Being Claudia Kishi: Party Time

I know baby-sitting is life. There’s really nothing more fulfilling and worthwhile. But sometimes readers tire of chapter after chapter of baby-sitting and you must attend a school dance (or a dance that happens to occur during your vacation).

No need to fret, my pet! A school dance is really time to let loose, show your style and dance with a boy who’ll likely never be heard from again. So step out all funky-fresh in one of these numbers:


Perfect a black-and-yellow oversized sweater, red leggings and red ballet flats. And a small black hoop and small yellow hoop in one ear, a large red hoop in the other and you’re ready to rock and roll.


This one is just calling out for a black leotard to go underneath! With a pair of black lace-up sandals, some bangles and a floppy, pink hair bow this look is crazy, sexy, cool. It’s actually much like something Stacey McGill might wear, but that’s perfectly OK! When you’re dressing like Claudia Kishi always remember there’s a thin line between artsy-funky and New York Sophisticate style. Sometimes the two are even blurred with California Casual. As long as you’re not wearing Kristy Thomas’ frump-a-dump uniform (jeans, turtleneck, sweater/sweatshirt, baseball cap) you’re good to go.


Both skirts are available at


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