Baby Sitters # 44- Dawn and the Big Sleepover

Let me just start by saying that this book is extremely boring. And that I have decided that I don’t really like Dawn and she was a favorite character of mine when I read these books at age 11. But on with the recap.

The kids at Stoneybrook Elementary have pen pals who live in New Mexico- a Native American tribe called the Zunis. Remember having pen pals back in the day, anyway? Fun stuff. So Dawn and Mal are listening to the Pike kids read their letters from their dear pen pals out loud. Byron and Adam are all huffy because Jordan taught his pen pal Pig Latin because it was the triplets’ ” secret language”-ummm boys Pig Latin is not exactly a secret!!! Also, the Pikes are bummed because some of them do not have pen pals with “classic” Native American names like Dancing Thunder or Raven Wing. God, the Pikes suck it big time. Dawn wishes that Stoneybrook Middle School was involved in the pen pal program, too. See, back in 1991 13 year old girls could have pen pals that they found through ” Bop” magazine, and they would probably be other 13 year old girls. Now, 13 year old girls can chat online with 30 year old men trying to make a sexy time with them online.

So Chapter #2 is some BSC meeting blah blah blah. Three days after Dawn babysits at the Pikes, she is thinking about how the Zunis sound fascinating and all that. Then there is another club meeting, and Mallory is late! The Pikes are really upset because there was a huge fire at the gas station near the Zuni’s school and the school was destroyed, as were some of the kids’ homes. That is pretty darn awful. Dawn instantly starts thinking of what she can do for these kids. So she calls Mallory, and Mallory can’t talk long because she has to ” help put Claire to bed.” An 11 year old is putting a 5 year old to bed? Pikes- HELLO- if you didn’t want 8 kids to take care, you all shouldn’t have had so many brats!!! Then again, maybe they figured that the BSC could just help raise them I dunno. Finally, Dawn tells Mary Anne her great idea- Dawn says maybe they could have a canned food and clothing drive for the Zuni reservation, and some sort of fundraiser! The kids from Stoneybrook Elementary would be involved of course, and Mary Anne says a lot of teachers will definitely want to help. So Dawn has to think of what teacher to tell the plan to, because Dawn never went to Stoneybrook Elementary so she doesn’t know any of the teachers-except Ms. Besser, Dawn’s brother’s old 4th grade teacher! Jeff couldn’t stand Ms. Besser but that is beside the point. Ms. Besser is more than eager to help out, and helps get an assembly going so that Dawn and the rest of the BSC can speak to the kids at Stoneybrook Elementary about the drives and fundraiser and all that crap.

Dawn presents to her idea to the rest of the BSC and because it will  involve constantly hanging out with little children, the BSC is totes for the idea.  The kids can bring all of the clothing and non perishable foods to Dawn and Mary Anne’s barn, and then Mallory says that for the kids to want to help, they will need some sort of incentive- little shits- but sadly it’s sort of true.  Mallory suggests prizes, but Mary Anne says that to be less competitive, they could have a party. And Dawn then suggests having a SLEEPOVER at the Stoneybrook Elementary gym for all of the participating little creatures. They could get bunches of pizza and play games and just have a general good time.

So Dawn and the rest of the Baby Sitters present the way cool idea to the kids at Stoneybrook Elem, and the children get really excited and eagerly want to help. The Pikes organize a shit carnival for the neighborhood kids to raise money. YAWN. The Rodowksy boys have a yard sale that Claudia is supervising- because of course Mrs. R is too busy- ummm- I don’t know.. doing nothing it seems. It turns that quite a few children, such as David Michael, donated items that were not exactly items that were to be donated, so Claud had to give back some items to angry parents and other items the parents said could be sold.

Some kid named Rob Hines donates his father’s suit that is still in the dry cleaning bag and many other items of clothing. Of course, Mr. Hines gets his suit back. YAWN AGAIN. Ya know, I got 2 hours sleep tonight and had a busy fucking day at the office, and I’d like to stay awake but this book is not making it easy. Darn you, Dawn. The next chapter deals with Haley Braddock pretending to be a fortune teller for neighborhood kids to raise cash. YAWN-O!!!

Finally it’s the day of the big sleepover with all of the kids who participated in donating food, clothes and cash. The BSC and some teachers have to supervise 100 kiddies and give out 30 pizzas. An almost crisis ensues when the pizza place calls saying they have no more flour, but thankfully the pizza place is able to secure more flour. This sleepover shit goes on for 2 chapters, and it’s basically discussing all of the games the kids played, how some kids were too scared to sleep at the gym overnight ( and we are talking 2nd graders which by the age of 7 I thought most kids liked sleepovers and weren’t all nervous about being away from mom and dad but maybe I am wrong), and how Rob Hines won some award for donating the most clothes- shit, the kid almost donated Dad’s suit and he gets REWARDED?? !! GRRRRRRRRR

The children at the reservation are very happy, and Haley’s pen pal writes to her saying how she knew about the fund raiser before the money came to the reservation because a certain Madame Levoux ( Haley’s name for when she’s a fortune teller) told her and the girl, Nancy Green, says ” Haley, next time disguise your handwriting better!” That was kind of cute. The rest of this book is hella lame, and I am glad the review is DONE!

NEXT- WOOOO TWO Freshman Dorm books, followed by Sweet Valley Twins Book 1 which I swear I read about 500 times when I was 8 and 9 years old!


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