Baby Sitters Club #31-Dawn’s Wicked Stepsister

OMG I almost wrote ” Dawn’s Wicked Stepshister” for the title of this blog- a stepshister LOL- although really Dawn is the one acting ” stepshisterly” in this particular read.

Dawn is all peeved off because Mary Anne caught the bouquet at Dawn’s mom and Mary Anne’s dad’s wedding ( that would be Sharon and Richard). Dawn said she and Mary Anne wanted to catch the bouquet because the woman who catches the bouquet is the next to be married. Dude, you all are 13! When do you plan to marry- at 15???? And Dawn also is like ” yeah Mary Anne has a boyfriend, so she’d really want to catch the bouquet”- yeah sadly Mary Anne and Logan do act about 32 instead of 13, and I bet they have talked marriage already! Dawn feels that as her daughter, she should have caught Sharon’s bouquet. Who gives a shit? Moving on…

While Sharon and Richard have their ” honeymoon”- which is basically spending one night at a motel- Dawn and Mary Anne will be staying at Mary Anne’s house ( and this will be Mary Anne’s last night in her old home- Mary Anne and Richard are moving into the Schafer house as it’s bigger) for the night by themselves, and Jeff who is visiting from CA for the wedding is spending the evening at the Pikes’ house.  Dawn talks about how she is hella excited to be sharing a bedroom with Mary Anne and she pretty much insisted they share because sisters share everything- so Mary Anne will share Logan? HOT! Well, I guess Dawn didn’t mean that. News flash, Dawn- sharing a room SUCKS!

So it’s moving day and Claudia comes over to say goodbye to Mary Anne as they will no longer live across the street from each other, and Mary Anne cries as she apparently cries at any little shit.  After they finish moving, Mary Anne’s cat, Tigger, is all upset and is mewing around the house and walking around for 6 hours- which of course a cat would do but Dawn wouldn’t know that, so Dawn is all pissy  over that. Then Dawn, Richard, Sharon and Mary Anne go with Jeff to the airport to drop him off, and Jeff comments that he will not be visiting ” for awhile” because he feels there will be ” trouble” with this new blended family. Jeff sucks- not to say he’s wrong, but he sucks. I didn’t even like Jeff when I was a kid.

The next day is a BSC meeting, and Dawn is wearing an oufit of Mary Anne’s, and Mary Anne is wearing a lovely CA Casual Dawn outfit. Dawn comments that Mary Anne freaked out over seeing bean sprouts in the fridge- eh, I would too- ewwww.  Mallory has to leave the meeting early because she has a fever. STINKY! Of course, this will lead to Plot B….

Turns out Mal has the CHICKEN POX! She caught them even though she had chicken pox already. Apparently she caught the pox from the Newton kids, as she sat for them right before their spots came out, and of course the BSC sits for the Newtons so much you wonder if those Newtons have the careers of, say, Madonna and Ben Stiller, since obviously they are barely around. So Wed. rolls around, and no Mallory. The Perkins call the BSC needing a sitter. Only Dawn and Mary Anne are free and both of them say they want the job- usually, one BSC member ” Oh Stacey Charlotte is your favorite so you take the job” and it’s all totally diplomatic but this time neither gal will budge. Dawn is saving to get Mary Anne a ” now we’re sisters” gift and really wants the money from the job. Mary Anne wants to sit for the Perkins kids because she used to live next door to them, and Mary Anne wants to be back in the old ‘hood or whatever.  Then Mary Anne is all ” Oh Dawn that skirt of mine looks a little tight on you.” OK that was bitchy. Kristy is sick and tired of the back and forth crap, and has Dawn and Mary Anne draw straws and Mary Anne wins and is all smug over it. God, Mary Anne can be a real cunt when she wants to be.  Two nights later after Mary Anne comes home from the Perkins house, Mary Anne shares cute stories about Myriah and Gabbie Perkins and Dawn and Mary Anne make up for the moment- because yeah these two 13 year olds are more into the lives of the kids they sit for than most moms that I know, so they can bond over loving childrens.

Claud has to sit at the Pikes’ house because Mrs. Pike is taking the triplets to the doc because they are all wheezy and tired. Mal is acting as ” half baby sitter” because she is ill, and Claudia says Mal was a slight pain while Claud was sitting over there.  Claud, you rule! Turns out that the triplets ALL have pneumonia- that sucks, dude. I got pnemonia twice as a kid and still remember how sucky it was. But enough about me. Mallory wants to take a bath with the baking soda and Claud says not until Mrs. Pike is home. Dude, the BSC has cooked practically gourmet meals while parents weren’t home, and Mal can’t draw her own bath while Mrs. P isn’t home? That’s kinda dumb.  Well now Mrs. Pike has to care for four sick kids, and yeah Claire, Margo, Nicky and Vanessa played hospital the whole time and no one gives a care. At least I don’t.

Dawn is bitching over all of the issues in the new blended fam. First of all, Dawn finds Richard way too organized. He has all the books in categories, and even has this mega organized closet. How Dawn knows how Richard organizes his closet is beyond me. Also, there’s some issue over how Richard gets up really early on weekends, makes breakfast including bacon, even though Sharon does not eat bacon.  But Sharon eats it to appease him. Wait- Richard doesn’t know that Sharon doesn’t eat bacon? WTF??? It seems that Richard and Sharon don’t know a LOT about each other. And Richard doesn’t like that Sharon scatters the newspaper when she reads it, but again he never says anything. Richard enjoys museums and plays, Sharon likes movies and shopping so it’s a hassle figuring out what to do together on weekends. Dawn always hopes she has a sitting job on the weekends so that she doesn’t have to deal with the crap at home.

One morning, Richard wants to do spring cleaning. Ooooh shitty! But the whole fam has to do it, and Mary Anne is following Sharon around with a Dustbuster, as Sharon keeps wiping crumbs onto the floor.  That is sorta rude. Well the cleaning is done, and then finally the family sits down to eat Chinese food and watch a movie. After the food is done, Richard says the food should be put away and to stop the movie to put the food away. Sharon would rather finish the movie and then put the food away. Dawn agrees with Richard, but she feels she must go on her mom’s side. And of course Mary Anne agrees with Sharon, but  of course she has to go along with her daddy.  So Dawn snaps at Mary Anne ” well clean it up then if you want” and Mary Anne and Richard clean as Dawn and Sharon watch the rest of the flick. Then right as Mary Anne says she’s gonna go chill with Kristy at her place, Kitty Tigger barfs on the rug and Sharon goes apeshit. I  wouldn’t even think Sharon would notice!

There’s some dance just for 8th graders. Dawn isn’t going because she has no date. I didn’t think 8th graders needed dates for dances. Mary Anne is going with Logan of course, and I have no clue who Kristy, Claud or Stacey are going to the dance with which is odd. So Mary Anne is preparing for the dance, and she’s all ” Oh Dawn when you have a boyfriend you want to look good for him” and being a smug cunt- hey maybe Mary Anne IS a STEPSHISTER!! But Dawn is happy to have an evening alone to not deal with Mary Anne.  Dawn and Jeff have a heart to heart while Mary Anne and their parents are gone, and Jeff is upset that Dawn and Jeff’s dad has a new woman named Carol. Jeff does some impression of Carol, and Jeff talks about how he feels that when Carol is there he doesn’t have ” emotional space” because yeah 10 year olds talk like that. And Dawn says she likes Jeff because he is dependable and predictable, not like Mary Anne is being right now. Wow, Jeff and Dawn are abnornally close for being 13 and 10 and opposite genders. I wasn’t super close to my siblings when I was 13 ( well mostly b/c I hated everyone at that age) and yeah for a 13 year old girl to think her bro is so great? Odd as HELL!  So Mary Anne comes home and says that Dawn could have attended the dance as lots of kids went stag and Mary Anne talks about how Alan Gray put M and M’s in his eyes. Yummy.  So Mary Anne and Dawn are kinda sorta getting along.

Stacey goes to sit at the Pike house.  Nicky broke a few fingers playing baseball and he is feeling crappy- and being a little too lazy for just having a few broken fingers. I guess you can’t do much with broken fingers but I don’t know- he still seems a little lazy to me. And while Stacey is sitting, Vanessa severely sprains her ankle after falling off her bike!! OOOOH!!!!!!  And so ya know Mr and Mrs Pike had a super important tennis match to attend and of course it’s more important than taking care of their sick kids. So now 6 Pike kids are ill.  At a BSC meeting, Kristy invites Mary Anne over to her mansion for a sleepover Saturday night. I wonder what will happen…. ( if you remember this book at all you know what’s comin’)

So Mary Anne and Dawn are studying in their room that night. Dawn decides she needs music to concentrate on her math, and puts on WSTO and to her delight, they are playing 50’s music- oh yeah the exact music I adored at age 13. Mary Anne tells Dawn she cannot concentrate with music, but Dawn doesn’t want to hear it. Dawn and Mary Anne start yelling so loud that Richard and Sharon come upstairs, and Sharon agrees with Mary Anne that the girls should not have music on while studying. And Richard goes on Dawn’s side. Finally, it is agreed that Mary Anne will study in the guest room that night.  Dawn then realizes she got a wicked stepsister. OK…

So, turns out Jessi and Kristy have to go and babysit for ALL of the Pikes! Claire and Margo both have bronchitis now. Mrs. Pike injured her knee playing tennis, and while Pa Pike tried to cook for the whole fam ( shit dude just get KFC instead) he burned his hand pretty badly. I bet it was an excuse to have the BSC spend a whole Saturday caring for the whole family. Kristy and Jessi have to end up have Charlie buy some groceries, and they did a lot of cleaning and made a lot of food, and it is sad that one of these sitters is 11 and is doing the whole of 35 year old married women. The Pikes have NO family, neighbors or friends that can help? TOTES LAME!!!

Dawn decides she has to get Mary Anne out of her bedroom, but not by talking to her or her mom about it. She has to ” scare” Mary Anne out of the room. Jeff gives Dawn lame ideas like scratching the walls of the secret passage, leaving a rose on Mary Anne’s desk, etc so that Mary Anne thinks some dumb spirit is haunting the secret passage and Dawn’s room. So Dawn procures the items to scare Mary Anne, and does this one weeknight while Mary Anne is studying. Dawn’s excuse for not being in the house is that the Pikes called her for assistance. And yeah- Dawn manages to scare Mary Anne out of the room, and Dawn is hella lame for doing that and even more lame for asking Jeff for the ideas and Dawn never told Mary Anne that she did that! So Mary Anne does move to the guest room, where she should have lived in the first place.

The next day, Richard, Sharon, Mary Anne and Dawn all discuss how life in this new family has been hard, and compromises have to be made. It is agreed that Mary Anne and Richard will buy and cook food they like for themselves, and Sharon and Dawn can eat their sprouts as long as they buy and prepare theirs as well.   Yeah compromise.  Also, Mary Anne found out that some family from ” maybe Austria” ( they are the Hobarts from Australia- yeah as in BEN HOBART Mal’s future man!!) bought her old house, and Mallory feels better and can attend BSC meetings again. And at the very end, Mary Anne and Dawn arrive home to find Tigger sleeping on Sharon’s lap- yeah Tigger who barfed on the rug- and Sharon doesn’t mind! SHA LA LA LA!! Now the Schafer- Spier fam will live as the Brady Bunch but with more bathrooms.

Next, I will be reviewing Stacey’s Big Crush as promised!! I also will be still reviewing a Freshman Dorm Special, and some more Sweet Valley and BSC books!! STAY TUNED!


4 Responses to “Baby Sitters Club #31-Dawn’s Wicked Stepsister”

  1. Aaah memories -you gotta love it. Mary Anne was my favorite, but I remember being so pissed off at how she acted in this book. I also thought she looked waaaay too tall on the cover.

  2. girltalkread Says:

    Taren- I came across your blog yesterday and I LOVED it!!
    And thanks for your comment- I was a Stacey fan myself!

  3. Dawn sucks.

  4. Hey I just saw this -thanks so much!

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