Freshman Summer- A Freshman Dorm Spectacular!

Oh yes, I am reviewing a big Freshman Dorm special, folks! And since it is summer right now, I figured it would be quite apropos to review this particular read. A lot goes on in this book, so I am going to try to condense the happenings as much as I can otherwise I will be blogging all night! So onward we go, Freshman lovers!

KC, Lauren, Faith and Winnie are headed for HAWAII!!!! They are all going during break ( hard to tell if it’s winter, spring or summer break) for a two week workshop sponsored by Cannon Resorts called It’s Our Earth. It’s a two week semester for college students interested in learning about the environment. Lauren got bunches of cash from the ‘rents for her birthday, and so Lauren is paying for Winnie, Faith and KC, PLUS Win’s new hubby Josh Gaffey- yes, Winnie and Josh are now MARRIED- and even at age 11 I HATED that Linda A. Cooney had to marry off Josh and Winnie at the age of 18- I know Winnie is impulsive, but I didn’t think she was stupid- ah well.

When the ladies and Josh arrive in Hawaii, they meet Phillip Cannon the head of the resort and KC creams herself. KC has really only had one boyfriend named Peter who is now off in Europe studying photography, and KC is just super thrilled to meet a sexy businessman- and at first Lauren is also all hot for Phillip, until she sees he only has eyes for for KC and her sexy ass college business major self. There is some beach slut named Becky Benton who is putting leis on the guys, and she gives Josh a big wet one and says how married men are sexy- what slutty cunt! Winnie should have punched her out!

Winnie and Josh requested a special room for their ” honeymoon suite” ( they have never had a honeymoon) away from the other It’s Our Earthers. The room is above the Coconut Cafe and basically it’s the storage room!! The place is cluttered, and a cot and twin bed are pushed together- oh yeah that’s hot. And while Josh and Win are trying to make a sexy time, some kid with supplies named Mikel barges in and teases Winnie and Josh for getting married at 18- Mikel is supposed to be 16, and he is tanned with white teeth and Winnie notes that Mikel is pretty hot. Not to Josh, though, of course. So needless to say, Josh and Win are not too happy with the honeymoon suite. The room does sound about as crappy as the room the girls of the Golden Girls got when they went to that island- the ep that Paul Rodriguez guest stars in. So at dinner, Faith says she is going to make a videotape of the whole trip. Josh  leaves dinner early, and thinks “Winnie is in for the surprise of her life.” Hmmm…
The next day is an orientation of some sort, run by Marissa, an environmental bio grad student at U of Hawaii. I found that so cool as a youngster. Today, there will be an opportunity to tag dolphins and do a count of how many there are especially the calves because people are still trapping dolphins in nets or whatever, and it’s important to see how many there are. Faith and KC will be swimming to help locate dolphins to tag. While Faith is looking for dolphins, she grabs someone’s arm thinking he is a dolphin and they share some really hot moment in the water- and then Faith learns he’s no dolphin- he’s a very sexy long haired blonde hottie named Davis Mattingly, who is trying to become a pro surfer. HOT!!! As Faith is trying to mack on Davis, stupid KC interrupts and calls Davis a ” beach bum” and tells Faith they have to leave and Davis hears that and is pissy, naturally. Faith is none too happy with KC either. I never liked KC. But then KC eats her words when Phillip introduces Davis as a top ameteur surfer and she is all ” Oh I am sorry” to Faith. Faith is all ” whatever” and feels maybe it’s best for her to concentrate on her video about what ordinary college kids can do to help Hawaii’s environment. KC decides to try to score an interview with Phil Cannon and ask him about how he can merge business with being environmentally friendly as Phillip seems to do. Phillip prides himself on being a ” green” businessman, apparently.  Although isn’t that sort of an oxymoron?…  KC then tells the others about her plans, and of course the interview with Phil will be totes professional. Josh starts saying how KC is hot and all of these dudes want her, and Winnie does not seem comfy with that- for obvious reasons, I say! Winnie then laments how she and Josh don’t get any time alone, and KC says to Winnie ” well make it happen.” KC then runs into Phillip, and basically after spewing his poop about how he is both a business man and a ” green” man, he agrees to an interview with KC for her project. And again, KC creams herself.

In the morning, Winnie laments again about she and Josh are never alone ( in her head) and worse all Josh cares about is some computer model about the ozone that he is doing for the It’s Our Earth project- he is out late and up early doing this project and being his annoying nerd self, or so Winnie is thinking. There is a tape played of what Faith has filmed so far and in one shot KC and Josh are in the water together, and KC kisses Josh on the cheek for some reason. Rather odd. Then, Becky the slut goes up to Josh and comments on how they ran into each other that morning at the Nature Center. Josh is all ” Becky showed me to do the hula” and laughs. Winnie is none too happy, but then Josh puts the moves on her and Winnie seems placated. So they are all whale watching and spot some whales blah blah.

After the whale watch, Lauren is feeling alone- Winnie and Josh are off hiking, KC is preparing for her interview and Faith seems to be searching for Davis, and Lauren is sad about not having any possible romance. Lauren dated Dash Ramirez and they ended up breaking up over some crap or other, and then Lauren’s man after Dash, Dimitri Costigan Broder, was a total con man who only wanted Lauren’s money- and Dimitri Costigan Broder wasn’t even his real name! But- Lauren then meets a guy! She meets a sunburned redhead who is super into surfing, and his name is Todd Janjowski.  Todd sees that Lauren is wearing an it’s Our Earth t-shirt and seems VERY interested in It’s Our Earth. Todd then tells Lauren he really likes her after about two minutes of chat, and invites her to see him in the surfing competition- well the one that will determine who is in the final- and Lauren accepts. WOOOOOOOOOOO

So it turns out that Josh and Winnie are hiking with KC because KC is nervous over the interview with Phillip. The three of them are trying to find some secluded island, and KC says once the island is found she will turn back so Josh and Win can be alone. Well, it’s taking Winnie awhile to find this island, then KC says it’s almost time for the interview so she is turning back- as is JOSH!! Josh says there is some ozone movie going on that is starting soon, and Win probably won’t find the island anyway as she is directionally challenged. So Winnie is left the fend for herself, and KC and Josh walk back TOGETHER…. And not even 5 minutes later, Winnie finds the island!! It appears deserted except for these squawking gray birds- and the male who is more colorful appears to be doing a mating dance for the female, and Winnie is totes enchanted with these two birds. By the way, there is a Keep Out sign on this island…

So KC interviews Phillip. Phillip talks about how Cannon Resorts recycles, and does adverts saying how committed to the environment they are, etc. Phillip is only 21, but he is running Cannon Resorts because his daddy died, and Phil’s older bro hated Dad so there was no one else to take over the biz. KC is even more horny now, as KC’s dad just died, so she now feels a certain kinship w/ ol’ Phil. Phillip then asks KC out on a real date!! SCHWING!! ( Oh God I said that!)

The surfing competition- basically, Todd and Davis tie for first place!!! Lauren is very proud of her man. Todd then notices that Winnie has a book about the gray brigate bird ( those squawky birds she found on Mahali Cove) and asks all these questions and what not. Todd then asks to borrow the book. He explains that most surfers are totes into the environment, natch. Todd rushes off, but Lauren manages to ask Todd to go to a luau with her and then says if Todd is so interested in Mahali Cove they could hike up there, and Todd says the hike would be a bad idea… hmmmm… mystery, mystery. But then Todd finally agrees that next Tuesday, he and Lauren can bike there. By the way, Phil and KC’s date is next Tuesday.

At the big ol’ party that night, Josh is talking to Marissa about his ozone product and what he’s learned, and Marissa looks confused. Then as Marissa asks more questions, Josh runs off and goes toward BECKY!! WTF? Meanwhile, Faith finally chats with Davis and said she never thought Davis was a beach bum. Davis acts all prickly, and Faith wishes she could get more inside Davis’s head as she wants to make a sexy time with him BADLY!

So it’s Tuesday, and KC and Phillip are going on an airplane ride over the island. Tres romantic. Meanwhile, Win, Faith and Josh are going for a bike ride up the volcano, but Josh bails out and says he cannot because he has to do more research. Winnie is pissed, and gets even more pissed when Marissa tells Winnie that the day Josh said there was a movie on the ozone there wasn’t one, and his facts are total screwed. And THEN someone says Becky cannot go on the bike ride either- WTF??? So Winnie is MAD!!!

Lauren and Todd are on Mahali Cove and Todd is asking Lauren even MORE questions about Cannon Resorts and It’s Our Earth. Then Todd and Lauren have a pineapple snack, and Todd lets Lauren borrow his handkerchief to wipe her hands- the initials on the hanky say KB and not TJ! Todd says that’s because he got it at a Goodwill store, and Lauren accepts that as she adores thrift stores. Todd and Lauren spot the birds, and the birds get ’em hot enough to make out.

On the volcano ride, Faith is trying to prove what a great biker she is by speeding off to race Davis, and basically injures herself in the process- skinning her knees and crap. I am now a little ahead of myself, but they both finally stop and Davis tells Faith about how basically he feels non natives come to Hawaii and exploit the natives- only East Coasters like Phil Cannon get rich in Hawaii, as natives get low paying jobs in hotels and crap- which I have read about that, and that seems to be quite true and that sucks. And Davis hopes to attend college but doesn’t have the money, so he really hopes to be a pro surfer to get the cash. And FINALLY, Davis and Faith share a VERY sexy kiss!

Phillip shows KC around while they are on his private plane, and they also make out a lot. Phillip points out Mahali Cove, and then Phil freaks because a crew member says 2 people are on Mahali Cove- Lauren and Todd, of course! Phillip tells Ned the crew member to fly lower to scare the folks off and it works. Then Phillip pretty much won’t say why he did that. 

At the luau, Win tries to tell Becky to stay away from her man, but Becky says she doesn’t want Josh- KC and Josh are making sexy time b/c Becky saw them go upstairs together  one day- the day that KC had that interview with Phillip, but Winnie doesn’t know that. So Winnie is LIVID! Josh then comes in saying he has great news for Winnie, but she does not want to hear it! She slaps Josh across the face, grabs Mikel and starts making out with Mikel to get Josh jealous. Josh is really upset, and tells KC he was working all those late nights doing computer programming for Phillip to get money for a really nice hotel suite for he and Winnie. So Josh wasn’t cheating with anyone at all! Then, Todd hears that Josh is working for Phil, and asks Josh if he’d be able to access files on Phillip Cannon’s expansion project at Mahali Cove. Lauren asks Todd why he’d want files on that, and Todd says he just wants more maps for hiking.  Lauren doesn’t really but it, and Todd says ” trust me.” OOOHH-KAY!!

KC and Phillip are dancing, Phillip seems distant and won’t talk to her about his worries. Then Ned says they identified the ” redhead surfer” and ” he’s not who he says he is” and Phil has to rush off. But he says he’ll meet KC later. Later, KC thinks it’s Phillip coming and runs out in  a sexy teddy- to Josh! But she doesn’t know it was Josh. Josh then tells KC Mahali Cove is the last breeding ground for the gray brigate birds- the ones Winnie loves- and Philip wants to destroy the island to expand, and he knows these birds are endangered and it’s their last breeding ground and he doesn’t care. As Winnie gets back from the luau, Wnnie sees KC run into Josh’s arms and she runs off to Mikel’s house.

Today is the day before the final surf meet. Winnie has not come home all night and everyone is worried. Faith says KC was crying all night saying that Josh is lying. Josh is going to get the info he found to Todd. Josh then finds a letter from Win saying ” I moved on” and also that Win is at Mikel’s, and Josh cries and cries. Faith is also saying she plans to film the birds.

Lauren spots Todd the day of the surf meet and says that Faith filmed the birds and the vid is showing at It’s Our Earth’s final presentation the next day and Todd FIIPS OUT saying Lauren is ruining everything! Right after Todd says that, Lauren and Todd overhear Davis and Phillip talking, and Phillip tells Davis that he better steal Faith’s tape and if Davis does, Phil will pay for Davis to go to college- but if Davis doesn’t do it.. Davis tells Phillip to fuck off because he is planning to win the meet but Phillip is all what if you don’t???? I swear this was the same shit that happened on the Saved by the Bell Hawaii special!

Guess what? Todd won the final meet! Lauren tries to warn Faith that Davis may screw her over, so she better keep her tape with her at all times. Faith has the tape in her fanny pack- LOL at fanny pack! 😉 Faith is not really buying that Davis would take the tape, and Faith says maybe Todd is so interested in the Cove because he is in cahoots with Phillip! Lauren starts to wonder, thinking she knows something is up with Todd. So Lauren goes through his shit, and learns that Todd’s real name is Kevin Brandman- yeah Lauren has now met TWO men who didn’t use their real name!

Faith figures that since Davis lost the meet, she best hold on the tape because if what Lauren said is true she doesn’t want to take chances. Becky serves Faith a huge coconut drink, and Faith becomes really drunk and is dancing around and tears off the fanny pack containing the tape! KC then spots Faith in the bathroom, and Faith is drunkenly ranting about Phillip being a snake- and KC goes into Josh and Winnie’s room to find those documents Josh printed out and yep Phillip has been paying everyone off and he is a major snake in the grass corporate dickhead- shocking isn’t it? Winnie then goes into the room and sees KC in there and FLIPS OUT! KC tells Win that Josh was working for Phillip to get the honeymoon suite for he and Win, and Win feels like crap. AND- the documents say that they will start blasting Mahali Cove tomorrow! Meanwhile, Faith wakes up in Davis’s house, and Davis says he feels like shit that he let Becky get Faith drunk- and possibly drugged her drink, and let Becky take the tape, one presumes. Faith is devestated.

Winnie goes into Phillip’s office the next day trying to steal the tape from Phillip but then as she is looking around, Phil walks in with some cronie and Win has to hide. Sure enough, they have explosives set up around Mahali Cove in case anyone decides to interfere in their little plan. They also destroy the tape, and Winnie sees that Josh really was working for Phil, as evidenced by the doodles that Josh made on a pad in the office. Winnie feels like cold diarrhea for sure.

Turns out Win and Faith are on Mahali Cove! Faith is determined to make another video, and Winnie figured if her birds are gonna die she will die along with them. KC then tells off Phillip, and right as Phillip is on a bullhorn compelling Win and Faith to get off Mahali Cove, people from It’s Our Earth- and more folks than that- show up chanting SAVE OUR EARTH!!! Turns out the other folks are from Planet Watch, a group devoted to saving the birds- and Todd/Kevin is part of Planet Watch and was undercover trying to expose Cannon for the slime he is! So Todd/ Kevin is not a jackass like Dimitri was after all! Kevin tries to expose Phillip in front of the reporters, and he tries to pretend he didn’t know, but Davis and Lauren call Phillip out and say he DID know! You SUCK ASS you corporate, Republican DOUCHE Phillip!

So Winnie and KC make up, and Winnie finds Josh and they make up and Josh and Win get their awesome suite! And Winnie and Mikel never fucked- Win slept in Mikel’s little sister’s room, and Mikel NEVER made a move!! Davis tells Faith he may go to college closer to Faith, and he can try to find a way to make it happen and earn money. And at the end of the book, Faith and Davis make out once more, and I doubt we ever hear about Davis again. And Lauren and Kevin make out, as well wooooooooo


God that review took over one hour!!!!! All of you know by now that I am reviewing another Freshman Dorm book next, followed by ” Best Friends” and “Teacher’s Pet” books 1 and 2 in the Sweet Valley Twins  series! I am going to try to buy even more Freshman Dorm  books, and I also will go back to reviewing SVH books of course, and yet more BSC books featuring good old Dawn Schafer. STAY TUNED BITCHES!! 😉


5 Responses to “Freshman Summer- A Freshman Dorm Spectacular!”

  1. As I was reading this, I also thought, ‘Hey! This is just like Saved by the Bell.’

    I really, really loved Winnie and Josh when I was reading these books as a tween. I never thought about how weird it was for them to get married at 18 (or for Melissa and Brooks to plan a big wedding at 18). It practically killed me when Winnie had a miscarriage and they broke up.

  2. girltalkread Says:

    Alicia- I also did love Win and Josh together I have to admit! I never read far enough in the series to know about Winnie’s miscarriage- that is TERRIBLE!!! I also felt so bad for Brooks when Melissa dumped him!! I am glad someone else got the ” Saved by the Bell” connection- that Phillip Cannon was just like the slimy dude Kelly was dating!

  3. I just bought 5 books in the Freshman Dorm series at a book sale over the weekend. I never read them when I was younger. I’m excited to start reading them.
    (I also bought Pizza Paradise, another series I missed out on in the 90s)

  4. Oh, no! I’m sorry I gave that away. The miscarriage doesn’t happen until book 27 or so. I think they eventually get back together anyway, but I’m foggy on the details.

  5. I remember reading this on vacation and being so! psyched! I also hearted Winnie and Josh.

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