List of what is to come

I know I had promised to recap ” Kristy’s Big Day” by yesterday ( 2-21) when I wrote about ” The Big Party Weekend” on Sunday but alas LIFE gets in the way- work was absolutely DRAINING this week, I came home every day just wanting to CRASH and was not at all motivated to work on the blog. I have also been obsessed with watching Season 1 of ” Big Love” and I just finished watching Season 1 of ” Big Love” at 10:00 pm Saturday evening! ” Big Love” is my new favorite show, ( well not that it’s super new) but I have just discovered it and adore it to pieces. And over the weekend, I went to a comedy club, went grocery shopping, saw ” wall e” stuff like that- and Oscar night is upon us so forget about posting!! I will do my BEST to recap ” Kristy’s Big Day” by Tuesday the LATEST so look forward to that- it’s such a great book to snark on!!

Now, I do try my best to post every week, and while I may not always do that, I am not going to be only updating the blog once every month or two because that annoys me to shit when other posters just drop from the face of the earth w/ no explanation after I have enjoyed their blogs so- like the Full House blogger where’s she been I miss her postings soooo much, and I also really miss the Sleepover Friends blog postings and Tales of a Former Walking Highlighter.

As I always encourage all three of my readers 😉 to read along with me if they can, I will definitely tell ya all upcoming books that I will be recapping and the weeks in which I hope to do so- everyone should know by now that I am following Kristy’s Big Day with ” Claudia and Mean Janine” which I plan to recap by March 2-3rd.

Week of March 9th- I will be re-capping a Sweet Valley Kids book- ( never read any Sweet Valley Kids before- my sister may have) SVK #18 ” Bossy Steven”

Week of March 16th-Freshman Dorm #19- Freshman Promises

Week of March 23rd- BSC Super Special Numero Siete- Snowbound!! ( good end of winter book I should think!!) And oh that cover is GREAT- Mal looks FUG!

Week of March 30- 31 something like that- Baby Sitters Little Sister #2 – Karen’s Roller Skates

In April I will be recapping the following 4 ( or at least 3):

Freshman Choices Freshman Dorm #14

Girl Talk #27- Perfect Match

The Gymnasts #2- First Meet

And hopefully Sweet Valley U Thriller Love and Murder- I may not cover that one in May and in May I am planning a trip at the end of the month, but I am going to recap at least 2 books which would be-  Fabulous Five #5- The Bragging War- GAWD I LOVED the Fabulous Five in 5th and 6th grade and back then I ADORED Jana Morgan!! And after that one- STACEY VS THE BSC!!!!! WOOOOOOOO- GAWD this was great and when I recap it, you all that haven’t read it will agree!

And in the summer, I will start summer fun by writing about both Freshman Dorm #24 Freshman Obsession and Gymnasts #9 Crush on the Coach! Now… I am still on the lookout for the Against Taffy Sinclair Club books, and I do want some more BSC Little Sister and BSC books as well, and I really want to get a few of those YA Christian novels about Elizabeth Gail- I loved those books in 2nd and 3rd grade and I have a feeling that one can snark on many aspects of Elizabeth Gail. I also am definitely trying to track down a few more Freshman Dorm books and SVU Thriller  ” The Roommate” as well as the Sweet Valley Legacy book covering Alice Wakefield’s relatives- I sooo wanted to buy that book at age 13, but I never did!! I think the couple times I saw it, I bought a bunch of BSC and Sleepover Friends instead!!

And a final note- there are two books I read recently that I felt were just too corny to recap and I just didn’t want to waste my time b/c they were corny and BORING BORING BORING and there are only so many books I can recap and what not- and those are the BSC Super Special Baby Sitters Euro Vacation- WHAT SHIT!!! ( the Dairi Burger may have written about it) and also Linda A Cooney’s Class of 88 Sophomore Year b/c I couldn’t stand any of the damn characters except for the geeky boy and I just found the book utterly boring- thank God Linda A also wrote Freshman Dorm!!


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