Yes we get it- Dawn loves California

I know I did not post last week ( so in other words I am not doing so well in terms of my NY resolution) but work was insane last week, Saturday I was running around doing random shit all day, and during the week I felt too tired and unmotivated to recap the tremendous book, ” Dawn and The Coast” last week. Well- here goes it- the recap of the best book- ok most boring book- EVER- ” Dawn and the Coast.”

We begin with Dawn introducing herself and talking about how her parents divorced about a year ago, Dawn’s mom was homesick for CT, so she moved Dawn and her bro, Jeff, to CT. Jeff became homesick, was being a little shit at school, blah blah blah, and he returns to CA to live with Dawn’s daddy. Dawn also describes the BSC as the ” best club in the world”… ummm….. OK? We also hear that Dawn will soon be visiting California- from a postcard sent by Dawn’s dad. ( Every chapter of this book begins with a postcard, which is just as annoying as club entries- and club entries aren’t the start of every friggin chapter). Dawn is all asking her mom if she will be OK alone, and Dawn’s mom says she won’t be alone because she has her parents and Trip- yes the Trip Man Sharon’s boyfriend at the time- and Dawn is all saying how Trip is the ” conservative” type- and what Richard Spier is Ted Nugent?  Dawn then tells her mom she will never leave her.

Dawn then arrives to a sleepover at Kristy’s house ( which of course must be referred to as a mansion).  Karen and Andrew are visiting for the weekend, and of course Karen is going on and on about the ghost of Ben Brewer ( I HATE KAREN!!) The girls order pizza, and when it arrives we learn that Sam Thomas covered it with fake rubber worms.  After the worms are removed, the gals watch a horror movie, of course Karen insists on watching, of course Karen is all scared and crap. Well after all that Dawn reflects on how the girls in the club are like a family and how much she adores the BSC.

Dawn is on the plane to California. This is where Dawn has that rude Kewpie doll looking stewardess ( what IS a Kewpie doll? ) Also, this is always the one part of the book I remember is  the weird stewardess.  Dawn also talks to some hot dude theatre director a lot- like I care.  Also, the stewardess messes up and brings Dawn the regular in flight meal instead of the special vegetarian meal Dawn had pre-ordered so Dawn is none too pleased. I didn’t even know one could order a special vegetarian meal. At least she GOT a meal- all I got when I went to Vegas recently was a beverage and 100 calorie chips ahoy- eh, it probably was better than the meal, and at least Southwest Airlines has Dr Pepper. Dawn meets her dad and Jeff at the airport, and Dawn’s dad starts being goofy and singing ” California Girls.”

Dawn then talks about how her dad’s housekeeper was making a yummy breakfast, and how her ” California house” is really cool- eh, it’s not a mansion so who really cares? Mrs. Bruen, the housekeeper, made ” cheese and egg puffs” ( what are those?) fresh squeezed orange juice, and wheat crisps- wheat thins? Today, Dawn’s dad is taking Dawn and Jeff to Disneyland.  At Disneyland, Dawn muses how on Jeff must have taken two rolls of film that day, and she’s so glad Jeff likes Dawn so much- a 10 year old boy should not be into his 13 year old sister- this sounds almost ” Flowers in the Attic” like!! Dawn, Mr. S, and Jeff have a kick ass time, and watch that 3 D movie Captain Eo featuring Michael Jackson- oh God I sooooo wanted to see that when I was a kid!  After their amusement park day, Dawn has to head over to Sunny’s house. Sunny is Dawn’s best California friend- Sunny and Dawn- wow Ann M you are sooo creative!! Also, BTW, health food is everywhere in CA- I don’t think  you can buy M and M’s or cheeseburgers there- forget it, I never want to go to Cali on vacay then! 😉

Sunny has a big annoucement- she and two other girls, Maggie and Jill, started a baby sitting club called The We Love Kids Club.  There are similiarities between the We Love Kids Club and the BSC- like they have Kid Kits. But there are also differences- no club notebook, and when a parent calls, Sunny or whoever answers the phone just says ” who wants the job?” and let’s say Jill will say ” I do” and that’s it. Because Cali is SOOOO LAID BACK! And of course Sunny, Maggie and Jill are working on these index cards for a book called  Kids Can Cook- Naturally  full of great health food recipes- and they only serve health food at meals!!! Ann M- Cali is NOT this effin healthy- how often do you see Mary Kate Olson with some huge Frappuchino- which I wouldn’t call healthy!! Dawn then comments on how Cali is soooo ” easy and free.” BLAH BLAH BLAH- seriously this book was SOOOOO BORING!! And come to think of it, I wasn’t a huge fan of this one as a kid!

Mary Anne and Claudia have a sitting job with the Newtons, the Feldmans, ( the Newtons’ cousins previously mentioned in ” Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls”) and the Perkins family. Nothing really to tell in this chapter except we find out Rob Feldman is great with babies. Do you need another associate member, BSC?

Dawn, Jeff, some friend of Jeff’s, Mr. S, and Sunny, Maggie and Jill are all on the beach  in the next chapter. Jeff and his buddy are all ” Oh eww they are wearing underwear!!” because Dawn and her girls have on bikinis. and- um- at age 10 you would know bikinis aren’t underwear, and at age 10 are boys really all  ewwww bikinis?? Some boys start to like girls at age 10 nowadays! Dawn also marvels at how everyone in their group is blonde and ” stereotypically California”- God if Dawn only knew blondes in Cali, she must have almost had a heart attack when she first met Jessi!!  When Dawn gets home, she tells her mom all about Mrs. Bruen, and the beach, and how she is going to sit for Clover and Daffodil ( kids she used to sit for in Cali) and she is so excited and happy in Cali, blah blah.

Dawn goes to babysit for Clover and Daffodil in the next chapter. Dawn takes the girls to a carnival, and all of them have a wonderful time. When Dawn talks to her mom again and Mrs. S mentions Kristy, and Dawn’s grandparents, Dawn realizes she didn’t even think of any of them all day and wonders what that may mean…

Next chapter- Jessi babysits for Karen, Andrew and David Michael. I am in no mood to recap any of Karen’s stupid nonsense. 

Dawn goes to another meeting of the We Love Kids Club- why I am really not sure but whatevs. During that meeting, Dawn thinks of how maybe she can really stay in Cali for good- to be with her own blonde kind, and eat veggies and egg and cheese puffs, and sit for kids who were named after flowers, and it will be so rad. Dawn feels her whole world is changing due to these thoughts about staying in California for good.

Mrs. Bruen makes fish fillets covered in cheese sauce ( cheese sauce- soooooo healthy) and Dawn asks her dad how he’d feel about Dawn living in Cali permanently. Of course, Jeff thinks it’s an awesome idea b/c of his almost creepy obsession with Dawn, and Dawn’s dad said he’d love to have Dawn but there are arrangements he’d have to make first.  After dinner, Dawn makes a pro and con list and clearly California is winning by a mile.   Dawn goes to call Mary Anne, but no one answers. Dawn thinks how who she really wants to talk to is her mom.

Kristy and Mal sit for the Pikes, and Nicky tells Kristy about how he really misses Dawn.  See, Nicky is all upset because one of the triplets said ” say it, not spray it ” at dinner when Nicky laughed with ravioli in his mouth. So Nicky went to Dawn’s secret passage that she has at her house, and that is when Nicky tells Kristy how he misses Dawn.  When Dawn gets the postcard, she thinks about how she misses Nicky, as well.

Dawn’s mom sends Dawn a postcard saying how she’s been on a few dates with Trip since Dawn’s been gone. Dawn thinks about how she does not want Dawn’s mom marrying the Trip Man, and she doesn’t want him moving into their farmhouse! Then Dawn also gets a postcard from Jessi, and it talks about how she visited Oakley NJ one weekend and Jessi thought ” where is home?” and realized it’s Stoneybook and ( God Dawn I HATE U FOR SAYING THIS) Dawn feels she and Jessi are in a similar situation, because Jessi returned to  a neighborhood where everyone is black, ( in book #14 I thought they said Jessi lived in a diverse neighborhood) and Dawn is visiting a place where everyone is- well- blonde. Dawn, are you visiting the Aryan Nation headquarters? And oh God- Dawn, for a black person, living in an all white neighborhood would be a little more of an  adjustment than you moving to Stoneybrook where God not everyone was blonde!! But then Dawn is thinking of how the BSC is like the United Nations and they all get along so well despite their differences. SIGH- DAWN…. ugh.  Dawn then discusses her list with Sunny, and Sunny feels the choice is obvious and Dawn needs to stay in Cali. Dawn gets a little annoyed by Sunny being sort of pushy in terms of Dawn having to stay, and Dawn says she has to make the decision by herself.  At dinner that night, Dawn thinks of how she wishes her mom, Nicky Pike, Claud, Mary Anne, et al were all in California- Dawn wants to have all of the people she loves together if she could. As Dawn goes to bed, she realizes her choice of ” should she stay or should she go now…” is obvious.

Dawn tells her daddy that she’s going back to CT because now it’s where she has made her home.  Dawn’s dad is a little upset but he understands. Then, Dawn gets a woven purse from Clover and Daffodil’s mom- see, D and C’s ma is a weaver. Then Dawn has a lovely healthy food going away party with Sunny, Maggie and Jill.  Then when Dawn gets home, she breaks the news to Jeff and he is all pouty of course. Then, Dawn’s daddy is all ” oh one time you should bring all of those friends of yours from the Baby sitter’s club” ummm Mr. Schafer don’t say that!! And of course there is a Cali super special- which I own!

Dawn goes back to CT- first, Jeff takes a bunch of pics at the airport of Dawn. Dawn sees that Kewpie stewardess, but at least she’s not serving Dawn. Then when Dawn gets back to CT, her mom brought all of the club members with her! And then Dawn says she is home, and ” feels super.” Yeah. Again, if the review isn’t so great I am sorry but this wasn’t even one of my favorites as a child, so I didn’t have much passion for this book reading it again. I am actually glad this recap is done! I mean, the whole book is blah blah blah Cali is so great for these mostly asinine reasons, but I have to go back to CT because we are the UN and Mom can’t marry Trip. Ugh.

Well, next I will take a slight break from the BSC for a bit, and I will be recapping that famous SVH book about Enid Rollins ( talk about boring) next! And I did just win ” Stacey vs the BSC” on E Bay and I am sooo excited- I have never read it, and I cannot  WAIT  to read it!!!


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  1. I’m so sick of CA girls all being blond! There are non white people in California. (They finally put one in in CA Diaries, right? Amalia?)

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