Sweet Valley High #23-Say Goodbye

Welcome to another recap of a Sweet Valley High book- and just to warn you all this book is a load of shitola. It really is. The cover- Todd looks like the guy in Love Story only not as hot. Elizabeth just looks fuckin pathetic all crying and shit. As you can guess, Elizabeth is having to say goodbye to Todd. Why oh why?


Well , it turns out that Todd is moving to Vermont in ONE WEEK- yep apparently Todd only had a week’s notice from his dad that they have to move from CA to VT due to a job transfer, and he tells Elizabeth at the talent show. Elizabeth tells Jessica ” I feel like a part of me is dying!!” Elizabeth- get some perspective- this is a guy you’ve been dating for a few months not your husband of 25 years. Jessica isn’t that bummed over the news- she figures now Elizabeth will soon be free to go on double dates to the Dairi Burger wtih Jessica and knows Elizabeth will get over Todd soon. 

Next scene- Elizabeth is crying and crying into Todd’s sweater and is probably ruining it.  Todd says he may be able to visit Sweet Valley by the end of the month.  Also, Enid is going to have a big going away party for Todd at the Beach Disco- since when does Enid plan parties?? Elizabeth vows to spend just about every waking moment with Todd until he leaves.

At dinner that night, Ned Wakefield yells at Jessica because she used the Wakefield ‘rents charge card at Lisette’s- now why would Ned and Alice let Jessica use their credit card? Are they stuck on stupid??? Ned says this is the final straw and Jess has to get a job to pay off this credit card bill.  I smell a B plot… We next hear about Liz bitching to Enid about Todd’s move and she says she know their relationship will survive the distance- sure it will Liz sure. 

Jessica tells Steven- after he ” affectionately rumples her hair”-huh? that she got a job on her very first try- at Perfect Match a computer dating site- yeah remember the days before the Internet when all of those companies would match you up sort of like Love Connection?  Then Steven and Elizabeth talk and Steven suggests that maybe Elizabeth will want to see other people once Todd moves and Elizabeth screams at Steven and says she could never envision herself with another boy!!

Jessica cons her manager at work into giving her a key to the private dating files. Jessica’s bright idea is to match up Steven with one of the women who sent profiles in- this does actually turn out to be really funny! See, Tricia Martin has died a few books ago, and Jessica feels it’s time for Steven to move on. Shit didn’t work out when Jess tried fixing Steve up with Cara, but Jessica figures that maybe Steven will ” match up” with one of the ladies she selects.  While Jess is at it, she also manages to con Nicholas Morrow- yep that boring douche nozzle- into giving Elizabeth some ” support- as a friend” once Todd leaves for VT.  Then at the Beach Party- well party- Liz vows that she wants no one but Todd and never will, and she will write and phone all the time, and she loves him soooo very much- I am tired of this mushy crap!

At the dating agency, Jessica settles on three matches for Steve- a gal who loves to cook ( aka fat), a 43 year old woman named Beatrice, and some gal who likes Europe and is 20 years old. Todd finally leaves for Vermont Sunday morning, and Elizabeth continues crying and blubbering over Todd leaving. NEXT!

Since Todd has left, we learn that Elizabeth has spent every spare minute writing letters to Todd- to the point of neglecting The Oracle newspaper. Elizabeth also hasn’t seen any of her friends because Todd may call, so she can never leave the house. LOSER!!!! Elizabeth thinks “Without Todd, all of her life seems hollow” Elizabeth hopes the loneliness will ease up or else she will DIE!!!! Oh, drama queen Lizzie! If this were Jessica, I bet she’d have dates lined up for the whole week as soon as Todd left!  In our next scene, Cara Walker tells Jessica to try to be more sensitive to Liz’s feelings. Jessica then comes up with the idea of getting Mr. Collins to give Liz a huge assignment for the newspaper so that Elizabeth can get her mind off Todd and keep busy- God bless Jess she is being pretty sweet! Jessica hopes Mr. Collins can get Liz to cover the big sailing race- as Nicholas Morrow is one of the contestants and favored to win- and then Liz and Nicholas can get closer… hubba hubba…

Jess and Nicholas meet at the Dairi Burger, and Jess convinces Nicholas to call Liz. Nicholas hopes he doesn’t ” fall flat on his face” if he calls Elizabeth and Jess says that’s nonsense and she is sure Elizabeth wants to hear from Nicholas. Nicholas then does call Liz and asks her if she’d like a ride to the marina Saturday.  Elizabeth agrees after Nicholas says that he needs a friend’s support and encouragement for this sailing race.  Elizabeth then tells Jessica that Steven has been getting odd calls from a lady who is almost their dad’s age, and is divorced and sounds weird. Gee, who could THAT be?? We also hear that Elizabeth is racking up a huge phone bill by always calling Todd- and what Ned and Alice aren’t making Elizabeth get a job??? Shitheads.

The day of the sailing races arrives, and Nicholas shows Liz his boat- the public name is Seabird, but Nicholas reveals that the private name for his boat is ” My Favorite Twin”- ummmm CREEPY!!  Although I always found Nicholas sort of creepy even as a 12 year old! I mean, Nicholas is rich and hot yet instead of finding some other gal when Elizabeth rejected him, he’s pined over her all these months? Pathetic!! He just could have had Jess- hey, they look the same!!! Elizabeth runs into Bruce Patman at the arena and he says he feels Liz’s pain as Bruce’s girlfriend Regina is in Switzerland getting that miracle treatment to cure her hearing and he really misses her. Liz marvels at how much more sensitive Bruce has been since he’s dated Regina. See, this is why 12 year old girls in the 80’s grew up to think that you could ” turn a ho into a housewife” because of Bruce- of course in Book 40 we saw that wasn’t the case.  Nicholas ends up winning the sailing race of course, and Nicholas says he is so glad Liz allowed him to give her a ride to the marina and he invites her and Jess to a BBQ at his house the next day. He also says that if Liz needs a shoulder to cry on about Todd, he’s always there. Liz is sooo happy to have a good friend like Nicholas.

The next day before the BBQ, Liz cries and cries over a letter that Todd wrote to her.  Todd says that although moving is hard, at least he’s distracted by starting a new school and trying to adjust and Liz is just alone with memories or some shit like that. Elizabeth also thinks to herself how she always thought that if she had no man she’d have her friends, but realizes that much of her social life revolved around Todd and yeah that is true about a long term relationship. So admittedly I am feelin’ Elizabeth on this point which is scaring me.

At the BBQ, Jess is bored as hell by Nicholas’s cousin Jeffrey- it’s NOT Jeffrey French it’s a 21 year old archeology major and all he talks about is archeology. I am feelin’ Jess on this one- at a semiformal I went to my junior year at UCONN, I danced with some anthropology grad student and it’s ALL he wanted to talk about all night- SNOOZE!  Elizabeth is starting to feel awkward because she kind of thinks Nicholas may like her as more than friends-ummm yeah!!!! Where have ya been, Lizzie Cakes???? Nicholas asks if Todd and Liz are still exclusive and Liz says yes they made a promise to be faithful to each other. Nicholas asks if Liz wants to see the new James Bond movie and Elizabeth says yes because they are such good friends- oh Liz admit it you are sooo wet for Nicholas Morrow it ain’t even funny. Honestly, as Elizabeth and Nicholas are both so boring and whiny, they’d be a great couple.

Todd calls while Elizabeth is out. Jess tells Todd that Liz is at Enid’s, and Jess also says that she’s worried about Elizabeth because all she does is sit around the house waiting for Todd’s letters and it’s so not healthy. Jessica tells Todd it may be best to just let Liz go because this way Liz is not making any new friends and she’s so mopey and even Mr. Collins thinks so! Todd totally falls for it and tells Jess ” just make sure you take care of her for me”. LAME!!! TOTES LAME!!!

Elizabeth is noticing that Todd is not returning any of her calls. Jess says maybe Todd just has a lot of social obligations in VT and is too busy to call Elizabeth.  Elizabeth is all worried, but off she’s going to the movies with Nicholas- HOT! After the movie, Nicholas kisses Elizabeth and she kisses back!!!! ( cue the ” Saved By The Bell” style WOOOOO) Elizabeth stops because she feels bad, but she does realize that she likes Nicholas a lot. HOT!!!!! Elizabeth decides she has to do some serious thinking about what to do when Nicholas calls- and what to do about Todd. Oh Liz just get with Nicholas- he’s a rich, older, sexy, man! What would Jess Wakefield do???

Elizabeth has not heard from Todd all week -no letters, no phone calls. Elizabeth is obsessing over what she may have done to upset Todd.  Liz is also still neglecting the Oracle and her schoolwork. Nicholas then stops over saying he’s sorry about the other night, and does Liz still want to be friends? Elizabeth then tells Nicholas she wants to go out with him again and Nicholas is so excited. Elizabeth thinks that Nicholas is so great- what more does she want? The answer is TODD! TODD!! TODD!!!! Elizabeth decides that she will just throw herself into a relationship with Nicholas, and hopefully her heart will go for it.

Steven is hanging out with Liz at the pool, and some gal in all leather comes over to talk to Steven-first, Steven mentions how he’s going to a party at Lila’s next weekend and of course the twins are going as well. The leather gal tells Steven they were matched up by Perfect Match and Steven and Liz start laughing! Steven cannot believe Jessica really thought Leather Girl would be a good match!  After Steven leaves, Liz touches the locket that Todd gave her before he left, and Liz starts crying again- of course. I think Liz has cried- no, I KNOW Liz has cried more in this book than in Sweet Valley Twins Book 1- and she cried a LOT in that book!

Enid and Liz are at the beach, and Elizabeth tells Enid about Nicholas. Enid tells Liz she hopes this isn’t a ” Liz on the rebound” thing and Liz is all pissy even though that’s totes obvious to anyone. The next day at school, Liz is thinking that Enid is right and yes Liz still loves Todd, and she has to let Nicholas down gently. Elizabeth figures she can’t break her date with Nicholas to Lila’s party, so she will just tell him after the party.

Now, guess who’s back in town? Todd Wilkins! Only the Egbert family knew that Todd would be back. Todd decides he just has to see Liz as he wants to find out if what Jessica said about Liz not coping well with Todd’s move is true. He misses her tons of course! Meanwhile, Steven is driving to Lila’s party and sees a girl by the road in need of help-Cara Walker, the girl he rejected before thinking she was too airheaded and gossipy. ( truthfully I loved Cara when I was 12 and reading these books) Cara has a flat tire, and Steven helps out and then asks Cara to have a cup of coffee. They engage in all of this meaningful convo, and Steven realizes that Cara has really matured and is going through a lot because of her parents’ divorce and he is sure seeing her in a new light- SCHWING!!! And Steven hopes to see Cara at Lila’s party!

Todd shows up to Lila’s party and sees Nicholas and Elizabeth together!!! He sees them dancing all close and runs away. Nicholas sees how upset Liz is by Todd’s arrival, and Nicholas sees how Liz still loves Todd and says that if she loves Todd to like go to him or something- and they can still be friends. Jessica also tells Elizabeth what she told Todd. Elizabeth sees Todd in the Wilkins’s former backyard, and Todd and Liz have a long talk and decide that they can still love each other, but they agree they have to lead ” seperate lives”-so yeah see other people and junk.

The end of the book of course is a preview of what occurs in the next book- Betsy Martin was invited to Lila’s party by Steve, and Betsy flips the fuck out saying Steven has already forgot about her poor dead sissy Tricia Martin when Betsy sees Steven and Cara all cuddly wuddly. I believe I have this next book, and if I do I will review it!!!! In the meantime coming up- two BSC books, a Freshman Christmas, and Sweet Valley High’s ” Hostage”!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

A final note- I saw Coppelia last week. The dancing, costumes and sets were all fantastic!! I got the Australian Ballet Theatre’s performance off Netflix and it was awesome, but I know Netflix has other dance companies performing Coppelia as well. The final number and the scene of the dolls all dancing are especially good scenes.


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  1. I love a Saved by the Bell style “wooooooooo”. That’s too funny.

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