BSC #47- Mallory on Strike!

I never read this book when I was a child, so this was a new BSC experience for me. Boy, do Mal and Jessi look FUG on the cover! Mallory and Jessi are raking leaves ( this scene is NOT in the book) and Mallory is wearing yellow pants that are HUGELY baggy in the crotch- you’d think Mallory had a dick bigger than Long Dong Silver’s! And Jessi always looks so fug on BSC covers, when I imagined her as being really pretty, like almost looking like Malia Obama- lanky, tall, gorgeous- ya know??? Ah well on to the review!

Mallory is in a special creative writing class at Stoneybrook Middle School. I wish they had a class like that when I was in 6th grade- but I did take creative writing in high school and ADORED it! But enough on moi- Mr D. the teacher, who Mallory really loves (not in a Mary Kay/Vili type way I swear!) announces Young Authors Day- basically it’s a day where stories will be judged and kids can win awards. Mallory is going to enter the Best Overall Fiction  category, and tells Jessi she plans to spend the whole weekend working on it. When Mal gets home, Claire is saying that ” Moozie”- what she calls her mom- was kidnapped, the triplets are playing some shit game and of course there’s the usual Pike family chaos. Nicky also gets bit by the hamster. and finally Mal finds her mother. Mrs. Pike tells Mallory to solve an argument between the triplets- she’s a mom of 8 kids- unless it is physical, Mrs. Pike should know that kids should handle their own arguments and not have someone- especially maybe someone who is only one year older- handle the problem! LOVE how in the BSC, 10 is considered sooo young, but at 11 one is mature enough to babysit! So Mallory is on to a BSC meeting once she helps Nicky find the hamster- he got loose after the hamster bit Nicky- and Mal solves the argument.

At the meeting, Kristy announces that Mrs. Hobart needs someone to babysit for the next 4 Saturdays for three of her boys because she’s taking a Saturday class for the next 4 weeks. It would be all day, and Mrs Hobart will pay extra money if the sitter also helps the kids with homework and all that. It is not explained why Ben Hobart, the eldest boy and Mallory’s man, is not able to sit for the other boys, or why Mr. Hobart is not available. Mal is the only sitter available, but Mallory says she doesn’t want to take the job- and doesn’t even say it’s because she wants to work on her story!! Mallory can be sooo annoying!!! So they have to call Shannon, who will make big bucks the next 4 Saturdays!

The next morning, the Pikes are having breakfast. Byron spills milk, and Mrs. Pike tells MALLORY to clean it! HELLO Byron is TEN and can’t wipe up his own friggin milk??? When I taught preschool, our four year olds could wipe up milk for goodness sake!! And Mrs. Pike can’t do it because she’s helping Jordan  untie his shoes- but he is ten years old as well! God- Mrs. Pike sure babies her 10 year olds! As Mal is finally ready to work, Mrs. Pike says she and Mr Pike, along with the triplets is going to a garage sale, so Mallory has the watch the other children for half an hour- and THEN Mr. Pike says Mal has to make Claire a peanut butter and jelly sandwich- when she JUST had breakfast- because Claire is having a picnic with her dolls! Who makes their kids REAL FOOD when they have doll picnics? I know my mom wouldn’t have! Mrs. Pike knows Mallory wanted to work on her story, but then Mrs. Pike also asks for help folding the laundry ( maybe if ya didn’t have 8 kids, Mrs. Pike, you  wouldn’t need so much help folding laundry- not to mention that folding laundry is a task that even Margo could help with- my boss’s son is FOUR, and he helps fold laundry already!) and also with help serving dinner- I guess Mr. Pike is just not capable enough to handle such a task. So Mallory is wicked fed up with her family at this point and I can’t really say I blame her!

Mr. Dougherty, Mallory’s teacher, is none too happy that Mallory has only written three paragraphs for her story so far. Mallory tries to explain what is going on, but Mr D just says ” until words are on the page, you can’t call yourself a writer.” Sorta harsh Mr D ( in my opinion). So Mallory writes a schedule allowing plenty of time for her story writing- and no time for any other babysitting jobs.. uh oh! But as Mallory is doing this, Ma Pike asks Mal if she will make dessert for tonight’s dinner. Mallory could say ” well gee no ma I have my homework to do” but Mallory just goes ahead and makes the dessert. Now at this point, I feel Mallory could have said that and maybe Ma Pike would not have her make dessert- so the Pikes have no dessert big deal- but Mallory, for being so mature, is not very mature in this situation.

Mallory is writing away on Friday, and is so absorbed she doesn’t realize it’s already 5:30- she’s late to the BSC meeting! Mal rushes over, but she’s still 10 minutes late. Kristy is MIFFED! Mallory then thinks she is resenting the time she has to take away from her writing to go to a BSC meeting- shit, Mallory it’s for half an hour OK? Mallory is again turning down baby sitting jobs and not explaining why. Mallory does finally explain herself after Kristy confronts her, and Mallory says her new schedule allows no time for babysitting. Mal is afraid that Kristy may ask Mal to quit the BSC- but I did agree with Kristy when she said it’s the basic job of a club member to be available to take jobs- the story writing is important, but god the club is LIFE- but seriously I know writing takes a lot of time, but if Mal can’t do anything fuckin else but write in the next two weeks is she really THAT talented? I mean I doubt Wally Lamb never even takes a shit while he is writing- he manages to find time to take shits, teach at York Corrections, and probably even screw his wife on ocassion- know what I mean? And Mallory is NO Wally Lamb!

Mallory is sitting at the Barrett house, and they spilled flour ALL OVER THE FLOOR- and dumped water on top of it!! As Mal is trying to clean that crap up, Buddy asks if he can go ride his bike- I would have said no as Mal can’t be out there supervising and his mom isn’t home- but Mallory says he can, and Buddy ends up injuring his foot pretty badly. But Mallory applies pressure to the wound with paper towels and calls the doctor, so she is doing everything right there- but Mal still feels like shit because she feels she wasn’t into the job enough because she’s distracted by responsiblities at home and her writing. And Mal realizes that Buddy wasn’t wearing shoes when he was riding the bike- so Mal even feels worse. Mrs. Barrett says it could happen to anyone, and honestly it could, but Mallory, naturally, overreacts and I would bet at this point she will want to withdraw from the club- not trying to foreshadow, but Mallory seems to do that a LOT!

Jessi goes to babysit for Margo and Claire Pike while Mallory has an orthodontist appointment and Ma Pike is taking the rest of the kiddies shopping for clothes and shoes. Claire and Margo decide to make up a play called ” Mean, Old Mallory” because Mal will never play with them anymore and kicks them out of her room- shit, most big sisters would do that on a regular basis 😉 Why Jessi chose to write about this in the BSC notebook I have no clue but she does. And Jessi even laughs at the play- again why would she allow them to do that? UGH! And then Claire and Margo TELL Mallory they did the play about her! And they even say Jessi laughed at it! Oh Lord. When Mallory hears this, she storms up to her room and yeah I would too. I am kind of feeling for Mallory again at this point.

At the next BSC meeting, NATURALLY Mallory asks to be demoted to associate member status because she doesn’t feel she is ” qualified” enough to be in the BSC. Kristy asks why. Mallory explains Buddy’s foot injury, and that’s she late for club meetings. The other sitters say they understood that Mal is writing her story and has pressures at home and they know Mallory will be able to sit more often soon,but Mallory says to either demote her or she will QUIT! Oh, Mallory! I always wonder- how much into sitting is Mal, really, because she wouldn’t even have her name on the flyer when she was sick with mono, she wants to quit because her whole life is writing this story, and doesn’t Mallory pretty much saying writing is more important than baby sitting- and sitting should be LIFE!!!! Kristy proposes that Mal take 2 weeks off and they will revisit Mal’s status in the club after that. Mallory agrees to that plan.

Kristy describes a sitting job in which she had to watch David Michael, Karen, Andrew and Emily because Elizabeth Thomas Brewer’s friend had a heart attack and both Eliz and Watson had to rush to the hospital to see this friend- I say since she’s a friend of Elizabeth’s, Watson could stay home but whatever. Nanny is bowling so she can’t be home to watch the kids- shit, call the bowling alley and make the old bitch come home- 😉 David Michael is having a friend come over to play- Carver- and when Carver’s parents see that no adult is home they will not let Carver stay there- wow a responsible Stoneybrook parent? It makes sense to me- no adult, no play! But Kristy is all personally offended and pissed, and when David Michael asks if he can play at Carver’s, she says no because she doesn’t know Carver’s parents- yeah but I bet Mrs. Thomas- Brewer knows them soo.. I just didn’t get Kristy’s decision making on this. Ah, well. So Kristy writes in the notebook that she can see what Mallory is going through with having to take care of all those Pikes.

Mal makes a collage with her story of all of the Pike kids doing dumb shit. I really don’t get why. Then Mallory says ” I am not doing anything today I have to write” and takes time to make a dumb poster board that’s like a sandwich board for Mal to wear saying she’s officially on strike- yeah makes better sense to do shit like that that takes time away from her writing than just saying ” Look Ma and Pa Pike ya all suck, it’s not my fault Dad didn’t get a vasectomy after having the triplets, I have work to do and don’t bother me today.” UGH Mallory declares this at breakfast, and does get to stay in her room all day not being bothered and she writes and writes.

Mr and Mrs Pike call the BSC because there’s an emergency library board meeting ( had no clue MR Pike a member of the board) and both of them have to leave for this, and come on the Pikes functioning with NO sitters? UNHEARD OF! So Mary Anne and Dawn come to babysit, as Mallory is writing and can’t be disturbed. Mary Anne talks to Mallory at one point and tells Mallory she needs to have a heart to heart talk with her parents explaining that she likes to help out but at certain times, like doing her writing, she needs a break once in awhile. So Mallory does explain that to Mr and Mrs Pike, and they decide Mallory needs a special day to herself with no other Pikes, no distractions and all that to reward her for being so awesome. Mallory decides that for her special day she wants to go to the mall. And maybe to some of you all that seems cheesy but I was 11 I may ask to do the same thing- shit I am 30 years old and I sometimes think trips to the mall are MAD special- especially if Banana Republic has a huge sale 🙂 Mallory spends the whole day at the mall missing the other kids. BTW, it’s a special day for Mallory but she still has to pay for all of her own crap-WEAK! Boy the Pike parents SUCK- they may be the worst Stoneybrook parents EVER! So yeah Mal spends her whole day buying stuff for the kids and missing them and all that- LAME! It’s ONE DAY!

It’s finally Young Author’s Day. Naturally Mal wins ” Best Overall Fiction” for her story about Tess, who is ” caught in the middle” . You knew that would happen. After the day is done, Mallory tells the other children she and Jessi are planning a special day JUST FOR THE OTHER PIKE KIDS because Mallory feels bad about being crabby before, and she wants to have  a whole special day for them. Mallory first takes to the kids to a circus performed by the Barrett children.  They also have a puppet and music show, and go on a treasure hunt. Personally, I feel the kids would have had more fun if Mal and Jessi took them all to a park that was within walking distance, or just told her mom to drive the kids to McDonald’s and Mal could pay for the dollar menu items. But that’s just my opinion. At the end of the day, Mallory is all cuddly with the Pike kids, the writing is done, and Mal feels that baby sitting is the best job ever. Whatever, Mallory.

As a kid, Mallory was one of my favorite characters ( I liked Stacey , and then Mal). I related to Mal because both of us love to read and write, and we both have frizzy hair. But Mallory can be TOTES annoying!!! And I HATE the Pike parents!!!!

NEXT- the BEST Freshman Dorm book EVER!!! After that, I will review a Sweet Valley U thriller, a Sleepover Friends book, and the SVH book ” Alone in the Crowd”- another book I never read as a child! Keep reading!! And I do hope to blog on the Freshman Dorm book SOON!!!!!


3 Responses to “BSC #47- Mallory on Strike!”

  1. “I related to Mal because both of us love to read and write, and we both have frizzy hair.”

    That was totally me, too.

    This is one book in which I actually feel some sympathy for Mal.

  2. Sarah Jade Says:

    I had stopped reading these about #35 or so, so I never read this one either.

    “Nanny is bowling so she can’t be home to watch the kids- shit, call the bowling alley and make the old bitch come home” – ha ha ha I laughed SO hard at that!! Totally agree. It always annoyed me that I was supposed to find Nanny cute and endearing because she was so “zany” and “fun” with her whole bowling thing, and her pink car whatever the hell it was. Stiff sh*t! I bet she was just an annoying old b*itch. Granted, most of Kristy’s extended family were annoying, so she did fit right in. Wow, I didn’t realise I had such pent up anger about poor old Nanny.

    Another thing that really bothered me, wouldn’t that be totally humiliating for Ben Hobart to potentially have his lady friend baby sit for him??? Is that ever addressed in these books by anyone?? Seriously, I was really disturbed by it. They are the same age, right?

  3. Sarah Jade- I guess the baby sitting job was for three of the four Hobart brothers- not for Ben. I dont’ think the boo addressed why Ben was not available to sit, though. And hey in BSC world, at 10 one needs a sitter at 11 all of a sudden they can babysit!

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