Being Claudia Kishi: Haute Claudia

In an age where designer labels are God you can’t always get away with wearing duds from Lissette’s, Ann Taylor and The Ultimate. Here’s a patented Claudia Kishi-inspired ensemble for those occasions where you have to head someplace fancy like an art gallery opening or Watson’s mansion. He’s a millionaire, if you haven’t heard.

This MCQ Alexander McQueen jumpsuit for $578:

Plus these LNA zippered leggings for $99:

The ever-important flat ankle boot by Modern Vintage ($295):


Silver wire bangles for $189:


And, to top it all off… a silver mirror bangle for $55!:


all fashions available at

And you’re on your own for earrings. Just make sure you don’t wear the same MATCHING earrings because that’s so gauche! This whole kit-and-kaboodle sets you back $1,216 (I had Stacey McGill help me with the math 🙂 ) Looks like Charlie won’t be getting the big bucks for driving Kristy around this week! But it’s all good because Charlie has no life.

For more fashion madness stay tuned for my recap of Girl Talk: Here Comes the Bride.


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