And Now For Something You’ll Really Like…

Which is a new post- about a Sleepover Friends book!!! I am not trying to replace the ” Sleepover Friends Forever” blogger at all- she does the best recaps- but I won a few Sleepover Friends books on Ebay, and for awhile there in 6th grade I read a lot more Sleepover Friends than Sweet Valley High, believe it or not! So I was hankerin’ to do a couple of recaps on Sleepover Friends books- and I really enjoyed reading this one- which is Sleepover Friends #8- Lauren’s Treasure. I never read this one in 6th grade, actually ( one of the few I haven’t read- but then again I really only read these in 6th grade- by 7th I was all about SE Hinton books and still read Sweet Valley High as well- and I also LOVED My Brother Sam is Dead for some reason…but enough digressing…)

Kate, Stephanie, Patti and Lauren ( Lauren is our fearless- and frankly, boring) narrator at are lunch at Riverhurst Elementary, and Lauren wants to get a perm.  Stephanie says she can give Lauren a body wave because she read a book about how to do perms. Stephanie says she can do Lauren’s hair at the sleepover that night. I smell disaster myself… Stephanie says the perm can be done before the weekend dig in Chesterfield, a nearby town, tomorrow. There is a mansion and a garden in Chesterfield, and historical type folks have found bottles and coins from the Revolutionary War and they invite different schools to help dig and find artifacts every weekend- why archeologists and other historical types would trust 5th graders to help them dig for important artifacts,but eh it’s a young adult novel it’s not supposed to be realistic and of course the protagonists have to be involved in many things.

Jenny Carlin, Lauren’s nemesis, overhears Lauren and the gals discuss Lauren’s perm. Jenny has had it in for Lauren ever since Pete Stone liked Lauren instead of Jenny- but Lauren finds Pete too immature for her liking- well of course he’s immature Lauren baby he’s a 5th grader! Jenny then gets all snarky saying ” Oh glad to see Lauren is finally taking interest in her looks”- oh Jenny you bitch.

At the sleepover that night, Patti is talking about these Yellow Paint People, an Indian tribe near Riverhurst that was around long ago, as Stephanie is perming Lauren’s hair and Kate is looking at the TV listings trying to find a movie to watch. Kate is really into any type of movie, of course, and in 6th grade Kate was my favorite SF character because I also loved movies and wanted to be a movie critic when I was older.

Lauren has to let the neutralizer set in her hair for 20 minutes so as they wait, the kids decide to listen to the all request hour on WBRM. They all decide to phone in a request for Jenny- the song ” You’re a Jerk” ( is that a real song- anyone?) . They decide to say the song is from ” well meaning friends’ to DJ Rockin Ralphie. Lauren’s hair is now done and the top is all curly but the bottom is- ruffly?? Doesn’t sound good.  The song ” You’re a Jerk” is then played and the DJ says ” to Jenny C as Cow”- boy oh boy.

Lauren, Kate, Stephanie and Patti then go downstairs to Kate’s kitchen to chow down on pork, beans and sweet potatoes. They also get banana cake and more Dr Pepper- I do love that the girls love Dr Pepper because that is my favorite soda too! The girls are watching the Friday Chiller movie when the phone rings! It’s a boy calling for Lauren, and he’s from Dannerville and is a friend of Pete Stone’s who wants to take Lauren to the mall. Well… it was really Angela Kemp, Jenny’s crony, disgusing her voice! And a voice squeals ” Now who’s the JERK, Lauren?” All this over Pete Stone- sigh….

Lauren goes home the next morning to get ready for Chesterfield and wash her hair a hundred times- the curls sort of settle but the bottom is still all flat and going in about 100 different directions.  After Lauren gets ready, they go to pick Stephanie up at her house, and Stephanie’s kitten, Cinders, runs out of the home- that is his new hobby. Cinders likes to taunt the dog that lives in the house behind Stephanie’s family. 

The girls are all on the bus heading to Chesterfield, and a little boy with glasses and reddish hair says hi to Stephanie.  The boy is Walter Williams, and he is probably about 8 or 9 but he is this big genius who is in 4th grade instead of 2nd or 3rd like he should be.  Walter keeps staring at Lauren during the bus ride.

The kids all meet Ms. Anderson, who is an archeologist.  The diggers are going to remove dirt from tiny things they find and sift them through a screen.  The cleaners will then wash the artifacts and what not with soft toothbrushes and water. The kids are divided into the cleaning and digging groups, of course.  If the diggers find a button, they have to write what square it was found in, the number and what the button looks like. Important work- so important that 4th, 5th and 6th graders get to help with it!!! I found this rather stupid, to be honest- why is important archeological work being given to little kids? Am I wrong here?

Kate, Stephanie, Lauren and Patti are all in the cleaner group for the morning. Walter Williams is spending all day watching at Lauren and smiling at her.  When a boy teases Lauren about the baseball cap she has to cover her perm, Walter comes right to Lauren’s rescue. Walt is crushing HARD on Lauren.

The girls are diggers for the afternoon, and Lauren says that digging is a lot more than cleaning because it’s like being in a treasure hunt.  Lauren finds a ” treasure” that looks like a small stone rabbit.  Stephanie found some yellow paint as in the yellow paint people. Good times- and sorry readers, but I find all this digging sort of boring. Although it was cool that Lauren found a little rabbit.  After the kids are done digging, some grad students take over and they find a portion of  a human skull- ick! Lauren then realizes that she didn’t finish writing all of the details of the stone rabbit and when she turns around- the rabbit is missing!  Lauren and the gals look everywhere, but the rabbit is nowhere to be found! Ms. Anderson says she will look for it the first thing in the morning when there is more light. When the kids return to the school, Jenny Carlin is all dressed in some pink jumpsuit trying to look all cute for Pete Stone’s arrival- and she is staring at Pete so hard, she crashes her bike into a fire hydrant! You suck, Jenny.

When Lauren gets home, her brother Roger says that Lauren’s hair looks like some hottie lead singer’s in a band- Karen Wessel’s hair to be exact. He says if Lauren does the bottom in little braids, she will totes be just like Karen Wessel. Incidentally, Karen Wessel is not a very cute chica rocker girl name- now Lita Ford…. 😉 I know it’s already taken 😉 When Lauren gets to school Monday with her Karen Wessel look, the boys are all thinkin’ Lauren is lookin’ sexy, and the girls all want Stephanie to give them perms. Jenny and Angela are none too thrilled with this turn of events.

In class, Lauren gets a note that says Lauren is the prettiest and nicest girl in school, and it’s from a ” secret admirer”- and this note writer wants Lauren to meet him at school at 4 pm on Tuesday at Pizza Palace at the mall. Lauren is furious because she is convinced Jenny Carlin typed the note.  Lauren confronts Jenny, and Jenny says she has no idea what Lauren is talking about. Jenny reads the note saying there’s no way she’d write this and Stephanie says she actually believes Jenny. The girls then think that maybe Pete Stone wrote the note, but Lauren says that Pete has probably never heard the word ” afar” as it’s written in the note. Stephanie is then convinced that a junior high boy likes Lauren.

The next day Lauren puts on her best sweater and jeans to meet her sexy middle school hottie at Pizza Palace after school. I notice that no mention is made of telling her parents that she wouldn’t be right home after school- isn’t that fuckin expected when you are in 5th grade? I’d freak the fuck out if my like 10 year old daughter was supposed to be home at 3:30 and wasn’t home until 5 without saying where she was going!

Lauren, Kate, Patti and Stephanie hang at the mall for a bit, and then Lauren goes to Pizza Palace at 4. It’s 4:15 and the guy hasn’t showed up- and Lauren is getting all sweaty and nervous- and guess who Lauren’s mystery man is? WALTER!!! Walt was late because his mom ran out of gas- and what kind of mom takes an 8 year old to the mall to meet a girl? I really hope his mom didn’t know that’s what he was doing! Jenny and Angela hear all this and start mocking the note. Walter runs out of the Palace- yeah, that is sort of mean to make fun of the poor little kid, bitches! Lauren is totally humiliated, but soon cheers up when the girls buy chocolate covered strawberries and Rocky Road- because yeah food will ALWAYS cheer Lauren up.

Jenny told the whole 5th grade about Walter’s crush on Lauren. Walter is also contuining to follow Lauren around.  Then it’s the Friday sleepover at Stephanie’s house.  Lauren says she plans to let Walter down easily on the bus trip to Chesterfield the next day.  Lauren said she’ll tell Walter if he doesn’t leave her alone, she’ll tell his mother! LOL The gals play Truth or Dare, and Kate reveals her most embarassing moment- Harry Larkin witnessed Kate peeing her pants on the seasaw when Kate was in 1st grade! OUCH!! Of course, since Lauren has apparently known Kate forever, I am surprised that Lauren had never heard that story before.  Lauren is then dared to run and touch Todd Schwartz’s house- Todd is the hottie quarterback for the high school football team- the Ken Matthews of Riverhurst, I guess. Or Todd Wilkins. As Stephanie goes to let Lauren out, Cinders the cat again runs out of the house!  Stephanie, Lauren, Kate and Patti go outside to search for Cinders.  Walter’s dog then runs through the fence to get at Kitty!

Mrs. Williams goes out to get Bob the dog, and Todd arrives home and goes to get Cinders out of the tree. Mrs. Williams then tells Lauren that she looks like Mindy, Walt’s favorite babysitter from his old neighborhood. Creepy… Lauren then tells Walter that his stalker and crushing crap has to stop. and Walter says that’s cool because he met a new gal who is in his grade and he is done with Lauren. He then gives her- THE STONE RABBIT! Walt reveals that he took the rabbit out of the tray so he could look like a hero that found the rabbit, and Lauren would like him. Pretty wily for an 8 year old- but he’s an 8 year old genius after all.

Lauren tells Ms. Anderson the next day that she happened to find the rabbit, and Ms. Anderson says this looks like a real find. During this trip to Chesterfield, they find bones from an Indian grave of a boy that was laid out when he died like he was sleeping. Lauren didn’t find that at all scary she thinks it’s touching.  The rabbit actually indicates that the Indians may have been part of an elaborate trading network. Cool beans- or stones? Lauren gets a picture of herself in the paper for this great find, and Jenny Carlin is STEAMED when she sees the paper!! Then to add insult to injury for Jenny, Walter is all yelling in front of the other kids ” Sure Jenny I will meet you at Pizza Palace at 4!!” Game-winning point for the Sleepover Friends! ( Lauren’s quote not mine)

I can’t wait to read the other Sleepover Friends books that I received,but I won’t be reviewing another of those for awhile. Coming up- the Return of William White Part II- and that recap is coming SOON I promise!!! I also have tons of BSC books to recap, and I know tons of people already do BSC blogs, but can there ever be enough BSC snark? I think not!! I also do have some more Sweet Valley High, Freshman Dorm, and Gymnast books to recap so STAY TUNED!


3 Responses to “And Now For Something You’ll Really Like…”

  1. The amount of food that was consumed in these books always blows my mind! Although in this particular one, it seems pretty tame.

    I can’t wait for some BSC action…

  2. Thanks for saying you like my recaps! I actually just recently got this book and read it. I am trying to picture Lauren’s hair–it just sounds so weird!

    I can’t wait for the Gymnasts recaps! I always wanted to be a gymnast when I was younger and I loved those books. I don’t think I read very many, but I kinda remember them.

    • girltalkread Says:

      You are welcome! As I said I did love Sleepover Friends books when I was 11, so I was so happy to see someone recap them! I will do a few more at some point, but right now I have many BSC books to recap! And I did take some gymnastics class in elementary school, and I always liked watching it on TV- I read a few of these books in 6th-7th grade but not that many- but I know I liked the series.

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