Sweet Valley Twins #2- Teacher’s Pet

First of all I HAVE to announce that I found  a DVD for ” Coppelia” the ballet that Jessica and Elizabeth will appear in during this darling book on Netflix!! As soon as I see Coppelia, I will tell you what I think!

So if you remember Book 1 at all, you know that Jessica is desperately trying to impress her ballet teacher, Madame Andre, and Madame is always ignoring her and praising Elizabeth. Madame Andre is still all pissy because at the first class, Jessica arrived looking like a back-up dancer for Tiffany or something, and Madame is still fuckin’ bitter. All I have to say on that is Madame Andre- FUCK YOU! So Jess didn’t make a great first impression- move the fuck on and see that Jessica is a very talented ballet dancer- seriously, she is. But nooooo Madame has to be a cunt. At dance class, Madame announces that the ballet class with perform a scene from the famous ballet, ” Coppelia” , and in the scene Franz the dollmaker has wound up all of the dolls so that they are lifelike and can dance. See, Coppelia is the doll Franz made lifelike and like fell in love with or some shit and Swanilda is this girl that totally wants to fuck Franz but he only notices Coppelia. Swanilda is the star, and Jessica wants that part so bad she can taste it! Elizabeth wants the part as well.

Elizabeth can’t wait to tell her mom the news about the auditions and Jessica starts complaining about how Madame ignores her as she kisses Liz’s ass. Mrs. Wakefield says that is a silly thing to say, and she is sure Madame Andre knows that both girls are awesome dancers. Everyone is town knows that Wakefields are wonderful at everything they do! Elizaabeth and Jessica then chat a bit about ballet class, and Jessica says that her strategy of dancing next to Amy Sutton ( a newly enrolled ballet student who sucks) should make Jess look that much better. But Liz says that if anything Madame is so busy criticizing Amy that Madame is never going to notice Jessica if she dances next to Amy. Elizabeth says that maybe the girls should get together after school the next day to teach Amy some dance moves so that Madame can notice Jess, and Jessica is totally for it!

Naturally, when the end of the next school day arrives, Jessica forgets about teaching Amy how to be a great ballet star and goes to a Unicorn meeting instead. So Amy and Liz end up practicing together in the Wakefield basement, and Amy is so grateful for Liz’s help. So of course at the next ballet class, Madame Andre says that Amy is really improving, and Amy says it’s all thanks to the awesome Miss Liz. So Madame almost wets her panties saying how Liz is such a dedicated dancer, and Jessica is LIVID!

The day of the audition finally arrives and Elizabeth and Alice Wakefield go to the mall. Jessica stays behind to practice some more when Madame Andre calls to say the audition time has changed from 3 pm to 11 am. Jessica writes a hastily scribbled note on the fridge for Elizabeth, knowing that Elizabeth will never leave the mall on time to make it to 11 am and goes off to the auditions. At the audition, Jess clearly out-dances all of the other gals- but then- Liz comes rushing into the ballet studio! Turns out that shit for brains Alice forgot her credit cards at home and they had to go to the house to get them when Liz saw Jess’s note!!! And Liz dances for Madame Andre and you can tell Madame is practically orgasmic over Liz’s dancing even though it’s not as good as the job that Jessica did. Amy calls Liz at home and says that she is glad Elizabeth made it to the audition, but before Liz got there Amy says Jess made it sound as if Elizabeth really didn’t care about auditions. Elizabeth starts to cry, of course.

Madame announces who will get the solo roles- four girls get solos as the other dolls, most of the girls are in the corps de ballet as the village people- as in people who live in a village, not the “YMCA” Village People. And one gal gets to be Swanilda- and gee guess who that is? I will give you a hint- it’s a Wakefield twin, and her name is not Jessica! Once Madame announces the auditions, the gals rush into the locker room and all congratulate Liz. Madame then freaks out because Coppelia is missing!! Madame has some life size doll as Coppelia, and she is nowhere to be seen! Oh, Madame Cuntbag, get a Kid Sister and put a dress on her same difference!

Jessica comes home really upset, and Alice Wakefield gives her a lecture about being a poor sport and tells her to at least be happy a Wakefield got the lead role- well DUH Alice OF COURSE a Wakefield got the lead role. Jessica says everyone is unfair and doesn’t get that Jess is totally the better dancer, and Alice pretty much tells her to eat it.

Sooo… Liz is practicing for her big lead role, and there are certain moves she just cannot get no matter what. Jessica sees that Liz is struggling and shows Liz how to do proper pirouettes and jetes, and Elizabeth finally sees that Jessica IS a better dancer than Liz is, and it’s not fair that Jessica didn’t even get  a solo part, never mind the role of Swanilda! Elizabeth thinks that she has to find some way for Jess to play Swanilda- what to do??

Next class, Madame still cannot find Coppelia. Amy Sutton says she can play Coppelia and just sit really still on stage as Amy bites at dancing anyway. Madame is so happy to have that problem solved!

Liz finally cooks up a way to get Jess to play the lead! The day of the recital, Elizabeth ” trips” and pretends to hurt her ankle and says she cannot possibly dance in the recital and begs Jessica to take her costume and play the lead. Jessica acquiesces, and she is a WONDERFUL Swanilda!!! After Jess’s solo, Madame rushes to the stage all fuckin proud and tells Alice and Ned Wakefield how Liz was so wonderful and Alice and Ned are all “Dude, that was Jessica” and Madame is ASTONISHED and sees what a fool she’s been this whole time.  Also, Amy confesses to hiding the doll because she did not want to embarass herself by dancing on stage. Madame forgives all the girls and says how they are all stars or some bullshit. 

The book ends with a preview of Book #3- a new girl is going to live in the creepy Mercandy mansion… rumor has it Mrs. Mercandy is a witch… who is this new girl????


One Response to “Sweet Valley Twins #2- Teacher’s Pet”

  1. I love this one so much! Finally everyone can see what I knew all along… Jessica is the superior Wakefield!

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