Freshman Christmas

Let me just start by saying that this is the worst Freshman Dorm book I have ever read. I LOVED Freshman Dorm as a geeky middle schooler and because of these books I couldn’t wait for college. But this book, to me, turned into some bad episode of Days of Our Lives or something and I was just not feelin’ it. So be forewarned- I may skip parts as my heart is just not into spending lots of time recapping this disappointment of a book. Admittedly, part of it may also be that I am so not in any type of Xmas mood yet, so maybe I should not have read Freshman Christmas until December. But there’s not really much discussion of Christmas! BOO! HISS!

Winnie, KC, Faith, Kimberly Gilbert ( the African American dancer who lives in Faith’s dorm) and Liza Ruff (Faith’s new roomie- what happened to Lauren?) are going from Springfield, Oregon to Montana for the Christmas break to help KC’s mom get the Angel Dude ranch ready and up and going for the Christmas season.  At this point, KC’s dad has just died and everyone is still rather miserable over that. Winnis is wearing Mickey Mouse leggings and paper mache banana earrings- wow Win is soooo Claudia Kishi! But even cooler than Claudia Kishi! If you are wondering how Mrs. Angeletti acquired the Angel Dude Ranch, KC’s grandma gave it to her. Bitchin.’ Incidentally, I am wondering who would rather spend Xmas in Montana than with their families, but maybe all of them hate their families. That wouldn’t be a total shock. And Winnie is a little upset over being away from her new hubby while he’s at a christening. I am not sure why she wouldn’t go but whatever. KC’s mom has sold the Windchime restaurant back home, and put all of her savings into the Angel Dude, so KC hopes this all works out for her mom.

KC, Win, Faith, Liza and Kimberly stop at a place called The Hungry Horse in Towerton, which is about 3 miles from the ranch. Liza needs to pee, so that is why they all stop.  KC remembers how Grandma Rose told her about how she was engaged to a wealthy rancher named Lewiston Tower, but she dumped Lewiston’s ass for Anthony Angeletti ( wow that name sounds HOT- save a stallion, ride an Italian woooo) and Lewiston did not handle the rejection very well. KC goes to call her mom and sees a pic of a young, hot guy riding a bucking bronco. KC is all wet through her panties looking at this picture. This hottie is a grandson of Lewiston. The Tower family hold a huge barn dance every year.

When KC, Kim, Faith, Liza and Winnie get to the ranch, these two blonde guys are running off and scaring the horses and one guy warns KC to ” go back to where she came from.” What an asshat. Kim and Faith volunteer to go off to find the horses that ran off and of course since it’s the middle of winter they are cold and wet. As Kimberly and Faith round up the horses, they ex discuss ex boyfriends- Kimberly dated some macho jerk named Derek Weldon, ( I remember that!) and Faith talks about  her brief fling with Alec Brady the Zac Efron of Freshman Dorm. Or Shia LeBouf or however you spell it? Whatever. A guy is rustling through the woods, and at first Kim and Faith think it’s a Tower twin. But he’s not- he’s a rather cute guy with sandy hair. The guy says his car broke down and he is looking for help. Faith says he can go on one of the horses and go with them to the ranch. The guy has a real piece of shit car, and he drove it from Yale to Montana, apparently. He says he is writing a paper about the tourism industry. The guy’s name is Casper Reilly, and Kim gets his car to start. The guy is heading for the Angel Dude Ranch- wow! So Casper, Kimberly and Faith all go back to the ranch.

Winnie is determined to reinvent her image by being super helpful and together- but Winnie that is boring and so not you! She decides this right before breakfast the next morning. Mrs. Angeletti puts KC in charge of running the kitchen, and Kimberly wants to start a winter sports program as she’s an expert skier and all that. Liza wants to help and be included as well as Liza is super determined to be friends with all these other girls. Liza pretty much invited herself on this trip because she is so desperate to be friends with them, but Faith and the others find her to be annoying and loud- but isn’t Winnie ummm annoying and loud too? They like her sooo why not Liza? Maybe it’s because Liza is pushy about it I would guess. Though Faith best get used to loud and pushy if she is going to work in theatre! Liza proposes turning an old bar area into a bar with dancing and a jukebox and all to attract more folks to the ranch- pretty cool. Liza also suggests seeing if singers would play for tips instead of being paid and Mrs Angeletti is totally game. I guess it’s on to finding the talent now.

The next day KC, Faith, Kimberly, Winnie, Liza and Casper all go Christmas tree picking, shopping, whatever. Kimberly cuts down the Christmas tree they find- wow we are soon learning that Kimberly can do it all- fix cars, chop wood, man she rocks! Kimberly and Casper are also flirting a little- bow chicka wow wow, as Di would say! KC and her mom then have a private chat- basically, Mrs. Angeletti is broke solid. Mrs. A did manage to get an emergency loan from a ” lovely young banker in Towerton” and she was counting on paying back the loan from the money she’d get from guests but thus far there are no guests. And KC’s mom has no savings, either. Crap on a cracker.

The next day Liza, KC, Kimberly, Faith and Win are putting things together to get the Lazy Q off the ground ( the bar with the ranch and all that) and Win mentions to Liza that Alec Brady the actor gave Faith his private phone number and told Faith to call anytime but Faith has been too chicken to do it. Win and Liza head to the grocery store, and Liza forgot the grocery list and Winnie wanted to make something special for the dinner. Liza remembers what she can, and then Liza runs into a guy with red hair who is pretty cute and cocky as well. His name is Billy ” Coyote” Gates and he’s quite the guitar player. They trade jabs and Liza gets really annoyed at him.  Win and Liza go off to the grocery store, and KC says she hopes this big dinner ” trial run” ( the dinner that KC planned for her mom and local merchants to get the merchants to like Mrs. A) will go perfectly.

Winnie is making soup and Liza goes on and on complaining about how conceited Coyote is. Liza leaves the room, and Faith tells Kimberly that if they could get Coyote and Liza together,maybe it would get Liza to always stop playing matchmaker.  KC says that they can crash the Towers family barn dance so that they can run into Coyote again and talk Liza up to him.  At dinner that night, it turns out the soup Win made was totally nasty because they forgot chicken broth at the grocery store, so Win uses vinegar instead. A lot of vinegar! KC flips her shit because the soup is nasty.

So the crazy girls are at the barn dance.  The girls instantly see old man Tower ( who got rejected by Rose remember?), his blond grandson, and a beautiful young blonde lady next to them. As KC listens to Coyote’s band, she trips and sort of falls into the arms of a sexy dark haired man. They begin to dance, and KC has never been so sexually excited or ” in love” in her life as she is dancing in this sexy stranger’s arms.  Meanwhile, Liza has some other spat with Coyote, and claims that Alec Brady’s movie was filmed at Mrs A’s ranch. Since she mentions Mrs A, the Tower family knows that KC and her friends crashed. Suzanna, Jake Tower’s fiance tells Winnie as much. And then Suzanna sees that KC is dancing with Jeremy Tower, Jake’s brother!!!!! EEK!!!!

Faith and Kimberly start talking loudly in front of Coyote about how Liza has basically flipped for him, and it seems Coyote has heard every word. Meanwhile, KC is getting cozy with this mysterious guy who has made KC so horny and she says that she’s seen his pic before at the Hungry Horse ( yeah I blew that- Jeremy Tower is that bull rider dude) KC and her man start to kiss, and Lewiston Tower comes out and flips his shit, telling Jeremy to get away from that slut- KC being the slut. What a prick! Then KC realizes that Jeremy is Lewiston’s grandson! The girls then all run off after Lewiston carrying on and being an asshat.

Faith starts to see that Kimberly and Casper are pretty attracted to each other, despite the ” black/white difference.” Ummm… yeah. Casper talks about how he’s a journalism major, and he wanted to spend his Christmas break alone to work on this ” final project” type of paper about Montana. Casper and Kimberly plan to go skiing together the next day. Already, any reader would know that something is rather odd about someone spending Xmas alone doing a paper…

Kimberly, Faith and Liza go to the Hungry Horse that night. Kimberly says that Casper may not want to get with her because he’s white and she’s black. Plus interracial relationships are not exactly mucho common in YA novels. But Liza says she knows Casper is a ” modern thinker” and that race wouldn’t stop him. Liza then runs into Coyote, and he asks her if she wants to be his partner in the snowman making contest for the Winter Carnival. Of course Liza says yes because it’s damn fuckin obvious that Coyote and Liza will get together. Kimberly and Faith then tell Liza that it’s obvious Coyote is into her, and they heard Coyote say earlier that he is hot for Liza’s bod. Liza thinks that there is definitely something between  Coyote and her, and she would definitely want to pursue what that is.

KC goes into town the next day ( on horseback, because it’s snowing like mad) to the bank to meet with her mom’s loan officer. In town, KC runs into Jeremy Tower! KC accuses Jeremy of trashing the barn, letting the horses loose and all this crap that the Tower family is doing against her mom. Jeremy says that was definitely not him, because he was in school ( he goes to Bozman studying ranch management) and he only got back a few days ago. Then Suzanna, Jake’s fiance sees Jeremy and KC talking and tells Jeremy to ” leave well enough alone” and says how everyone else loves Grandfather so much. Jeremy says Jake only loves Grandfather’s money, and Jeremy doesn’t give a rat about Grandpa’s cash. It turns out that Suzanna is also the banker that KC’s mom signed the loan with! KC and Suzanna meet to discuss the loan. Suzanna says she has convinced her boss to front KC’s mom one more loan, as Suze her is confident that the ski season will bring plenty of guests to the ranch, and KC’s mom will be able to pay back the loan. Sweet ass- or is it? The next day, Liza finds Faith’s address book and calls Alec Brady’s personal phone number. Liza claims to be Winnie, and leaves a message telling Alec they could use his presence at the ranch in Montana for Xmas. KC’s mom then gets an angry letter from Lewiston Tower saying that the gals crashed his party and he’s pissed. KC’s mom instantly says this had to be Winnie’s idea, and she is pissed off at my girl Winnie. Winnie doesn’t have the heart to tell Ma Angeletti that it was friggin KC’s idea to crash the party! Winnie says ( in her head) that’s she never been so abused and picked on as she has on this trip. Shit, don’t the other girls always piss on Winnie? By now she should be used to it!

Casper and Kimberly go skiing and the day is magical-until they decide to go on one more run, get on the lift, and get STUCK!! The skiing area wasn’t supposed to be closed for at least another hour and they are all freezy and stuck and don’t know what to do. Casper says they can tie their coats together and shimmy down and thankfully that works. I will say that I can give some props to our author for conveying the fear that Kimberly and Casper had at being stuck up in that ski lift. Jake Tower then sees Kim and Casper, and says that they closed the lift early and they can do what they want as it’s Tower country. So this Tower jerk would let folks freeze to death?

Alec Brady calls the ranch after Kim and Casper get back and tell their harrowing tale. They are planning for the dinner the next day, and Alec says that Winnie called and invited him to the ranch ( of course that was Liza who called) Faith is all pissy at Winnie because Faith thinks Alec will now think she’s some desperate starfucker or something.  Faith and KC all yell at Winnie about calling Alec and she swears she didn’t. Of course Liza could fess up at this point but her bitch ass doesn’t. So Winnie says she is going to catch the first flight out of Montana and go join Josh for Christmas- as umm to me she should have done in the first place!

Win is taking Casper’s car to the bus station to get the heck out of Montana. Casper says she can leave the car at the bus station and he’ll retrieve it. Liza is a little worried that Win is going out there in a snowstorm, but Win seems pretty determined to go. Liza and Coyote enter the snowman making contest and they make a big snow Liza and they totes win.  They then make out a little. God, I hate snowman making contests- I had to write one already for that shit BSC book!

KC overhears Suzanna talking to a man about a bull called Blood Foot. Suzanna wants this dude to get out Blood Foot for Jake to bull ride so that basically this bull kills Jake- no  one can handle this bull and he’s a killer, apparently. Suzanna then laughs about how she convinced Old Man Tower to have her control all the finances of the ranch, and she is conning Jake into marrying her but she’s not gonna marry that dimwit oh no way! Suzanna talks about how her mom and grandma worked their asses off cleaning Tower ranches and homes, and she wants her revenge on them. Suzanna then says she is telling Old Man Tower that Mrs A is talking shit about the old dude, and planning to plant trees on his property and all this crap, and she is going to have Mrs A so overextended on her loans that Angel Dude Ranch will have to close. Damn Suze is one conniving ass beeyotch!!! This is where, to me, this plot gets all either Days of our Lives or Lifetime movie and it’s not cool. KC says she has to find Jeremy before he gets killed. KC then finds Win and tells her what’s up and asks if Win has seen Jeremy, Win says where she saw him, and then Winnie dumps piles of horse dung in Suzanna’s Jeep- AWESOME! I LOVE WINNIE!

KC warns Jeremy, but he says he thinks he can handle the bull and he wants to prove himself at bull riding so he doesn’t listen to KC. Well he is a man and men are- pardon me- bullheaded. At the ranch, everyone has been cancelling out at the big dinner at the ranch. Liza says that the merchants heard about Win dumping the dung in Suze’s jeep and they are all pissy over it. Kimberly and KC go off to stop Jake again from riding the bull, and as Kim is going to grab her parka she sees a fax coming  in for Casper. She  reads the fax and it’s an article Casper wrote for some newspaper trashing the Angel Dude ranch! Casper tries to explain that he had to write an honest article but Kim doesn’t want to hear it. God even reviewing this book gives me memories of how boring reading this book was- SIGH! I expected so much more from Freshman Dorm.

Liza finds out from Coyote that Faith and Kimberly told him that Liza was interested and that’s kind of what got him to pursue shit with Liza. Liza is pissed that Kim and Faith made a fool of her and then says to Coyote he only liked her because he thought she liked him, and they argue. Well, KC can’t stop Jeremy from riding the bull, and he does ride the bull for a few seconds, the bull throws Jeremy and attacks him and Jeremy gets wicked injured despite KC trying to stop him. Jake rides the ambulance with Jeremy as he feels really bad his bro was attacked.

Win’s bus is canceled because of the snow. Win calls Josh and he suggests she try to go back to the ranch. WIn does so, and Winnie’s car turns over in the snow and rolls over the street- ya know, a car accident!! OH NOES NOT WIN! KC and Kim go to the Tower ranch, and they hear Suzanna talk to Old Man Tower. Jake arrives and he says Jeremy has a punctured lung, a broken rib and a broken arm. Jake says Jeremy told him what KC had told Jeremy and asks Suze if it’s true. Suzanna admits that she was trying to ruin the Towers. Then Casper arrives, and says that he’s taped this whole conversation about Suzanna’s plans to embezzle cash from Mr. Tower, and Suzanna is FUCKED now! HAH HAH-BITCH! Casper then says he will write an honest review on how great the Angel Dude Ranch is for the newspaper.

Faith feels really bad at how they treated Winnie. They all worry about what could have happened to her in the snowstorm, and they all go out to look. Turns out ALEC BRADY found Winnie’s car and rescued her!! Alec says he will drive Win back to the ranch and he’s glad she’s OK. Oh, also KC goes to see Jeremy in the hospital and they totes make out. Winnie gets back to the ranch, and Faith is very happy to see that both Alec and Winnie are there and Alec says he’s glad ” Winnie” called so he could see Faith again- HOT. Although why bring Alec Brady back? People cared about him? Liza then catches Kim and Casper making out in the kitchen- woooooooo Saved By the Bell style! Well in the end, Coyote and Liza make up and make out some more- wooo- I kind of liked that couple- Jeremy is not as bad off as they thought and he’s able to leave the hospital and Lewiston T makes up with Mrs A and no thankfully Mrs A and Lewiston do NOT make out- and KC and Jeremy have lots of cozy time 🙂 And Mrs A and the others apologize for being shits to Winnie. So the Christmas lights are on, a cozy dinner is had, and things are all nice on a Frosh Dorm Xmas!!

If you care to read along with me, the next books I am reviewing are Sweet Valley High’s extremely shitty ” Hostage”, the somewhat less shitty ” Memories” from SVH, ” Mallory on Strike” from the BSC of course, and another Freshman Dorm book- Number 16 to be exact- that I remember was oodles better than this particular story.

Happy Sunday to all!


2 Responses to “Freshman Christmas”

  1. Ooh, is #16 the one where KC becomes a cokehead? I love that storyline.

    I was never that into the Freshman Dorm specials. This one was probably the worst. I liked the one where they went to Paris with Lauren, I guess. And I’m remembering one in Aspen(?) that was okay. I wish I still had all of my books.

  2. girltalkread Says:

    Yes Freshman Dorm 16 is where KC becomes a cokehead- it was always my favorite!!!!!!

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