Baby Sitter’s Little Sister #3- Karen’s Worst Day

First of all, I have to say that the day I read this book was one of my worst days! I remember that my sister owned a few of these books, and I did read two of them- yes at the age of 14 I actually read TWO little sister books- the first one, and the one where Karen’s teacher got married. Well, let’s start re-capping this one- and believe me, Karen is a total turd in this particular novel.

Karen starts the book by saying she broke her wrist  two weeks ago while rollerskating- and wow I do have ” Karen’s Roller Skates” thanks to E Bay, so eventually I will post on that one.  Karen then talks about how she lives at the big house on weekends, ( Watson’s mansion) of course and the ” little house” the rest of the time with her mom and Seth, ( Seth is her stepdad) and how she has two of everything- two blankets, two stuffed cats, blah blah blah blah blah.

Karen talks about how she’s had some bad luck lately- breaking her wrist, dropping her tray in front of the whole cafeteria, losing her stuffed cat Goosie for 2 days, etc. But last Saturday ( well I guess it was ” last” Saturday per the book) Karen had the WORST DAY EVER! Why, do you ask?  Karen wakes up at her dad’s house and says she had a bad dream- of course, this is after she tells us that Mrs. Porter next door is really a witch named Morbidda Destiny- and raise your hand if you are as freakin sick of hearing about Morbidda Destiny as I am!  So Karen is having a bad dream about falling off a cliff, and starts screaming. She also falls out of bed. When Karen screams, Kristy comes running in to see what is wrong.  She then tells Karen to tell her about the bad dream after Karen says she had one, and Karen feels better after telling Kristy, who is a great stepsister as well as babysitter, about the dream. Karen then gets all excited because she has new blue jeans that she wants to put on but oh no- she forgot her new jeans at Mommy’s!! Kristy tells Karen it’s OK and Karen can wear her regular jeans, a pink sweatshirt, and white sneakers.  Kristy then tells Karen she’ll have a surprise for her- and awww when Karen sees Kristy after Karen herself gets dressed, Karen sees that Kristy also has on a pink sweatshirt ( Kristy owns a pink shirt????), jeans and white sneakers so Karen is all cheesin’ because now Karen and Kristy are twins! BLAH- by the way a lot of BLAHS will probably be said throughout this posting.

At breakfast, Karen throws a hissy because she is a brat and because she wanted Crunch- O cereal, but Andrew ate the last of it and got temp tattoos as a prize, which is the best prize of all- so Karen is all pissy that she did not get what she wanted right away, but luckily Elizabeth ( ya know Kristy’s ma) just got another box of Crunch-O’s, so Karen can get her hands on the stupid prize. Well guess what? There IS no prize- which OK that would suck for a six year old, but Karen is all pissy even after Andrew says he will give Karen half of his tattoos- which is big of a four year old- I swear Andrew has more maturity than Karen-I always liked him better.

Karen then goes to watch TV in the den. Karen wants to watch Mr. Ed, ( admittedly I loved that show when I was about 9) but Andrew puts it on some KA-BlAM type cartoon. Karen starts yet another hissy fit- and dude OK Watson lives in a MANSION, right? And he only has one TV in the whole house? What the fuck ever! So yeah Watson comes into the room and says that Karen can watch Mr. Ed for half an hour, and then since Andrew’s cartoon is one hour long, Andrew can watch the other half of the cartoon after Mr. Ed. But when Karen puts it on the channel with Mr. Ed, the announcer says that due to a special program, Mr. Ed will not be seen- ( is it OK to admit that admittedly that would piss me off if, like,  Rock of Love was on and it was pre-empted- and I am 31?) so Karen’s day is getting even worse. Karen figures that there is still time in the day to have a good day, because it is only 9:31 am.

Now Karen decides it’s time to bother the animals, Boo Boo and Shannon, because Karen sucks. Karen wakes Shannon up because Karen decides she wants to play with Shannon.  Karen throws a ball and stick to Shannon, and she catches both,  but then David Michael comes out to play and Shannon runs to him- Karen got OWNED!! HAH!  So then Karen decides to drag Boo Boo out to play, Boo Boo sees Mrs. Porter the old witch  lady (oh WHY did I say that?) hisses, and climbs up a tree. Good one, Karen.  So Karen decides to try to bring  Boo Boo some cat food so he will climb down from the tree, but it does not work. So Karen decides to try to climb the tree to get Boo Boo- but Watson spots her and starts yelling at Karen, naturally, and then Boo Boo runs down from the tree right after that- I bet that cat was just thrilled to see Karen get yelled at.

So then Karen and David Michael get into an argument because David Michael says he is going to go visit with Linny Papadakis, and Karen demands to tag along because she wants to see Hannie, Linny’s sister ( incidentally, who names their kid Linny?) and Karen’s best friend in the  ” big house” neighborhood.  When they get to the house, Hannie and Linny are excited because this means Karen and David Michael can go bike riding and to a picnic with them- but Karen can’t ride her bike because her wrist is broken, so yes time for another Karen hissy- BLAH! So Karen calls Hannie a toad, and they argue, and Karen leaves and I am sure David Michael, Linny and Hannie are glad to see her go.

When Karen gets home, she challenges Kristy to a game of checkers. Oh God Karen is ESPECIALLY annoying during this game!  Karen first tells Kristy not to let her win, because she hates it when people let her win because she’s a little kid. So Kristy plays her best, and Karen loses.  Karen throws- guess what? Another H-I-S-S-Y!!!! BLAH BLAH!! So  Kristy then asks Karen if she wants to play again, because maybe this time Karen will win. So Kristy kinda lets Karen win, and of course Karen gets all pissy again ( God I HATE Karen, and I didn’t have big issues with Karen until I read this book)  and starts friggin yelling at Kristy and Kristy is all ” I am sorry, I am sorry”- God, you are a wuss,Kristy- yell at her bitch ass back! So Karen runs out of Kristy’s bedroom.

Karen goes to play with her stuffed cat, Moosie and wraps her in a blanket  and tells the cat about her bad day. Then Karen notices that the stuffing is coming out of Moosie, so she goes screaming to Elizabeth.  Elizabeth mends Karen’s kitty, and then she reads Karen the book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.   Karen says she likes the book when Elizabeth is done reading it, and says that Alexander has an even worse day than Karen is having. Elizabeth then tells Karen that she should pretend her day is just starting, and then maybe she will have a good day because she can wipe the slate clean, so to speak. So Karen lies on her bed and pretends it’s morning again, so she can have a good rest of the day.

Karen then runs outside to see if Mr. Venta, the mailman, is coming to deliver the mail. I never knew the names of my mailpersons when I was a kid, but whatevs. Sometimes Mr. Venta lets Karen ride in the mail truck with him- that’s fuckin’ allowed? Umm liability much? Well, some strange lady is delivering the mail today and not Mr. Venta. Then Karen sees the mail and sees that a package arrived and she hopes it’s for her but it’s not- it’s a package for Andrew from his godparents.  Andrew got two VHS tapes from his godparents- Lady and the Tramp and the Secret of NIMH. So Karen has- I won’t even say it- and then Karen calls Andrew ” Baldy” and an egghead because of a new haircut. Watson tells Karen to apologize right now, and her bratty ass refuses, so Watson actually puts his foot down and tells Karen she’s punished and to sit in her room for twenty minutes. GO WATS!!! 😉

In Karen’s room, she starts crying and then loudly starts singing ” nobody loves me, everybody hates me, guess I’ll go eat worms” and blah blah. Karen then is let out of her room.  Then Mr. Tastee the ice cream man comes, and Karen really wants a cherry Italian ice. Well- there aren’t any more cherry Italian ices, but Mr. Tastee says there are many other flavors. Instead of just taking another kind of ice cream and not being a shitty human being, Karen whines she doesn’t want anything other than cherry and um- BLAH!  Then at dinner, Watson remarks that Karen is having a bad day, and everyone else starts talking about their worst days- and then Karen is all ” well I beat you all because fourteen bad things happened to me today” well good Karen you suck.
Well after dinner, Charlie says he and Sam will take Karen out for ice cream because she didn’t get any- yeah, because she was acting like a little snot! And only Karen gets to go with Sam and Charlie out for ice cream. Karen gets to have a chocolate soda, and then some kids who are friends of Charlie’s are of course teasing Karen to hell and it’s obvious because one boy is all ” I thought you were Charlie’s girlfriend” and Karen says no I am only 6 and the boy is all ” I thought you were twenty-six” and Karen all buys this teasing!! Dumbass- even if she is 6! 

Karen is all giddy over her awesome ice cream date, and then Waston says  it’s time for bed. Karen, Andrew and David Michael engage in a contest to see who can put the most toothpaste foam on the mirror by spitting on it which sadly sounds rather fun.  And Karen won the contest.

Karen then apologizes to Andrew and Hannie for her shit behavior. Then she apologizes to Kristy when Kristy comes up to put Karen to bed ( because of course Watson and Liz can’t bother to do that). Kristy reads Karen part of Charlotte’s Web ( my FAVORITE book as a kid- I still have a copy, albeit tattered) and Kristy and Karen say good night and Kristy says maybe the next day will be a great day.

OH MY FREAKIN GOD KAREN SUCKS!! Karen did not annoy me this fucking much as a child I swear to you!!! I am not even sure I can ever read another crap little sister book, but for reader enjoyment I will do so- so thank me, bitches 😉 ( of course you dear readers aren’t REALLY bitches!!)

So far I have written two postings this week and I resolved to do one a week so- so far, so good! And if you read this blog regularly, you already know by now that I am reviewing Dawn and the Coast and Hard Choices soon, but I am going to give you a list of the next EIGHT books after those that I plan to review!!

1) Sweet Valley Twins #54- The Big Party  Weekend

2) Baby-Sitters Club #6- Kristy’s Big Day

3) The Gymnasts #2- First Meet

4) Baby Sitter-Club Super Special -Snowbound

5) Girl Talk #27- Perfect Match

6) Freshman Dorm #14- Freshman Choices

7) Sweet Valley U Thriller Edition ( which I have now decided are all more like Lifetime movies) Love and Murder

8) The Fabulous Five- Book #5- The Bragging War

And more Sleepover Friends, Gymnasts, Freshman Dorm, the book Class of 89 and LOTS more Sweet Valley Twins ( and even Sweet Valley Kids!) will be re-capped eventually-one hopes by the end of 2009.


6 Responses to “Baby Sitter’s Little Sister #3- Karen’s Worst Day”

  1. “Karen did not annoy me this fucking much as a child I swear to you!!!”

    Me neither! When I was a kid, I totally LOVED the Little Sister books. But now I really don’t understand why.

    “I am not even sure I can ever read another crap little sister book, but for reader enjoyment I will do so”

    Yes, please please please do more of these!! Your entries are hilarious 😀

    I can’t wait for the Girl Talk book…

  2. I have a younger sister, and she had some of the Little Sister books so I would read them out of curiousity. I thought they sucked! I thought Karen was annoying then, and she is even more annoying now! ugh. I do hope you continue to do more of these books. 🙂

    I need to update my blog soon!

    Very excited about the Gymnasts!! I loved those books–I always wanted to be a gymnast, even though I sucked at it. Also looking forward to the Sweet Valley Twins.

    • girltalkread Says:

      Wow Zanne we have quite a bit in common- as you know, I have a younger sister ( she’s 25, I am 31-yes 31!!), I also wanted to be a gymnast as a kid even though I sucked at it, and I LOVED those Gymnasts books!!! I am buying ” Stacey vs the BSC” soon and I cannot WAIT to recap that one! I do have a couple more ” Little Sister” books as well as I do plan to recap the book where Karen breaks her wrist.

  3. How funny– my sister is 24 and I am 30!

    I’m pretty sure I read Stacey vs. the BSC. That is a good one!

    • girltalkread Says:

      Wow that is too funny we are both 6 years older than our sisters! I cannot wait to receive Stacey and the BSC I have never read it! But I just HAVE to recap ” Hard Choices”, some more BSC, and a Fabulous Five book first and I have even more books to read as well- I got TONS of Sweet Valley Twins books from E Bay so expect to see a lot of SVT recaps from me as well!!

  4. Golden Snitch Says:

    Kristy’s Great Idea: Can you do a summary of this book including descriptions about the first Babysitters club diary entries? I’m writing a fanfic and I don’t have the books anywhere and I can’t find any decent recaps on the web, but I want to stay true to the canon.

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