Hard Choices- Sweet Valley High #43

Woe is Enid- basically, her grandmother is coming to live with Enid and her single mom in Sweet Valley- and poor Grandma is from that cesspool known as Chicago, so Grandma should be more than thrilled that she is moving to precious Sweet Valley- so what her husband died recently and she is leaving her home and all she knows? Pish-posh!!

So Grandma is rather cranky and bitchy, and pretty wants Enid and her mom to wait on her hand and foot and take her all kinds of places. Rather than Enid’s mother choosing to spend some quality time with her widowed mom, Mama Rollins is constantly on the town with her new boyfriend Richard Cernak- and Enid liked Richard OK before Grandma moved to town, but when Grandma declares that she doesn’t like Richard for no good reason, Enid is no fan of his anymore either.

So basically, since Mama Rollins feels that gettin’ ass is more important than trying to tend to bitchy Grandma Rollins’ needs, Enid is stuck with the task of constantly having to be with her grandmother- which means less time with Enid’s secret lesbian crush, Elizabeth- Enid was supposed to help with the all important documentary about Sweet Valley that Elizabeth is directing and Jessica is starring in, and Enid cannot help out. Enid also cannot hang out with her boyfriend Hugh Grayson- incidentally, who else found Hugh UTTERLY boring- as in, even more boring than Todd Wilkins? Raise your hand! Enid and Hugh ( where does Francine get these names?? No one should be named HUGH  unless they are British, and I know NO ONE named Enid except for the lesbian Enid Wexler in ” Legally Blonde”- who is BTW way cooler than Enid Rollins) already were having issues because Hugh and Enid go to different schools and can’t be together as much as they would like, and at one point Enid and Hugh almost break up because Hugh just does not understand why Enid drops everything for dear Grammie.


Well in the end Enid left the house without Grammie’s permission so to speak to go to the big party that is the premiere of Jess and Elizabeth’s crap documentary. Enid feels guilty while she is there, and rushes back to her home, and Grandma is baking cookies! Grandma and Enid have a heart to heart, and Grandma said she feels bad that she made Enid and Adele ( Enid’s mom) drop everything to do things for her, and she can do things for herself and should have realized that.

This book about Enid was a SNOOZE- and a problem that could have been solved if Enid and her mom were slightly more understanding, and if Grandma did not have it in her head that the world revolved around her- and if ummm I dunno the family COMMUNICATED?? UGH! I do remember that I never bought this as a kid because I read the back and I was like ” OK-boring” but you do have to love the cover- a sad Enid in a terrible blue dress holding a fug bouquet of flowers- and Enid totes looks like a 16 year old Mal Pike in this cover shot.

I know this was a very short summary, but I have been busy at work lately, and with various other things, so sometimes I will not do whole recaps- I will just summarize key points.  I am going to do the same with my next post, but not to worry- full recaps will be back soon- BSC books definitely have to be fully recapped if you ask me, and I will do full recaps of the Gymnasts and Fabulous Five books I am going to be posting about. And I am trying to set an ambitious goal- two blog posts for next week!


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