Freshman Feud- Freshman Dorm #16

Yes I am FINALLY going to recap the BEST Freshman Dorm book ever- and yes, this is the one where Miss Kahia Cayenne Angeletti gets into las drogas- the drugs, man!! Read on….

So KC’s life is wicked sucking. Her father is dying of lung cancer, and her boyfriend Peter just left to study in Italy. KC was going to go with Peter until she found out that her dad got sick. So obviously, KC’s world is crashing all around her.  KC is in bed, and Courtney Connor, the lovely Tri Beta president  is knocking on KC’s door. As Courtney is waiting for KC to rise, she runs into Marielle Danner who was just coming in at 6:30 am ( but it was on a Saturday- in college- so what, really? ) and she looks wicked drugged out. Marielle is no longer a Tri Beta and is none too happy that she’s stuck living in the dorms. KC finally wakes up, and Courtney says there is a surprise breakfast for the pledges going on. KC says she really cannot make it because she has a pile of homework and is worried about her dad, and Courtney does understand.

In the next chapter, Winnie, Faith, Kimberly and Lauren are celebrating the fact that Lauren can now move back into the dorms and out of her sleazy apartment- and she can quit her job as a maid at the Springfield Inn. Lauren’s parents have decided to ” re-own” her I guess, after disowning her for de-pledging the Tri Betas. The party is ” truly tacky” and the girls are dressed in odd outfits and eating foods like Twinkies and Cheez Whiz. Lauren is bemoaning the fact that she has no man because Dash and Lauren recently split- I fuckin LOVE Dash Ramirez by the way, Lauren’s ex! Oh hells yeah do I love him! But anyway just as Lauren decides she’ll be single forever, a sexy man named Dimtri Costigan Broder ( who Win once went to dinner with when she and Josh had a rough patch) knocks on the door- naturally Lauren is INSTANTLY smitten- Dimitri is hot as hell, dresses like a European model, and knows about museums and art. Dimitri even asks Lauren on a date to see a slideshow of Degas paintings right away- awwww yeah baby!

Win, Faith, Kimberly and Lauren go to collect KC so she can join the party, but KC is too distraught and even thinks that she’s relied on Pete and her dad and they both went away and she doesn’t want to depend on her friends or they will go away, too- truly a thought many of us have when we are depressed or sad. I felt that Linda A Cooney did capture KC’s feelings well in this story. KC then decides to call Peter, and Peter goes on and on about how great Italy is, only making KC more upset. Marielle Danner then sees KC in the hallway and decides she will ” befriend” KC and acts all sweet to her- and KC feels better than she has in days after a chat with Marielle. Of course, we all knowing that trusting Marielle the Bitch can only lead to trouble…

Kimberly and Faith are chatting about Meredith Paxton, the guy ( yeah Meredith is a fuckin dude- why Linda A Cooney named this character MEREDITH is beyond me- was this a guy’s name in like 1600? Answer me, if anyone knows!) that is working backstage with Faith on Macbeth. Faith says that Meredith is getting her through these grueling rehearsals with Larry the stage director who’s a dramatic A-Hole, and Kimberly is all ” oh and he is all sexy and teddy bear like too” ( see Kimberly has a new man named Derek, so she feels everyone needs a man God bless her) So Faith is all hmmmmmmmmmm…but at the same time, she and Meredith are just friends so…. so anyway, Kimberly says she can set Faith up with this guy Brad that she knows.  Kimberly and Faith go off to Forest Hall to see if Brad is around so that Faith can meet him and have a date for the formal.

Courtney tells the girls at the next chapter meeting that two reporters from the U of Springfield paper are going to cover Greek Week and she feels it would be a great way to make sororities look good to other students.  Courtney then launches into some talk about this tradition during Greek Week of having a girl form each sorority sit next to a basket in front of her sorority house hoping for frat boys to toss cash into the basket, and then whoever gets the most cash is the most beautiful girl on Sorority Row- and KC will be the girl from Tri Beta. KC so does not want to sit there all day begging for cash. KC then says she has to skip the sorority dinner to look for a picture to put on her basket. Courtney tries to get KC to stay with the sisters, but KC is just not ready to have a big dinner with the girls. KC then cries into her pillow – wow, this is honestly the first time I read a Freshman Dorm book and felt bad for KC. Marielle hears KC crying in her room. Marielle leaves a ” sweet” note under KC’s door- now all Marielle has to do is wait for KC to take the bait so that Marielle can sabotage her.

Faith is at rehearsal joking around with her buddy Meredith.  Faith then trips, and Meredith catches her, as Faith ” falls into his chest.” Meredith and Faith hold each other for a few minutes longer as Meredith tells Faith to be very quiet. Meredith then asks Faith if she wants to grab dinner after the show, and Faith feels some romance a brewin’….  So Kimberly is about to meet Derek in the cafeteria for dinner, and she walks into the cafeteria with Brad Kingston, the guy she is trying to hook Faith  up with. When Derek meets Brad, he’s acting like a total tool and Kimberly doesn’t understand why and when Brad leaves, feeling weird, Kim asks Derek what the dilly is, yo. So Derek is all upset like ” oh who was that guy? ” being all jealous and Kimberly is like ” Hello I want to set up Brad with Faith, you tool!” Kimberly and Derek soon hug and make up- for now of course. Now is it just me, or does everyone see that Derek is a jealous tool right now?

Lauren and Dash are having a newspaper meeting with Greg, their editor. Greg is frustrated that Lauren and Dash are arguing back and forth and cannot agree on a topic for their  next ” His and Hers” column.  Courtney then walks into the newsroom, and Lauren suggests that they can do a column on Greek life. Dash sounds none too thrilled, but finally agrees that he will spend Saturday with the Tri Betas to cover lovely Greek life. Yeah, Dash, it sounds like a dumb publicity stunt to me as well, the fact that ol’ Court wants to show how wonderful Greek life is in the newspaper but ah well.

So Faith, Win, Melissa, Brooks ( yes Win’s roomie Melissa and Faith’s ex are now ENGAGED!) , Josh, Meredith and Kimberly are having a picnic on Mill Pond. Derek was invited and he is late as he usually is. Kimberly and Meredith are playing in the water together and Derek finally arrives and throws yet another hissy fit when he sees Kimberly and Meredith in the water and storms off. Kimberly then gets over that rather quickly, and tells Faith she should invite Meredith to the party that is happening after the play and Faith is all hmmmmm again as she does feel that frisson of passion.

Lauren and Dimitri have a magical, excellent time on their date- frankly this date is sort of boring and all you have to know is that this is the best date Lauren has ever had.  

KC decides to take a walk to try to get her mind off her term paper, her dad’s cancer and Peter being gone and it doesn’t really work.  Marielle then spots KC in the bathroom, and Marielle says it must stink for KC to have all of these sorority obligations when she is going through so much hell.  Marielle then says she has a great ” pick me up” that’s just like coffee in pill form- ” bennies.” ( drugs of course) As KC is depressed and in  pain, KC figures ” what the hell” and takes the pill. KC is then writing away at her paper and is feeling great. Faith  stops by to say hi and asks how KC is, KC says that she’s great and pretty much blows Faith off and says she doesn’t need her old friends to give her sympathy and false cheer- now when I first read this book at the age of 11, I thought ” God KC is a bitch” but age 30 ( God almost TWENTY YEARS LATER) I realize that KC shutting out her old friends is definitely a normal reaction to what she’s going through- again, for a YA novel this is rather realistic.

So Faith asks Meredith to the party and he says yes. Good times.  We next see Derek flipping out again because he wants to pop in on Kimberly, but he sees a guy at her door- that guy is Dimitri stopping by to get tickets to see Macbeth but Derek doesn’t know that and thinks that Kimberly  is just some slut, basically and again he storms off. Kimberly sees Derek leave, and is thinking that she’s had enough of Derek’s flippin’ jealousy. So have I!

So it’s Saturday and KC is sitting by that friggin basket collecting money for votes. KC has a throbbing headache and is needing more pills from Marielle.  Courtney is taking Lauren and Dash on some guided tour of the sorority house, and Lauren and Dash see KC at the basket looking and acting really bizarre. KC is snapping her gum and saying ” no one gets me!” and her eyes are all bloodshot and shit. KC has also taken a 10 dollar bill that a TKE frat boy gave her to buy drugs, and Marielle drives by and KC runs off to go in Marielle’s car. You can bet Dash will want to cover this….

So Faith goes and gets Meredith a small ceramic clown holding a heart and writes a poem that’s like ” roses are red and my heart is true blue. If you are ready to take it, I’ll give it to you”- God Faith that sucks ass! Meredith just looks stunned and says that he and Faith should skip the party and go out and talk alone- Faith thinks this is awesome but even at age 11 I knew that Meredith wasn’t going to deliver great news… And tonight is the play, and Derek stands Kimberly up!!! Kimberly is pissed, and she basically goes and confronts Derek, says she’s sick of his jealousy, and they break up. So that’s the end of plot C or D or something- there are many plots in this story!

KC is at some loud bar and she is already high, but she needs more pills. She gives the ten bucks to Marielle, and Marielle sees that the bill has Greek letters on it- so she knows it was money that was to go to the Greek Council or whatever. Marielle saves the bill for ” future revenge”- UH OH!

Lauren and Dimitri head to the Tri Beta dance, and Dimitri impresses everyone but Dash of course. Dash is not even dressed up for the party, naturally. And Lauren is appalled at how jealous and rude Dash is being, but Lauren doesn’t care because she has Dimitri and hopes they will be together for a loonnggg time…. And meanwhile, Meredith tells Faith at their dinner alone that he likes Faith a lot as a friend, but- MEREDITH IS GAY!!!! Gee, a gay guy who’s a theatre major? NOOOOOOOOOOOO…. so Faith is all embarassed that she gave Meredith that clown, but Meredith said he loves it and tells her that if he were hetero, he’d so go for Faith.  Faith tells Win and Kimberly she’s embarrassed and never would have known Meredith was gay, and Kimberly says well yeah not all gay men wear a huge I am gay sign!!! Ah, Faith is a naive Midwestern girl- does she even know what gay is? Though if she’s going to be a theatre major she will soon learn, and I bet that by sophomore year she will be a TOTAL fag hag!

So KC won Most Beautiful Girl on the Row- and KC finally shows to the Tri Beta party ( dropped off by Marielle of course) high as a kite. Courtney tries to have some other sorority girls take KC upstairs so Lauren and Dash won’t see her, but KC fights them off and is all belligerant and shit. So Dash and Lauren do see KC and Dash says it’s obvious that KC is really high and gee wow Tri Beta is all pristine but has a druggie in the house! Lauren then tells Dash to knock it off because KC’s dad is dying and her boyfriend is overseas.

So Courtney calls a meeting saying the sisters have to now decide if KC can even remain in the Tri Betas- KC showed up to a party high as hell, has missed required events, and ran off from the Most Beautiful Girl on the Row thing and each girl will vote as follows- if they want KC to stay, they should clench their fists- and palms open if they want KC out.  Only Courtney and KC can see how the girls voted, and clearly they voted to oust KC but Courtney feels that KC is a friend, she knows what KC is going through, and she announces that the girls voted to give KC a second chance.

KC finally arrives home and Peter has called and he is still all happy, and while KC is grateful that Courtney kept her in the Tri Betas, she still feels so alone and sad. But KC figures all she needs are Marielle’s magic pills, and she will be OK… and so the book ends- see, Linda A Cooney did NOT decide to end KC’s issues and drug probs in one book!! YEAH LINDA!!!

Again, this was my FAVORITE Freshman Dorm book as a kid and I was so happy to be reading it again. And now… for the next few books I will be reviewing- next I will be reviewing ” Alone in the Crowd” that kick ass Sweet Valley High book about a girl with the lowest self esteem ever, Lynne Henry. Next-in honor of that craptastic film Twilight I will be reviewing a Sweet Valley U thriller, Kiss of the Vampire, followed by a Sleepover Friends book called ” Lauren’s Treasure”- WOOOO Sleepover Friends- followed by ” The Return of William White Part II” yet another SVU Thriller. And I just got TONS MORE Freshman Dorm books and Gymnast books from E Bay so MANY MORE REVIEWS TO COME!!!!!!!!!!


4 Responses to “Freshman Feud- Freshman Dorm #16”

  1. Forget the drugs–I can’t get over the fact that Faith gave an 18-year-old dude a CERAMIC CLOWN (?!) and third grade-type poetry. Meredith probably made up that story about being gay just to get away from the ceramic clown.

    Also, yes, Meredith used to be a boy’s name. Like, a century or two ago.

    • girltalkread Says:

      I never thought of that but that’s too true- who would get an 18 year old dude a ceramic clown? And let me tell ya my man is 33 and I could only imagine what he’d do if I got him some stupid ceramic clown- isn’t that a gift Grandma may give a kid for her 10th birthday?

  2. Oh my god I just re-read this one and had to come to your site to get your recap! I also loved this one as a pre-teen, I’m not sure why I was so obsessed with drug books. Perhaps because it was so forbidden? I was a pretty niave kid.

    Doesn’t Melissa get into steroids later on? Linda was just piling it on us!

    • girltalkread Says:

      Jen- I recapped the book where Melissa gets on ‘roids- Freshman Obsession- look under the Freshman dorm section of this here blog!!! I always found books about drugs intriguing as well as a kid- maybe b/c I was also very naive and found drugs very scandalous! Methinks Linda was either a former drug and alcohol counselor , a recovering addict- or both!

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