Why the Wakefield Kids Suck

The book that I am going to be writing about is Sweet Valley Twins #54 ” The Big Party Weekend.” Now, I never read beyond ” Elizabeth’s First Kiss” at age 14, so I never read any  of these ” higher up in the series” books before.  So I am reading this with 31 year old thoughts. But yes- the Wakefield kids are such BRATS in this book!

First of all, they all whine like hell because May says they have to be in bed at 9. Now when I was 12, I also had to be in bed at 9, OK? So fuck ya all. Then when May makes dinner, they all start whining like little babies because she makes chicken cacciatore ( which is YUM), broccoli casserole ( also YUM) and spinach- OK gross but come on these kids NEVER eat chicken or veggies? And Steven even throws the food out the window- GROW UP YOU ARE 14 NOT 6! Of course this also shows what shit parents the Alice and Ned are if their kids only eat junk, apparently and are never made to eat foods that the kids may not like. They also whine over going for 2 mile walks after dinner- hey, maybe you kids should make sure to go on walks nightly so you don’t get as blubbery as Lois Waller.

Then, in revenge, these bratty asswipes do stuff like put all kind of spices in May’s coffee, and dye in her shampoo. This is almost reading like ” Jessi’s Baby Sitter”- these kids say they are so mature, yet do the most immature things!

Also, Liz is all upset because she went to the antiques store after school one day after working at the newspaper- and Liz does this because the twins and Steve had a yard sale while Ned and Alice were gone to basically raise money for the big party they were planning on throwing and Jessica mistakenly sold this glass rose that belonged to Alice Larsen of Sweet Valley Saga fame. So Liz is going to try to find that heirloom, and when she gets home May is upset that it’s 5:15- which sort of makes sense- I doubt you would think a 12 year old would need to be at the school paper for 3 hours after school, and you’d worry.  I guess Alice and Ned just let these kids do whatever the hell they want after school each day, and the k ids never have to tell them where they are going.

 So long story short- of course Steve, Elizabeth and Jessica know that May Brown will never allow them to throw their rager of a party. So they concoct a plan that Steven has this huge argument with May, and he ” runs off” to who the fuck knows where and May goes off on a wild goose chase to find Steven- yeah put an old lady in danger! What ends up happening is the party gets out of control crazy as you knew would happen!! All of these kids that  the Wakefield clan doesn’t know show up and wreck the fuck out of the house, plus Amy Sutton has some crappy new boyfriend who is rude to Elizabeth, so of course once that happens Amy dumps his butt and gets with Ken Matthews. Well as this party is out of control May does show up again and blows a whistle, and the kids all run out and leave.  So basically May saves the kids’ behinds, and even gets Alice Larsen’s rose back- and why I have no clue as these kids deserved to get in trouble for throwing the party and being spoiled brats! Though boy was I glad when May would say that she didn’t know how Alice and Ned raised such disrespectful children with no manners- YOU TELL ‘EM MAY!!!!

I am going to TRY to recap ( in its entirety) Kristy’s Big Day this week.  I will not promise that I will, but I will certainly try. I loved that book as a kid! I also loved Claudia and Mean Janine as a kid, and I will be re-capping that after Kristy’s Big Day.

And some of the books coming up after my recaps of Kristy’s Big Day and Claudia and Mean Janine:

Baby Sitters Super Special 7- Snowbound

Freshman Dorm #14- Freshman Choices

Girl Talk #27- Perfect Match

The Gymnasts #2- First Meet  ( I wish I had the first Gymnasts book but I do not 😦

Freshman Dorm Book #19- Freshman Promises

SVU Thriller Edition ( AKA a lifetime original movie as would occur in Sweet Valley) Love and Murder


I hope everyone had a kick ass Valentine’s Day! Hope to recap this week!


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  1. I am officially in love with May.

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