals have ” jobs” to do while on this trip. Mary Anne is the trip historian- she has to write up this huge paper on the history of Leicester Lodge and the town- sadly, something I may have also volunteered to do. Kids usually do NOT want to the trip historian job. Jessi is the talent show coordinator ( what? not a teacher? and Jessi is in fucking SIXTH GRADE? Who trusts an 11 year old to run a talent show?) and Kristy is captain of the Winter War, which is basically two teams competing in speed skating, skiing and shit like that. BORING!!! Moving on…

So when the Baby-Sitters get to the lodge, as they are settling in, two people- a man and woman, run into the lodge covered in snow. The man immediately falls to the ground! The woman says that she and the man are the two teachers accompanying the 16 kids from Conway Cove Elementary School ( yeah two teachers- sixteen kids. Better those two than me) and their bus overturned 2 miles down the road, and she needs their help- of course! So Mr. George says he will go out there with his bus, and 2 teachers and naturally the BSC members go out there to rescue the children as well- because what’s a school vacation without having to look after little munchkins? So the BSC helps to rescue these Conway Cove kids, and they even volunteer to bunk with the kids for the night while the teachers are at the hospital- turns out that Mr. Dougherty cracked his ribs, and Miss Weber has a broken arm. So the teachers are not in prime shape to be with the kids outdoors and what not. So the next morning, CLAUDIA tells the other girls ( yeah not Kristy!) that the whole BSC should volunteer to watch the children during the week so that the kids don’t have to go home. Of course Kristy and the other gals agree, and yep they are going to spend a good portion of winter vacay with little rugrats. That’s the BSC for you. One girl, Pinky, who injured her ankle, seems to really be a pain in the arse- the other kids don’t even want to be around her. But we will hear what goes on with Miss Pinky in a bit.

So Mary Anne finds out that Ms. Halliday, the seventh grade gym teacher at SMS, will help the BSC with the kids. Mary Anne is super bummed about that because Ms. Halliday always pushed Mary Anne really hard in gym and gave her a hard time because Mary Anne is so not an athlete. Whereas Kristy was Halliday’s teacher’s pet. Of course- Kristy is such the future PE teacher that it’s not even funny. Mary Anne is ALSO bummed because she is convinced that Logan is mackin’ it with a total hottie in Aruba- yeah right, Mary Anne! Logan is more devoted to you than Sandy is to Danny in Grease, OK? Frankly, it makes us all sick. So Mary Anne is writing all of this mushy love letters to Logan while she should be working on her project. And Mary Anne officially sucks- well she did before, but she REALLY sucks ass in this book. Mary Anne does learn that rumor is that Leicester Lodge has a GHOST!! Ooooooohh…. call Ghostbusters!

Jessi volunteers to watch Pinky for a day while the others girls are doing Winter War shit or else journal writing (yes, Mal decides to be ” Harriet the Spy” again and write in her journal as she spies on people- wow for a 35 year old 11 year old, Mallory, you are super immature) and Mary Anne is working on her history crap. Pinky ( her real name is Priscilla) is being a total bitch to Jessi all day and even makes Jessi get her a soda- not sure why Pinky telling Jessi to get a soda is the biggest example of her bitchiness, but it is.  So Jessi is convinced that Pinky is a racist. Where is Quint where you need him? Jessi also decides not to do any Winter War events ( other than an ice sculpture contest with Mallory) because Jessi cannot risk any injury that would ruin her dancing career. So shit Jessi can  you not ride your bike at home? Why even leave the house? But whatevs- doesn’t matter to me because I despise sports.

Stacey is on the beginner trail practicing skiing, and Stacey falls in ” LUV” with Pierre D’Amboise, a 13 year old French boy ( well French- American- his parents were born in France) who sounds pretty sexy for 13. Pierre and Stacey make an instant love connection. Yeah, I really don’t care, and I doubt you do either. So again moving on…

Mallory is doing some spying. She sees Ms Halliday crying in the bathroom, and she is convinced it’s because she has an unrequited love for the vice principal. Mal is also convinced that Curtis the cook is poisoning everyone. And Mallory is all shocked to see Stacey and Pierre kissing! Shit Stace you move QUICKLY, girl!  Mallory sucks. Dawn and Mary Anne have a big argument because Dawn has been having a shit day- she falls down on her skates and is being a general klutz and Kristy gives her attitude over it because Dawn fell twice during the skating contest, and so their team loses the skating round.  So Dawn comes into the lodge to vent to Mary Anne, and all Mary Anne can talk about is friggin’ Logan. So Dawn is understandably pissed, and starts telling Mary Anne where to go. So Mary Anne yells back because again Mary Anne sucks.

So Mary Anne is asking all of these old turds about the history of Hookset Crossing ( the town the stupid lodge is in) and this to me is a big Who cares chapter. Mary Anne also finds out that Ms Halliday was crying because she misses her fiance who is a reporter for Stoneybrook News. She’s never been away from him before and really misses him. So Ms Halliday and Mary Anne bond- sha la la la.

So Kristy organizes a snowman making contest for the kids.  Claudia judges the contest, and some girl named Kara wins for her snowwoman. Again, no one gives a shit.  Then the SMS kids have their ice sculpure contest. Mal and Jessi sculpt ballet shoes- stupid. Kristy, Dawn and Stacey made a giant teddy bear. But Claudia and Mr Cheney, some SMS teacher, decide that the Cheshire Cat is the best sculpure, and no BSC member made that! So Kristy and Claud argue because Kristy is convinced Claudia picked the Cheshire Cat because the two kids who made it are on Claudia’s team.

Claudia is taking ski lessons to prepare for the big ski competition the next day and did you know that Claud and Kristy are the best skiiers at SMS? And this is a well known fact! Ummm one I didn’t know until this book but whatevs. Claudia gets this huge crush on a French ski instructor named Guy ( say it to rhyme with Ski, as Claudia tells us to do) who is at least 25 but Claud is convinced Guy wants her bod. Ummm I THOUGHT I saw Guy on ” To Catch a Predator!” 😉

Jessi conducts tryouts for the talent show. This chapter is boring. Alan Gray, Kristy’s nemesis is doing some vaudeville act. And of course the Conway Cove kids are doing a skit for the show. Most of the Conway Cove kids are damn boring- it makes one long for Claire Pike, Jamie Newton and even KAREN! YIKES!

Dawn plays Monopoly with Dori Wallingford, who is apparently the Regina George of SMS ( as in uber popular) and some other kids and Dawn gets creamed, so she is all upset. Dawn then sees Pinky crying, and Pinky is crying because she is homesick. So Dawn and Pinky bond. And Dawn learns Pinky is no racist, as Jessi had thought, just sad and lonely. Again, boring. Back to Stacey and Pierre making a sexy time, already- although even that is sort of boring!

So Mary Anne and Dawn make up, and Logan calls all the way from Aruba! He best have a calling card and not be calling from the hotel- if I were Ma and Pa Bruno, I’d kick my 13 year old’s ass from here to Coventry if I found out he called his stupid ass 8th grade GF on the hotel phone and spent all that cash! And Logan and Mary Anne say  ” I Love You” and I gag.

Mal is all nervous because the lodge is going to have an all school dance the last night she is there and she is not used to boys or dancing ( doesn’t Mal EVER go to SMS dances? Loser). And then it’s the night of hot cocoa and ghost stories ( looking back, the teachers told some ghost stories that weren’t very kid friendly) and then it’s the talent show!! Some boy dressed in drag and did the I Love Lucy Vitameatavegamin skit- you know that’s how I learned about that ep of I Love Lucy? And everyone loved the Conway Cove skit, naturally. And the dance goes just fine- Stacey and Pierre are all cozy and ga ga over each other, Mal does dance with a boy, and Kristy ends up dancing with some kid named Jay- Jay is a kid that Kristy forced to be a cross country ski team when he had never been cross country skiing, and he twisted his ankle really badly but obviously Jay is either really forgiving or he’s a wuss. And Jessi dances with an SMS 7th grader you never hear from again!!!! And- Claud learns that Guy is married with 2 kids- so no Claud he didn’t want your ass! But Guy still says that Claud is his prize student and Claudia is all very excite over that.

And with that dance, the trip is over- THANK GOD! And then Mary Anne describes how Pinky sends Jessi a postcard, and Pierre sends Stacey a postcard  and writes ” I Love You” on it- wow, Pierre is another Logan- and Guy sends Claud a stupid postcard about how his daughter is great on skis. Who cares, Guy?

You  know, in reading this I realize these teachers at SMS and Conway Cove could easily be my age ( 30- not ashamed of it) if not even younger!! WOW is all I can say to that! And in closing, yeah this super special sucked- and I LOVED it when I was 13!! WHY?????


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