Kristy’s Big Day- BSC #6

We begin with Karen Brewer being annoying. Shocker. She is talking about old Ben Brewer who lives in her attic and eats fried dandelions, and is scaring Andrew in the process. At least Kristy tells Karen to knock it off.  We learn that Karen’s dad Watson is engaged to Kristy’s mom Elizabeth, and when Watson and Elizabeth marry Kristy will move from her house on Bradford Court to Watson’s mansion. In fact, Kristy even says how one positive thing about Watson is that he’s rich-nice… but Kristy says Watson can be a jerk sometimes. OK I read OODLES of BSC books from about the ages of 8-15 years of age, and I don’t remember any example of Watson being a jerk. But whatever.

Well, tonight, Kristy, Karen, Andrew, David Michael, Sam and Charlie are having dinner with Elizabeth and Watson at Kristy’s house. They are having spaghetti in the dining room. Elizabeth then announces how she and Watson have set a date for the wedding- the third week in September.  Elizabeth says that all of the kids will be in the wedding. Kristy will be Elizabeth’s bridesmaid and Kristy the tomboy is all excited to have flowers in her hair and a long, flowing dress- which is actually sort of cute.  Sam will be Watson’s best man, and Charlie will give Elizabeth away. Karen is going to the flower girl, of course, and David Michael will be the ringbearer. Elizabeth and Watson say that Andrew can walk Karen down the aisle, and poor, shy Andrew totally doesn’t want to do this. ( I so loved Andrew than Karen more when I was a child)

Four days later- Kristy comes home and finds her mother is home already. Elizabeth is totally despairing ( is that a word?) because her company wants her to go away on business for the day that the wedding will be- why couldn’t Kristy’s ma just tell the company ” well gee my wedding is that day”? You are telling me that no one but Elizabeth can go on this business trip to Europe?  More news- there is already a buyer for Kristy’s house.   The date for the sale will be July 15th, so basically long story short, because Elizabeth finds it so terribly reprehensible to be shacked up with Watson before marriage, the wedding has to happen in two and a half weeks. Now if I were Ma Thomas- Brewer, I would just have me and ol’ Watty go down to a justice of the peace and get hitched as umm we are like 40 and already have been married- but nope Elizabeth and Watson are having some big ol’ wedding.  A wedding that now has to be planned in 2 and a half weeks.  Kristy is upset ( and I think this would be realistic) because she wanted to spend one last summer in the same neighborhood as Mary Anne and Claudia, and she’d also miss the Pikes?  Kristy also says that her bedroom at Watson’s won’t really feel like ” her” bedroom. 

Kristy tells the gals of the BSC that she has to move in 2 weeks, and that’s also when Watson and Lizzie are getting married. Mary Anne starts crying, saying ” Kristy, you can’t move!” and Dawn is just all excited that Kristy gets to be a bridesmaid.  The girls also discuss the Final Fling dance. Kristy asks if Claudia will go with Trevor Sandbourne ( of Claud and the Phantom Phone Calls fame) and Claudia says no that Trevor cares more about poetry than any girls. 

Next chapter- Kristy says she went to the Final Fling dance with Alan Gray and he was 50 percent fun and 50 percent a pain ( sounds like my boyfriend HAH HAH- joking, sweetie!)  Then, Kristy learns that Karen and Andrew are staying with Watson next week because Karen and Andy’s mom and stepfather are going to England, and Aunt Colleen and Uncle Wallace and Aunt Theo and Uncle Neil are coming to help with all of these wedding plans and cooking and what not ( shit Watson is so rich yet couldn’t find a last minute wedding  planner with his cash flow?) and Watson’s best friend and his wife and kids are also coming to help with the wedding- and all of these people have to also bring their assorted children. Sooo- in total- 14 kids counting David Michael will be running underfoot while the aunts are wedding planning, and Mrs. Thomas is wondering what to do with all these childrens. So Kristy gets a great idea- while all the adults have to cook and flower arrange and what not Kristy and the other BSC members can watch the fourteen children at Kristy’s house while the adults wedding plan!  Elizabeth says she will pay each girl 120 bucks for the week to watch the kids- Sam starts whining that he wants that cash, and Elizabeth replies that Sam has a job as a delivery boy with A and P ( now how does a 15 year old with no car deliver groceries?) And wow 120 bucks to watch all those rugrats? Wow and I think nonprofit social work pays poorly!  Then, Kristy, Sam and Charlie have a pretty realistic convo about things like what can they ask Watson for as they will ” only” be stepkids and how change is going to be tough.

The other girls think the idea is awesome when Kristy tells them about it.  At first,  the gals think that they may have to cancel the sitting  jobs they set up with the Newtons and Johannsen’s but then they see if maybe they could have those kids also be over while the girls have their playgroup week with the other 14 kiddies. Well, turns out that Mrs. J doesn’t need a sitter that day anyway because her schedule changed, and Mrs. Newton is more than happy to have Jamie join the group for that day because he is starting preschool soon and needs to learn to socialize with other kids.  So then they get to counting up all of the children and listing the names and ages and here they are-

Tom Fielding, Watson’s bud, has 4 kids- Katherine is 5, Patrick is 3, Maura is 2 and Tony is 8 months- God are the Fieldings rabbits? Then, we have the Miller kids- Ashley is 9, Berk ( what kind of name is Berk?) is 6, Grace is 5 and Peter is 3. Then the Meiner family has 10 year old Luke, eight year old Emma and Beth is 1 year of age. Then you have Karen, Andrew and David Michael- hot damn.  The babysitters decide to split the kids into age groups and each sitter gets a couple of kids each. Mary Anne will be with the 2 babies, Stacey gets the oldest children, Claudia gets the 2 and 3 year olds, Dawn gets the six and 7 year olds, and Krsty gives herself Katherine, Andrew and Grace.  Each sitter will wear a nametag and each kid will get a nametag that matches his or her sitter. Shit, I am just confused just writing this!

Today the children arrive! First Aunt Theo,  Elizabeth’s younger sister, and her hubby Neil arrive with Emma, Luke and Beth. Apparently Neil wears mismatched socks and smokes cigars- hot. And Aunt Theo always says ” My how you’ve grown Kristy. What grade are you  in?” These don’t sound like the coolest relatives ever. Luke is quite laid back, and Emma is quite the ball of energy, according to Kristy. Then Kristy’s favorite aunt and uncle, Aunt Colleen and Uncle Wallace, arrive. Aunt Colleen is apparently a younger version of Nannie- I hope Aunt Colleen has a Pink Clinker, too!  Turns out Ashley broke her leg roller skating, but Uncle Wallace assures Kristy that Ash can move around quite well on crutches. Berk and David Michael immediately run off,  as they are apparently good pals.  At dinner, children cry and squabble and what not and Kristy thinks ” oh if only this amount of kids is this bad, how will we handle fourteen?”

Before the parents leave Kristy and her girls alone with the children the next day, the parents give all kinds of instructions- like when Peter takes a nap, Berk has allergies and takes pills for them, Ashley gets half a pill with food for pain if she has pain, stuff like that.  The gals then meet the Fielding kids and all of them are quite shy. Good to know. Tony, the baby, starts to cry right away, and Patrick and Maura are wrapped their dad’s legs. Joy. Well, finally the parents leave, and most of the kids start to cry.  The gals manage to quiet the criers using various methods such as sticking Beth in her walker, and reading Green Eggs and Ham. 

The rest of the day goes fairly smoothly, and in the middle of the day Kristy and Karen have go with Nannie to pick flowers to go with their dresses and to wear in their hair. Oh, and Nannie is MAKING Kristy and Karen’s dresses! DAMN Watson is cheap- and Nannie gets 2 weeks to make dresses? UGH!

The next day, Dawn is with Karen, Berk and David Michael and Karen is talking about aliens landing and of course being a little shit. Dawn tells Karen to knock it off.  Dawn then takes the kids over to a puppet area at the playground, when suddenly another little girl comes running saying that aliens are coming!  Dawn knows this is Karen’s dirty work, and tries to again tell Karen to stop scaring the other kids, but fug, awful little Karen will not stop saying that aliens are coming and is having the kids scream and duck under tables- to the point that the counselor at the playground tells Dawn to take Karen and the others home- what a fuckin brat Karen is!  At night, Kristy thinks about how she has to get a wedding gift for her mom and Watson and it has to be perfect.

We next hear about how on the next day, Stacey decides to take Ashley, Luke and Emma to see ” Mary Poppins” and Nannie drives them there as she has errands to do near the movie theatre anyway, and Ashley has that broken leg.  Well-as they go to buy tickets- Emma says she doesn’t have her money.  Stacey desperately tries to call Kristy’s house to have Mary Anne who is home with the babies look for the money, but as this is going on Emma remembers the money is in her shoe.  The kids then get snacks, and Emma spills her Junior Mints and all of the kids start laughing and laughing and won’t stop, so they are all kicked out of the theatre. I’d be right pissed if I were Stacey, but Stacey is just all ” Oh I can watch the movie on TV.”

Two days to go and Mary Anne and Kristy are stuck having to take all of the boys to the barber for haircuts. Yep, these parents can’t even bother taking their own kids to the barber, they are that busy.  The boys are all total shits at the barber, and Kristy says if the boys don’t stop being rude little shitheads, she will call Nannie, and the boys decide to behave after that. I guess Nannie is hardcore.

One day until the wedding- and it’s raining! The kids are all bored and don’t want to do anything, so the baby sitters decide that the kids can put on a show- and they put on a wedding. Of course Karen is the bride, and David Michael is the groom. Kristy takes pictures, and the last one is of Karen and David Michael running in different directions when Luke the minister says they have to kiss as bride and groom.

It’s then time to get ready for the rehearsal dinner, and the baby sitters have to dress 14 kids for this rehearsal. Well plans get screwed when the sitters see the clothes were all switched around- and Emma did it as a joke. Kristy talks sternly to Emma, and then gives her a hug in the end because Emma feels bad.  After the rehearsal dinner, the gals are finally paid. Kristy still has no clue what to give Liz and Watson for a wedding gift.

It’s the day of the wedding, and Kristy’s yellow dress fits perfectly. The wedding in the backyard of Watson’s house goes beautifully until Karen SCREAMS right as the minister says ” you may kiss the bride”- and Karen is screaming because Mrs. Porter, the poor old lady who Karen insists is a witch, goes over to give Watson and Ma Thomas a wedding gift. I HATE KAREN! Interrupting the kiss? SHE’S the witch! And no one disciplines Karen for this, naturally- God is Watson related to Ned or Alice Wakefield?

Watson and Elizabeth leave for a week to go to Vermont, and Kristy, David Michael, Sam and Charlie will be alone for a week, with Nannie ” on call”. Not sure I’d leave a 17 year old alone w ith three other kids for a week, but this is a world where 11 year olds are in charge for whole weekends.  Stacey, Claud, Mary Anne and Dawn stop by because Stacey has wedding photos. Kristy then says how she decided to make a family tree of sorts ( with Claudia’s help) that will show the Brewer and Thomas families joining together- touching I suppose. As the bride, I think I’d rather have a Pier One gift card 😉

The end shows the finished family tree, and Kristy says how the wedding of Watson Brewer and Elizabeth Thomas was also the joining of two families together. Sha la la la ( a la ” Family Ties”)

Now, I have decided that just as BSC Revisited does Tuesday posts, usually, I will try to do a post on either Sunday or Monday every week. So by next Monday if all goes well I should have a new posting featuring the NEXT book in the BSC series- ” Claudia and Mean Janine!!” And after that- Sweet Valley Kids is comin’ right for ya!

I have thought of recapping a couple of ” Boxcar Children” books. Would anyone be interested in reading a post about a Boxcar Children’s book? I may recap a couple of VC Andrews books as well at some point.


3 Responses to “Kristy’s Big Day- BSC #6”

  1. I totally agree. Richard and Sharon seemed like the most sensible of the remarrying couples, by having a small ceremony with friends/family. Everyone else…Dawn’s dad and Carol, Mrs. Barrett and Franklin, Watson and Mrs. Thomas…I never got why they wanted super huge second weddings.

    Oh, and Boxcar Children rules. You have to do a recap!

  2. “The Boxcar Children” (the first book mainly) shaped my childhood. I lived in the country, with abandoned railroad tracks in the woods not very far from my house. I always dreamed I’d find an old boxcar to set up house in. Even though I had a home. And parents.

    I’d still like to live in a boxcar.

  3. I always thought it was pretty strange that Elizabeth wouldn’t want to live with Watson before marriage. How long were they together before getting married anyway? I mean, they’ve probably already done it and everything….ok, I’ll shut up now 🙂

    I hope you do some V.C. Andrews. Those books make me wanna vomit, but your posts would be hilarious.

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