Being Claudia Kishi: The Newport Way

First I’d like to announce that Like Pike has linked to our blog, and we have returned the favor.


I’ve been searching all over the internet for the best Kishi finds. OK, I lie… I’ve been scouring a few websites that I know tend to have off-beat fashions. Today I decided to check a site that, to me, has always been synonymous with retro-fug appeal:

I went right for “tops and blouses” (or whatever they call that particular category) and at first was disappointed with a couple of pages of styles that, while kind of fug, were contemporary and normal-looking. But a few pages in I was rewarded with some slammin’ Kishi-esque (and generally unsightly) shirts. This one is called the “equestrian print” blouse. I call it barf with buttons.

So, thank you, Newport News! Not only have you made my experiences on the can more pleasant by sending bunches of catalogs, but you’ve brought us more Claudia Kishi finds than Hot Topic! When you’re ready to offer it, Fitzie’s Soda Shoppe will gladly take your sponsorship. Readers, look out for huge banner ads and constant pop-ups!


One Response to “Being Claudia Kishi: The Newport Way”

  1. Golden Snitch Says:

    That would look good with those boots, if you were going for the C.K. look.

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