Sweet Valley Kids #18- Bossy Steven

This is my first Sweet Valley Kids recap! I think I read one Sweet Valley Kids book when I was about 12 or 13 maybe? But of course I felt too old for Sweet Valley Kids, so they were never books I got into. But after reading this one, I do find this is a pretty good book for young readers, and while there is much to snark on, at least Jess and Liz Wakefield, age 7, aren’t as annoying as Karen Brewer!

It’s the science fair at Sweet Valley Elementary, and Steven made a bet with Elizabeth and Jessica- if he wins the science fair, Jessica and Elizabeth have to do his chores for a week!  If the twins win, Steven has to do their chores. By the way, the only way that people can tell Jess and Liz apart is by the name bracelets they each wear- how LAME is that? If I am ever a parent of identical twins, I am dressing them differently on day 1 none of this name bracelet patooty! Elizabeth doesn’t want to have to do Steve’s chores, but she doesn’t want him to lose either. Of course Elizabeth has to be a sap no matter what!

Steven makes a volcano for his science project ( just like Jackie Rodowsky in BSC, or the Brady Bunch, or oh oh once on Growing Pains Ben made a volcano- that was a FANTASTIC ep!) and naturally Steven wins!

Steven wants the twins to clean his room first, and Jessica says the twins shouldn’t have to clean a week’s worth of mess. Jessica asks Mr. Wakefield to intervene, and of course he says ” a deal is a deal” instead of being any sort of effective parent.  At dinner, it’s Steven’s turn to set the table, but of course due to the best Liz washes the dishes instead. Then during dinner, Steven is being a little twit and is all ” get me the ketchup” and being super bossy and again instead of intervening at all and telling Steve he’s going too far, Mr. Wakefield again says ” a deal is a deal”.  After dinner, Jessica has to help Pa Wakefield wash the dishes, and Elizabeth has to clean Steven’s room.

At the playground the next day, the twins complain to their friends about Steven. Their friend Eva suggests making another bet with Steven that the twins know they can win.  Jessica says they can bet that the twins can get a better birthday gift for Mr. Wakefield next week than Steven can.  Steven then goes over to the girls, and says it’s his turn to help Pa clean the garage, and per the bet the girls have to do that instead. Jessica says no because she wants to stay at the playground with her friends, and Elizabeth says she will help her dad and leaves the playground- OK, dude, the girls were at the playground by themselves with no parents around? WHAT? WHAT THE HELL? And when Elizabeth gets home, she tells Mr. Wakefield that Jess wanted to stay behind to play, and Mr. Wakefield is all ” OK.”  As Liz and Pa clean the garage, Mr Wakefield talks about when he was young and would go fishing with his grandparents, and afterward Grandma  (aka Mr W’s ma) would make fresh lemonade and yummy cookies.  Elizabeth then gets a great  idea- she tells Jess that they should make Mr Wakefield a homemade cake for his birthday! But then as the girls finish talking outdoors, they see Steven coming out of the garage and Elizabeth asks Steve if he was listening to their convo, and of course he says no but you know he was!

Steven then announces that he is going to make a cake for Mr. Wakefield for his birthday- just like Elizabeth and Jessica wanted to do! Jessica says it’s not fair as that was their idea first, and Mrs. Wakefield says the kids could make 2 different cakes and Mrs. Wakefield will help.

At the bus stop, Jessica and Liz try to think of what kind of cake to make for Mr. Wakefield. Todd Wilkins says his favorite cake has confetti frosting- no one asked what your favorite cake was, Todd!  Steven then says he is going to make a chocolate cake with ” special ingredients” and it will be much better than the twins’ cake.  The twins bet Steven their cake will be better, and agree that if they win, the first bet they made with Steven will be off. Todd asks Steven why he won’t take the bet and Steven agrees that he will.  Todd then tells Elizabeth he bets she will make the better cake- wow, Todd had a boner for Liz even at the age of 7!

The kids get to bakin’, and of course instead of being properly supervised in the kitchen as 7 and 9 year olds should be, Mrs. Wakefield sits in the den.  Of course the kids start squabbling in the kitchen, and when they hear Mr Wakefield they all go ” shut the door!” And nope Steven is not following a recipe, he is just throwing in random ingredients.  Well, it wasn’t Mr W coming as the kids thought- it was Todd. And the kitchen is a total mess from the three kids baking in it, as one would guess. Todd says he will help the twins clean up when they are all done.  Steven then says he will bake his cake in the microwave, and Liz says she thought you needed a special kind of mix or cake or whatever to bake a cake in the microwave, but Steven says he’s an expert baker and you just has to know what to do.  The girls then spy on Steven’s cake in the microwave, and it looks like it’s bubbling and like it’s mud. EWWW

Mr. Wakefield trys Steven’s cake first after his birthday dinner, and it is lumpy, barely edible and hard to cut.  Steven tries the cake for himself, and even says it tastes terrible. Steven said he added peanut butter and marshmallows ( which sounds like it’d be good, actually) and Mr. Wakefield says it may have been good if Steven didn’t make it in the microwave.  The girls then bring out their golden cake, and Mr. W loves it and says it’s delicious! So the girls no longer have to do Steven’s chores, though I bet by this time the week is almost over, so I don’t really see how this is a great win for Jess and Liz. 

Mr. Wakefield then announces that the whole family is going on a fishing trip!! Jessica doesn’t seem too thrilled, and of course the fishing trip is covered in Sweet Valley Kids #19. I do have a couple more Sweet Valley Kids books so look forward to a couple more SVK recaps. I also am planning to buy a few Sleepover Friends books so I may be recapping more of those books as well- speaking of which, where is the Sleepover Friends blogger? I miss her recaps so I love those books!! 

I just discovered a new site- Dibbly Fresh- that  I may add to the blogroll. The site is HYSTERICAL and one can never have too many YA snark sites!

You all know what’s comin’ next- Freshman Dorm goodness!!


3 Responses to “Sweet Valley Kids #18- Bossy Steven”

  1. Thanks for the shout out to my blog. 🙂 Much appreciated–and I’ve really enjoyed reading yours as well!

  2. Two things:

    1. I used to play outside at the playground without parental supervision. The playground was on my street, and my parents could see me if they were outside, but they usually weren’t. Things were simpler then…

    2. I was so disillusioned when *I* made a volcano for my science fair project and didn’t win. TV and books misled me 😛

    Love the blog 🙂

  3. Love the Growing Pains reference. I miss that show!

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