Sweet Valley High #24- Memories ( or Cara Walker is a sap on stilts)

I know, my friends, it’s been awhile since I have done a recap. Between work, having a boyfriend just like Todd Wilkins ( OK better:) and general hanging out, I have been rather busy. But I do promise to try to recap slightly more often than I have! Also, I am not going to do a whole recap of this particular novel- I plan to just summarize the A, B and C plots- if you feel slighted by this, I am utterly sorry, but I feel my summary will explain the book.



Plot A- Basically, we start this book right after Lila Fowler’s big party where Todd Wilkins showed up unexpectedly from Vermont, and Steven brought Former Cokehead Betsy Martin, who flipped the fuck out when Steven was dancing with Cara Walker. Now, Trisha Martin, Steven’s girlfriend that he planned to spend the rest of his life with ( keep in mind these are 16 and 18 year old kids, and they were only dating a few months!) died of leukemia a few months ago, and Steven hasn’t completely gotten over the death the way the Wakefields feel that he should. Jessica was trying to push Cara on Steven before and he wasn’t interested because Cara was all gossipy and what not. But Steven is now seeing a new, more sensitive, mature side of Cara and he is getting very interested in her but feels he is betraying Trisha’s memory. So he starts hanging out with Betsy all the time looking at photos of Trisha and constantly talking about Trisha, and meanwhile he keeps ditching Cara and being a general asshole to her, all as she tries to be understanding, but she wants to get into Steve’s pants eventually!

One memorable scene is Steven wants to take Cara out on her bday, and Cara picks the Valley Inn to go to. The Valley Inn was the last place that Steve and Trisha had dinner before she bit the dust- WAHHHHHHH 😦 ( now why 16 year old kids want to have dinners at a stuffy place like the Valley Inn seems to be and not TGI Friday’s is beyond me) So Steven, rather than telling Cara that so they can head to like, the Dairi Burger instead, just tries to suck it up but then Steve and Cara are dancing as Steve and Trisha’s ” song’ comes on and he starts blubbering and runs off on Cara- leaving Cara to take a fuckin taxi home on her birthday!!!! GRRRRRR!

But of course, Jess and Elizabeth hatch a plot to get Cara and Steven back together, and Elizabeth talks to Betsy about letting Steven move on and find happiness with Cara. And Steve and Cara start dating after Elizabeth and Jess find a way for them to meet, talk and get cozy with Betsy’s help. The end of that.

Plot B- Elizabeth keeps seeing a guy who looks just like Todd Wilkins at Sweet Valley High!  Turns out the guy is Michael Sellers, a Big Mesa student who is captain of some volleyball team that is playing against Sweet Valley. Elizabeth and Jessica are both on the team of course. And during the game, Elizabeth is so distracted and her panties are so wet over the Todd look alike that she totally fucks up the game- luckily the rest of the Sweet Valley team pulls it together enough to win the game. At the dance afterward, Michael is making suggestive, awful comments and only talks about himself and eventually Liz realizes that gee- because Michael resembles Todd doesn’t mean he IS Todd! By the way as a side note- how come the Wakefields are so surprised that Steve isn’t over Trisha when she recently DIED, when you have Liz who like completely fell apart after Todd moved to Vermont and did not die! So anyway back to Plot B- now Michael, who must have some twin fetish, goes after Jessica, and Jess is also tired of Michael’s constant bragging about himself, so she goes to dance with WINSTON!!! But before you think Jess wants Winston bad… here is Plot C!


C Plot- Jess wants to be an actress. Jessica hears Alice Wakefield on the phone with Mrs. Egbert ( Sharon for those of you who care) and Alice is talking about a cousin of the Egbert fam who is a movie director who is soon to visit Sweet Valley! So Jessica and Winston begin working on a project together ( of course our evil Jess does that on purpose) so Jessica is always at Winston’s house, trying to cozy up to Winston because the cousin is over visiting. Well- turns out the cousin that was visiting the Egbert fam this time was a CIVIL ENGINEER and not the movie director cousin- and Jessica finds this out because Jessica is talking to the Cousin Egbert, and saying she’s very interested in his career. Then Cousin Marty shows Jess blueprints of strategies for waste disposal!! Poor, humiliated Jessica!!!!!

So ends the book with THREE plots- I hope you found this summary satisfactory. Next, I do plan a full recap of Mallory on Strike, followed by a Freshman Dorm book- yes the one where KC becomes a druggie-GREAT BOOK- a Sweet Valley U thriller, a Sleepover Friends book, and then MORE Sweet Valley High! You all know you can’t wait!


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