BSC #65- Stacey’s Big Crush

Awwww memories… I LOVED this book as a kid!! And awwwww I totes have a big crush now myself- it’s not on a 22 year old named Wes but that’s cool.

Stacey is sitting in Mr. Zizmore’s math class.  Stacey is Mr. Zizmore’s favorite student as Stace is so good at math. Mr. Zizmore announces that for the last 2 weeks prior to the final ( so doesn’t this mean that they will be done with 8th grade? Well, not in BSC land!!) the kids will have a new student teacher named Wesley Ellenburg.  Mr. Ellenburg is a student at the Master’s program at Stoneybrook Community College- ummm what community college offers a MASTER’S degree program? Don’t community colleges tend to offer 2 year degrees?? UGH! Stacey tells the other members of the BSC about this new student teacher her math class is getting, and the other BSC members say dumb crap about it. Like Kristy comes into the convo and is all ” Who is Ellen Burg?” and Claud refers to Wesley Ellenburg as Mr. Baconburger. Dumb. As Stacey walks home, she is thinking that she wishes she had a boyfriend. Stacey is sort of seeing Sam Thomas, Kristy’s 15 year old brother ( who I already see has a great future as Steve Wakefield) but lately that whole thing has ” cooled off.” With spring coming, Stacey is having spring- and boyfriend- fever!

Chapter 2 is the BSC meeting and the usual boring descriptions of all of the girls and their likes and dislikes, and how the club runs, blah blah boring. The girls are eating only healthy snacks today for some bizarre reason.

In Chapter 3, Stacey, Mary Anne and Dawn walk home and go to Mary Anne and Dawn’s house ( in case you do not recall, Mary Anne and Dawn are stepsisters.) A neighbor of Dawn and MA’s comes over, Mrs. Stone. Mrs. Stone and her hubby are going out of town for three weeks, and Mrs. Stone has no one to watch her 2 month old pet goat, Elvira. Well, guess who volunteers to watch good ol’ Elvira? Well, that would be Dawn- and Mary Anne, too, of course. And of course Sharon and Richard Spier allow two 13 year olds to watch a pet goat who will get into garbage and crap for three weeks. Elvira still drinks from a bottle, and she does sound precious.  I never wanted a pet goat as a kid, but when I was 5 I did want a pet squirrel. But as usual, I digress.

The next day Stacey walks into math class and sees Tom Cruise. Well OK obviously Tom Cruise is not in the room. Ah, remember when Tom Cruise was hot and not some weirdo Scientologist??? Sigh! The hottie Stacey sees who resembles Tom Cruise ( incidentally, the guy on the cover of this book who I assume is Mr. Ellenburg does NOT resemble Tom Cruise- he more resembles an uglier version of a Ken doll) is well the new student teacher, who tells the kids to call him Wes, so he is totes cool. Both the girls and the boys adore him on sight.  Wes also says he is a senior at Stoneybrook Comm College- so if he is a senior, he isn’t working on his master’s he’s getting his bachelor’s, correct? CONTINUITY ASSHOLES!!! Stacey is instantly in LUV with Wes, and tells the other girls about Wes right after class. Jessi says that 22 is WAY old and ewww why would Stace want to date a 22 year old? ( At age 11, I may have thought the same!) and Dawn asks if Stacey got his phone number- who’s gonna ask a TEACHER for their phone number to go out? Although I will say that some girl I knew in 8th grade did supposedly ask out our substitute student gym teacher- oh God Rocco Urso- TOTES HOT! Ya know, I read this book the first time when Mr. U was our sub, but I do have to say I never imagined that we’d be dating LOL Stacey then is obsessing over what to wear the next day to impress Wes, because that day she wore old turquoise stretch pants and yeah who is THAT gonna impress? Stacey decides on a short rayon tank dress that is navy with white polka dots.

Next chapter, Stacey is sitting for her favorite kid, Charlotte. Charlotte tells Stacey that she has a huge crush on a boy named Bruce in her class, and he has red hair and blue eyes and that day, he asked Charlotte if she saw his brownie. Charlotte asks Stacey how you know if a boy likes you- yeah Stace how do you know b/c I wanna find out!! Charlotte also asks Stacey the difference between having a crush and being in love and come on like any 13 year old knows the answer to that! But I guess when you are 8, 13 year olds are so wordly. As Stacey returns to her sitting job, all she can think of is Wes, Wes and more Wes. Exciting.

Stacey saw Wes three times in the hall on this day I am writing of because Stace is on ” Wes Alert.” Basically, Stacey is stalking Wes. Stacey also starts to wear dresses every day because she has decided Wes prefers dresses to slacks. ( yeah Stacey says ” slacks”). During class, Wes announces that Stacey got the best grade on the math homework, and Stacey is all happy and crap because Wes wrote “Good Job” on her paper. After class, Stacey is all lingering around and she notices Wes’s desk is a mess and Wes says he is having the hardest time getting organized. Stace says she’s a master organizer and offers to stay after school to help Wes organize. Hot stuff. After all this organization, Stacey is on Cloud 9 because she got alone time with Wes. Hot.

Mary Anne and Dawn start watching Elvira in the next chapter. A bunch of kids come by and coo over Elvira. Yeah she is one enchanting baby goat. Moving on… Mary Anne and Dawn decide that Elvira would be a great addition to baby sitting jobs to entertain the kids. And the parents would approve?? Ah, they are Stoneybrook parents so yes they would approve.  Dawn then takes Elvira to see the Newton children on her next babysitting job, and Jamie is all excited because Elvira ” butted me in the butt” as Jamie said. Claudia comes over with the Hobart boys, and Jessi comes over with Charlotte and Jessi’s sister Becca and yes all of the children adore Elvira. During all of this chaos, Nicky Pike is walking Elvira around on a leash and lets her go, and she runs off and is eating garbage out of some neighbor’s garage. Dawn confesses to the neighbors, and they laugh over the whole thing. God, this subplot sucks.

Stacey helps Wes organize more, and Stacey is all thinking that she and Wes are celebrating their ” one week anniversary.” Ummm Stacey that is totes stupid. Ya all aren’t even dating! After the organizing time, Stacey realizes it’s almost time for the club meeting! Wes says he feels bad that he kept Stacey that late, and he offers to give Stacey a ride to Claudia’s house. DREAMY!!! Wes then says ” Well…” when they arrive at Claud’s, and Stacey thinks Wes is gonna ask her out. HAH HAH HAH HAH Of course, Wes just says ” We are here.” Oh, Stacey!

Stacey decides she is going to write Wes a love poem. The end result is mad shitty- ” I see two stars in summer’s night, hovering, lost, in blinding light. Each so dull in heaven’s net, so each remains, as yet unmet. But fortune moves in strangest ways, It lenghtens nights, it shortens days. May this night end, and day begin, and bring two young people back again.” How CRAPPY was that poem?? Also, Sam Thomas calls and says Kristy told him about the Spring Dance the middle school was having and he asks if Stacey wants to go with him and Stacey totes lies and says she’s going with someone! What- Wes is gonna take you, Stacey? LAME LAME LAME! You could have showed up with a high school hunk on your arm! The next day, Stacey gives Wes the poem, Wes reads it, looks puzzled as hell, and he makes some excuse and runs off. Well yeah having a 13 year old give ya love poems has to be unnerving.

More Elvira nonsense. Dawn and Mary Anne realize caring for a goat is not exactly easy. Mary Anne brings Elvira to the Barretts and they all have great fun with Elvira. WHO CARES? Charlotte stops by to see Elvira and Char complains to Mary Anne because Char wrote Bruce a love poem ( I hope it was better than Stacey’s) and Bruce has been calling her nonstop reading her poems he wrote and pretty much harassing her, and Stacey wishes Wes would do that. Stacey, you are totes odd.

Stacey says it’s been a week and Wes hasn’t mentioned the poem. Stace goes up to Wes at the end of the class and says she’s in love with him. Wes looks sick to his stomach. Stacey you WEIRDO! Who honestly tells their hottie teacher they are in love with him? ( Well granted Vili Fulau told that to Mary Kay over there but Vili and Mary Kay are an exception) Stacey then starts to doubt that Wes has feelings for her and she’s bummed because she has no date to the dance- and Sam is already going with a gal named Amanda Martin. God, Sam is TOTAL Steven Wakefield! But Wes then says, ” Oh maybe I will see you at the dance Friday” and Stace takes it to mean that maybe Wes wants her hottie body after all.

More fun with Elvira involving the Pikes. They have Elvira perform in a lame version of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. I am not going to tell you any more about this.

Stacey is going to wear a silk/cotton dress to the Spring Dance woooo. As for dates- Claudia is going with Austin Bentley, of course Mary Anne’s date is Logan, and Mal’s date is Ben Hobart. OK- the Pikes are soooo totally strict according to Mallory, but she is allowed to go to a dance with a boy at age 11!! If I were a parent, I wouldn’t want my 11 year old going on dates! God, Mal, do you see that your parents are pretty fuckin leniant??? Kristy’s man Bart ” couldn’t make it.” Stacey asks Wes to dance, and he accepts and they dance to a couple of fast songs. Then Wes goes and takes a break to do the jitterbug with some old lady teacher. Wow the JITTERBUG at a junior high dance??? Well, anyway Stacey asks Wes to dance again to a slow song and Wes is all ” oh well maybe the song after that” and Stace is all ” but the next song may not be so slow.” OH GAWD STACE!! Wes then says they need to have the big talk, and basically he tells Stace that because she’s 13 they cannot ever be boyfriend and girlfriend.  Stacey then starts to cry- awwww

Stacey goes to Dawn and MA’s house to say bye to Elvira.  They all gush over Elvira and say she is cute, and Mrs.Stone takes her away. Charlotte then stops by and says that now Bruce likes another girl, and that boys are hard to figure out and one shouldn’t even bother with them. Then Claud and Stacey walk home, and Stacey says love hurts and she swears she was in love with Wes. Claudia says love does not always have to hurt, and people do fall in love with each other, together, it just wasn’t Stacey’s time. And the book ends there.

Now, I am getting ready to watch ” Friends Till the End” on Lifetime Movie Network!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!


4 Responses to “BSC #65- Stacey’s Big Crush”

  1. The fact that Stacey actually thought she would have a chance with a 22 year old cracks me up.

  2. Stacey probably could have gotten Wes in trouble with that crush of hers!

    Oh, I am so mad I missed “Friends Til the End”!! I didn’t know it was on. That is an awesome tv movie. That is where I got my nickname, Zanne! Too bad she is psycho. ha.

  3. Aw, you didn’t mention about Wes’s junky car!

    I just student-taught last semester and I wouldn’t have dreamed of telling the kids to call me Laura! They were high-schoolers and I have to say, I can’t imagine what I would have done if one of them had given me a love poem. Not to mention how bad of an idea it is to drive students in your car. I could go on and on about this. Both Wes and Stacey were pretty dumb.

  4. Oh, Laura, what do the adults of Stonybrook know of boundaries? These are people who expect 13-year olds to raise their kids.

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