Freshman Secrets- Book #8

Our book starts with Faith- Faith is working as an assistant- an intern- a gofer, if you will- on a major Hollywood movie starring U and Me! It’s about some college kid and UFO’s and nothing that we really care about. The movie stars Hollywood hunk Alec Brady but more on him later.

Winnie and Faith are headed to McLaren Hall where certain key scenes from the movie are being filmed. They are having a tryout for extras for a big crowd scene, and Winnie is going to try out. I LOVE Winnie AND her Donald Duck earrings that she is wearing- I totes want Donald Duck earrings! Winnie is really bummed lately because KC did not show to Win’s suprise bday party- yeah because KC is a cunt- and Winnie and Josh broke up after Winnie’s first lover came into town and she cheated on Josh with him or whatever- so yeah this book is pre the Winnie/Josh marriage.

Faith must have known that KC is also trying out to be an extra ( just to get the extra cash) because she’s all ” Oh look KC is here too” and suggests that Win stand in line with KC and that awesome Tri Beta prez, Courtney Connor. Winnie starts rambling on and on to Courtney, and Win has purple hair now too.  KC seems super embarassed of course- again because KC is a cunt. KC is also reading Wuthering Heights to book her English score- I read that book when I was about 14. Then again, I had to read Oedipus in both 11th grade and in college, so hey. Wuthering Heights also becomes important. So Marion Becker, the casting director, interviews Winnie and says they are casting college students by ” type” eg ” bored beauty,” jocks, etc. The casting director, Marion Becker, declares that Winnie is a certified WACKO!! So Win will be a ” wacko” extra- eh, I probably would have been too!

KC and Courtney are being interviewed, and they run into Peter Dvorsky, who was the photographer on some calendar KC and Courtney modeled for. KC was supposed to attend Winter Formal with Peter, but ( theme here) because KC is a cunt, she dumped ol’ Pete for that Ken doll type who bored her the whole night.  Peter is there to take pictures of all of the extras and sure enough KC and Courtney are both also extras- the “bored beauties!” HAH HAH they sooo are!

Faith is asked to deliver two bottles of Calispell water to Alec Brady’s trailer- THE Alec Brady!! Faith’s tag fell off during the day, so Faith puts the tag identifying her as a college helper in her pocket. So since Alec sees no tag, he FLIPS THE FUCK OUT and said he is tired of friggin groupies always bothering him.  And Faith tells him off saying she’s been working hard all day too and ” yeah bud here’s your fuckin mineral water”- well I paraphrased but I am glad she stood up to him! Alec looks shocked.

Josh is studying with his new gal pal Sigrid- well they are study partners and Sigrid ( who seems like the most boring blonde in creation) wants to make a sexy time with Josh, and all Josh can think of is Win because she rules. Sigrid also blabs on and on about how Josh should think of his future ” career” blah blah blah. Call me an unmotivated piece of trash, but at the age of 18 I was thinking football players, the right shade of lipstick, and whether or not I had enough cash for a new crop top- career my ass! And I have a bitchin’ enough job now so take THAT Sigrid! But I digress.  And I HATE the name Sigrid!

Courtney invites KC to the Providence Ball, some big deal ball her parents gave her tickets too, but that she doesn’t really give a crap about. Naturally, KC is beyond thrilled. I always thought KC and Courtney were ” more than friends” if you catch my drift. 😉 VERY Ellen and Portia, if you ask me!! 😉

Winnie decides she will do some studying even though she is super bummed, but she runs into Josh and Sigrid in the study room- AWKWARD! Winnie runs to her Western Civ class, and Lauren and KC are already there. Lauren has traded her pearls and khakis for parachute pants and back when I was 14, I was like oh cool but now that I am in my 30’s, I much prefer the khaki look.  Winnie starts blabbing to KC about all of this random high school stuff, and KC is not even listening and other students are getting upset. So Win says ” fuck it” and leaves class.  After Win leaves, she starts writing about the only one she knows with a more screwed up life than she- Heathcliff, from Wuthering Heights.

Faith runs into Alec the next day on the movie set.  Alec apologizes, and Faith asks if groupies really did stuff like climb into the bed at his hotel, as he mentioned, and Alec says yes that’s happened, and Alec and Faith laugh over it. Alec then says he always feels he has to hold shit together and impress folks, and Faith says she feels that way about her friends. Alec says at least Faith is doing that for her friends, and he doesn’t even know if he has any real friends. Alec then asks Faith to go to the wrap party ( the end of movie party in case ya all don’t know) Saturday night and of course Faith accepts- wow, Faith is gonna make sexy time with some other random dude? Ummm, go Faith? After four years of boring Brooks, I can’t say I blame her for wantin’ some exciting man meat!

The next chapter is boring- it’s Lauren, KC, Faith, and Dash hanging around the pond getting sun. Who cares? Back to my girl Winnie! So Winnie is at some training that her psychologist mom is doing for a crisis hotline- yes a CRISIS HOTLINE! I WORK FOR A CRISIS HOTLINE!! WOOOOOO! ( ok sorry!). After the training is done, Winnie tries telling her mom about how her grades suck, she hates her classes, has no major, has no man etc but her mom is like ” Oh this is what college is all about” and kind of dismisses Win which sucks. Even when Win says ” Oh I may quit school” Ma Gottlieb is all ” well, you have to live with the consequences.” GRRR Ma!

It’s the day of the big shoot with the extras. They need someone to do a very loud scream and that person will get a close up on camera. KC tries out for the extra cash and does a good scream. But then Winnie, from sort of out of nowhere, gives a bloodcurdling, anguished scream and she gets the part. And it’s in one take! Winnie goes back to her dorm feeling more and more depressed- not even her mom cares, it seems. Winnie sees a flyer for the crisis hotline and figures she will call- she needs someone to talk to.  The phone rings and rings, and someone finally answers saying ” we are short staffed can you hold?” and Win screams ” NO!!” So Winnie writes KC some note, and slips her notes on Heathcliff under KC’s door, knowing that KC is writing that paper for extra credit and she figures she can help KC one more time before leaving the U of S.

KC wakes up and sees the papers Win left and is writing her own paper with Win’s notes until 5 pm-leaving her very little time to get ready for the Providence Ball! Melissa, Win’s roomie, and Melissa’s new man BROOKS come by KC’s room asking if Winnie spent the night with KC and KC says no. Melissa says Faith and Lauren don’t know where Win is either and Melissa can’t find Winnie anywhere and is super worried. KC says she will look around for Winnie for awhile.

Sigrid tries putting the moves on Josh- he is not feelin’ it and rejects her ass! HAH HAH you bitch!! Faith and Alec are at the wrap party having a sort of boring time. KC runs in the dress she was going to wear to the ball, and Alec and Faith say they will also help look for Winnie once they find out what is going on- yes Alec volunteers to help look too! KC decides to skip out on the ball to help find Winnie- yeah, KC is finally not being a cunt sandwich!

Win is walking out in the dark, in the rain, all over Springfield and is getting kicked out of diners and hotels.  Courtney is at the ball by herself being bored as hell.  Winnie finally runs to where the Crisis Hotline is, and runs inside. The phone rings, and Win decides to answer it. The volunteers are like WHAT THE FUCK at first, but then they see that Win really helped the girl on the other line figure shit out. David and Teresa are so impressed that they say they are super short staffed and would love to have Winnie on board!!! And because Winnie kicks ass, she says YES!

Alec and Brady make out in the dorm elevator, but never find Winnie. As KC runs to Coleridge Hall and sees Faith, they see that Winnie has walked in there singing to herself and looking JAZZED! Winnie, KC and Faith all hug each other tightly, and KC and Win make up-yeah!

KC is worried about how Courtney will react to the fact that she ditched Courtney to find KC. Courtney is cool with that, and said that she wants KC to rush Tri Beta in the spring, because KC is exactly the kind of gal she wants in the sorority! So Courtney is cooler than we thought, kids!

So Winnie completes a training day at the hotline and starts to answer phones. A guy calls blubbering  over how he misses his ex girlfriend so much, she’s the best thing that EVER happened to him, he loves her so much, etc and Winnie learns the guy is JOSH!!! Andt the book ends there!

Stay tuned for Sweet Valley Twins, my dears!


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