BSC #7- Claudia And Mean Janine

Claudia is describing a typical day at her house- everyone is going off in different directions, a kid asking if her shirt is ironed, that sort of thing. Claudia says that now that it’s July, Janine is taking classes at Stoneybrook University, and Claudia is off to an art class, and Claud’s parents are going to work. Claudia also says that Mimi had to prompt Claudia to get out of bed every day when Claudia goes to school, but in the summer Claudia bounces right out of bed. This book discusses Mimi quite a bit and that is great because I ❤ her.

Claudia says that she and Janine have nothing in common- you all that have read the books know the drill- Claudia loves art and fashion and hates school, and has lots of friends. Janine loves physics and her computer, and wears “yucky clothes”- which are button down shirts, gray kilts, and crew neck sweaters- hey Janine and I dress alike! Stop hatin’ on Janine’s clothes, Claud!

The Kishi family has breakfast prepared by Mimi. Claudia mentions how she has to hide her Nancy Drew books in her room, because the town library doesn’t carry Nancy Drew ( seriously what library wouldn’t have Nancy Drew??) and her parents do not approve. Now, as a librarian, shouldn’t Claudia’s mom be happy that Claudia is reading at all?  Then Janine asks Claud how the BSC plans to function ” once their founder is residing in a different district.” ( this is right when Kristy is about to move to Watson’s mansion- see last post 😉 and Claudia is like ” what? Speak English” ? and seriously Ann M is pissing me off. Just because Janine is really smart, it doesn’t mean she would constantly talk that way all of the time. 

At the BSC meeting that evening, Kristy announces that  Charlie just got his driver’s license and Charlie is willing to drive Kristy to and from meetings- for fifty cents each way! God. Charlie is a fool!! 😉  Then, Kristy announces one of her great ideas. Kristy wants to run a play group for the children they sit for for the month of July because Kristy feels the girls did a great job watching those 14 children for a week when Kristy’s ma and Watson got hitched.  The play group will be run in Stacey’s backyard and yeah- another great idea from Kristy and a great way for the BSC to spend even more time with kids. And, Claudia says the play group can’t be at her house because Mimi has seemed more tired lately….

Next chapter, the BSC goes around recruiting kids for the play group.  At the Pikes’, it seems that Mal would kind of want to join the group but feels too old and the BSC’ers say that Mallory can be their helper! woooo hooo foreshadowing!!  Then at the Prezzioso household, Mary Anne does the talking because she’s the only one who likes 4 year old Jenny Prezzioso. Jenny is always dressed all prim and proper, and her parents are the same way. Mary Anne gets Mrs. P to consider it by saying smocks are provided so that Jenny won’t get her clothes soiled. I guess Mrs. P doesn’t get the point of fun, does she?

Mimi is going to make fresh waffles for dinner that Saturday night.  Claudia is really excited. Claudia tells Janine she and Mimi picked waffles, and Janine seems kinda hurt that no one asked her what she wanted to eat, but Janine says waffles are fine.  After dinner, Janine says she’d like to play the Trivia Game if Mimi and Claudia are willing. Why Claud agrees to play a trivia game against Janine, I will never know. Claud gets all pissy when Janine totally wins the game ( well yeah of course Janine won!) and the girls get into an argument and Mimi says Claud shouldn’t have blown up when Janine won, and Claudia starts yelling about how everyone takes Janine’s side.  Mimi says she is going to bed and says, ” good night, Claudia” and not ” My Claudia” as Mimi usually says.

Next chapter- Janine and Claud are downstairs, and Janine points out how Claudia answers a book question by saying ” the Phantom of Pine Hill” and that’s a Nancy Drew book, but Janine won’t tell that Claudia is hiding that ” serial\” in her room and Claudia is like ” yeah, I do hide Nancy Drews, but you are wrong about the cereal” and it’s sort of funny. Then the girls hear a thud from upstairs.  It’s Mimi lying on the floor, unconscious! Janine tells Claudia to call 911.  Claud then calls the restaurant where her parents are eating, but they just left.  When Claudia’s parents come home, she tells them what happened and everyone goes to the hospital ( Janine rode with Mimi).  We find out Mimi had a stroke and she is in stable but critical condition.  All they can do is wait and see.

Next chapter, the playgroup starts. Stacey is wearing a gigantic shirt with a taxicab on the front,  knee length lime green shorts,  and matching lime green high-tops ( I did see a girl in Hartford wearing lime green and pink high-tops sooo). Claudia tells the others Mimi had a stroke last night,and Mary Anne, being particularly close to Mimi, is especially upset.  Jenny shows up to the play group in a pink party dress- to play outside all day!  Jenny falls and gets a grass stain on her dress and is all upset- God, Mrs. P is a WEIRDO for having her kid wear that to a PLAY GROUP!  Jenny refuses to take off her shoes so she won’t slip, and she won’t share or cooperate with the other children.  Jenny whines that no one wants to play with her, and Mary Anne says that Jenny didn’t want to play at first, and Jenny is like ” duh I will get my dress dirty if I play.”

Claudia is baby sitting at the Newtons’, and the Newton parents are preparing for Lucy’s christening and Jamie is acting jealous, as would be normal for a 4 year old.  Claud goes to take Jamie and Lucy to her home,because Jamie doesn’t really believe Mimi isn’t there. When they arrive, Janine gets home and Claudia asks her how school was. So Janine starts to tell her,  and Claudia is being a little pill and starts screaming at Janine that she didn’t ask about Mimi or their mom- but Claudia asked Janine about school before Janine could ask!  Then Claud raises her hand as if to hit Janine ( right in front of Jamie- and that is supposed to be Jamie on the cover, he looks about 8 and not 4- but then again, Claudia looks at least sixteen on the cover, and Janine looks like a 35 year old Catholic schoolteacher sooo) but then drops her hand.

During another BSC meeting, Mrs. Kishi says that Mimi just woke up at the hospital. The family will go to the hospital after supper, and they can all see her for 1o minutes each.  Claudia brings the cards that all of the kids at play group made for Mimi.  When Claudia goes in to see Mimi, she gets scared seeing Mimi’s blank stare and all of the machines and steps out of the room.  Claud is then impressed at how Janine went into Mimi’s room and talked to her as if Mimi and Janine were having a cup of tea.  The next day, Claud goes in to visit again and tells Mimi about how all of the kids made cards for Mimi and what they say.  Claudia then sees that Mimi can blink her eyes, and Claudia gets an idea- if Mimi can hear Claud, Claud tells Mimi to blink her eyes and Mimi does!  Claudia then makes a code of one blink for yes, 2 for no( now they always show this kind of stuff on ” ER”- did ” ER” get the idea from the BSC? Or did Ann M steal this idea from, like, ” General Hospital?” Hmmmmm)…

Karen and Andrew are at the next play group.  Karen makes Jenny believe that Andrew turns into a monster when he’s upset, so Jenny basically starts doing whatever Andrew says ( like she wears her smock, even though at first she doesn’t want t0)  so that Andrew won’t turn into a monster. For once, I have to give props to Karen. Jenny sucks.

Claudia decides to start dinner, and is all huffy because Janine didn’t help( of course, Claudia never asked Janine for help either- ya know, when I read this book at age 9, I was all on Claud’s side-now…. God, Claudia is being a real brat!)  Mimi is able to partially use her left side, and the fam goes to visit her at the hospital, and Mimi wants to attempt to write something. Mimi ends up writing ” Happy se to Komodo”  and Claud’s mom thinks Mimi was trying to write that she is happy to see Claud and Janine, because Komodo is Japanese for child or children.  Later, Mr. and Mrs. Kishi say that Mimi is making average progress, and she will need all sorts of therapy- physical, speech, occupational.  Mimi will also need to practice at home once she is home, and Claudia instantly volunteers to help Mimi every day, even after you can see Janine is starting to think about it.  Claudia says she doesn’t need the play group when she has Mimi to care for- yep, Claudia is dropping the play group to be with Mimi.

Next chapter- the kids all wash Louie the dog and Stacey paints his claws. I don’t care.

Claudia says Mimi is making a lot of progress.  She is talking better but still has a hard time, and can still barely use her right hand.  Again, when the family discusses what will happen when Mimi goes home, Claud again says she is happy to be with Mimi any time she needs.  When Mimi arrives home, Kristy, Mary Anne, Dawn and Stace come to visit with Mimi. That evening, Claud sits for Lucy and Jamie Newton again, and Claudia says she has to clean up Lucy and doesn’t let Jamie help so he screams ” dumb baby why did we ever get you?” but soon he is able to calm down-parallels between Jamie and Lucy and Claudia and Janine???…. nooooo…..

Next chapter, Mary Anne is ” Mimi sitting” and helping Mimi with  her flash cards, and Mary Anne is all pushy and talking to Mimi like Mimi is about 6, and Mimi gets frustrated and yells at Mary Anne.  Then Mimi calms down, and tells Mary Anne how to make special tea, ( I loved the times Claud had tea with Mimi- it’s like when I  have tea with my own grammie) and Mimi says she’s sorry she yelled at Mary Anne.

Claudia and her friends are all invited to Lucy Newton’s christening as paid guests- they are there to watch Jamie and Lucy and help prepare for the christening.  The day of the christening, everyone is cooing over Lucy and saying she’s so cute, and she gets more presents than Jamie. Oh Claudia’s christening outfit- a big, loose white shirt with black splotches all over it, white pants that came to just below Claudia’s knees, and sandals that lace up the legs- HAWT.  Well, Jamie is getting so jealous and upset that everyone is paying attention to Lucy that he goes to grab a pitcher of red punch to pour over Lucy, but decides against it at the last minute. Jamie says he didn’t do it because Lucy is his sister and he loves her. Claudia thinks of how she loves Janine, but it’s always ” Janine is brilliant. Janine is going to be a physicist, Janine, Janine, Janine.”

Claud confronts Janine about not being with Mimi when Claud gets home. Janine starts saying the family pushes her ” out of their world” and is all, ” go study, Janine, don’t neglect your schoolwork.”  Claudia then says how Janine didn’t ever help, and Janine reminds Claudia she volunteered to care for and help Mimi. Janine also says she feels Claud is the favorite because Claudia is pretty and popular.  Claudia tells Janine to talk to their parents about how she feels ” pushed out” and Claudia and Janine make up, and Janine then goes to have special tea with Mimi and Mimi is very happy.

Mimi and Claud are sitting together and Claudia gets upset and starts crying, saying that she gave Mimi the stroke. Mimi says ” no,no I was very tired before then” and then Janine goes for a walk with Mimi.  Claudia likes seeing Janine and Mimi spend time together.

At the next BSC meeting, the girls find out that the fam who moved into Kristy\’s house is the Perkins family, and their kids are Myriah who’s 5 and a half and Gabbie is 2 and a half. Kristy gets the job. Then- Mrs. Pike calls, needing TWO full time sitters for TWO WEEKS IN SEA CITY!! ( God I LOVE ” Boy Crazy Stacey” and will be recapping one of these days!!) and well Kristy can\’t do it because the Brewer/ Thomas family are bonding for those two weeks, Claud and her family are going on vacation, and Dawn is going to Cali to see her daddy. So it’s Mary Anne and Stacey off to SEA CITY!!!!!!

By the end of the week- I will be recapping a Sweet Valley Kids book- and next week- Freshman Promises aka the book where Winnie and Josh deal with being NEWLYWEDS!!! Stay tuned!! A Boxcar Children re-cap may also be heading your way!


3 Responses to “BSC #7- Claudia And Mean Janine”

  1. I never liked Claudia in this book–it so should have been called Janine and Mean Claudia. What was up with Claudia jumping all over Janine for answering a question that CLAUD asked her? And I don’t think Claudia gets to hate on kilts and button down shirts–spandex bellbottoms, just sayin’.

    And I also never got why Mrs. Kishi was so anti Nancy Drew. They’re real books and it’s better than reading nothing…she’s a librarian, she shouldn’t be against any book!

  2. Ya know, I wanted to respond to your post, but the site isn’t letting me! I always thought Logan was supposed to resemble Zach Morris as well- and I never liked that Jenny Prezzioso- but who is more annoying Jenny P or Karen hmmmmm… and I agree the book should have been Janine and Mean Claudia! I never saw where Janine was mean in this book!!!

  3. Sorry about that. Not sure why it’s doing that…I think it’s okay to post comments there now.

    The more Claudia books I read, the more I kinda feel bad for Janine. She’s smart, but she seems a little lonely. She also seems kind of fun in a quirky way. I generally liked Claudia, except for when she was hating on Janine.
    Also you’d think that the ppl at the hospital would have come up with the blinking before Claudia did. I don’t think I have too much faith in Stoneybrook General…

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