Being Claudia Kishi: High Top Hottie










Dress, sneakers and tights available at Slouch socks available at

I can’t believe I’ve been delving into what *makes* Claudia Kishi style without showcasing a super-cool pair of  high tops. When I was a kid I thought high tops were just for gym class. But The Kish had vision. She had creativity. She had a great sense of style… OK, scratch that last one. But she did have a bedroom full of Ho Hos and Cheetos. Doesn’t that count for something?

So, ladies, embrace your inner Kishi and buy high tops in every color. Wear your high tops with dresses. Wear them with denim shorts. Wear them with overalls. With swimsuits. With motherfucking evening gowns! Just don’t forget the slouch socks, for God’s sake!


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