Freshman Dorm #19- Freshman Promises

Yes, this is the one where Winnie and Josh are newlyweds! I remember thinking that this was so romantic when I was 12, now I feel they were morons for getting married at 18, but Winnie is the type who would just spontaneously get hitched!

And so we begin- we learn that Winnie and Josh got lost in Nevada, and instead of asking for directions, they got married. Meanwhile, Melissa and Brooks were supposed to get married, but Brooks ditched Melissa at the alter. So Winnie and Josh took Lauren’s dingy off campus apartment temporarily until they find their own place, and Melissa will now be rooming with Lauren, when Lauren thought she’d get Winnie for a roomie. Yeah, I’d be bummed too, Lauren! Also, KC is very worried about her dad, who is sick with lung cancer and getting chemo at the hospital.

Josh tells Winnie that his former roommate, Mikoto, wants three hundred dollars for Mikoto’s old station wagon. Winnie says she’d rather get a lush honeymoon suite with the money, but Josh says they have to be practical now that they are hitched. Josh also reminds Winnie to call the utility company to have the uilities turned back on.  Winnie says she will do it.

Next, Kimberly and Lauren are in Lauren’s dorm room together, and Kimberly says that she has a secret admirer. Then Melissa walks into the room, and of course she looks like shit, and is all depressed. Melissa then plugs in Lauren’s TV and starts shoving ice cream down her throat.  Lauren is trying to talk to and be friendly with Melissa, but Melissa pretty much tunes Lauren out.  I am guessing Lauren is regretting this whole ” living with Melissa” thing.

We next are at a Tri Beta meeting. Courtney Connor feels that the other sisters just blindly do what she says because she is president, and she also feels something is ” missing” in her life. At the meeting, Courtney asks for ideas for the annual fundraiser and Diane has this awesome idea for an auction. The girls look all excited, and then Courtney is like ” well let’s have a rummage sale” and all of the girls know it’s a more boring idea, but heaven forbid they go against Prez Courtney, so all of them except for a few seniors and KC vote to have a boring ol’ rummage sale.  Courtney wonders if there is any part of her life she can’t control.

Next chapter- Winnie is working on banners for the crisis hotline, to be presented at the health fair that weekend. Josh is working on the computer, and when Winnie goes to get him a Coke she almost spills Coke on the computer. Winnie’s crap is all over the place, the apartment is really small, and they hardly have any food.  Josh is also frustrated that the electrical system in the house can’t really support his computer.  Josh asks Win if she went to the grocery store, and Winnie says she forgot due to working on the banners. Winnie then tries to make tuna melts for dinner, and totally burns the dinner. Then the power goes off because Winnie forgot to call the electric company to make sure the power wasn’t shut off, and Josh and Winnie start arguing.  Winnie then calms Josh down and says she and Lauren are going apartment hunting the next day, and this gets Josh hot and bothered and they fuck ( well it’s very assumed that they fuck).

In botany class, Kimberly is convinced that either the sexy blonde cowboy Sam, or the gorgeous Jamaican James is her secret admirer, and she tries to look for clues that it’s one or the other.  Then Kimberly starts joking around with Clifford Bronton, the chubby, bio-chem major that she has become good friends with, but he’s not sexy or anything…. gee who else doesn’t see what is to come? Shit, I figured it out at age 12!  Kimberly then gets a note in class that says her secret admirer will reveal himself Sat. at the health fair, and he will be wearing a cowboy hat and a yellow rose in his lapel.  Courtney is then walking through the student union, and she runs into Dash Ramirez  ( God I wanted to MARRY Dash when I was in 7th grade!- shit I’d marry him now!) and he notices the sign for the rummage sale and makes all manner of snarky comments and it really gets under Courtney’s skin, but you know it gets her panties completely wet at the same time.

Winnie and Lauren are now apartment hunting. Winnie is even dressed sensibly in slacks and a blouse to impress potential landlords. Winnie then spots a Victorian home that looks really nice and has a sign saying apartment for rent, and makes Lauren stop to see the apartment.  It’s a studio apartment that doesn’t even have a seperate entrance. It is a small area with a tiny kitchen, but it has freshly painted walls and a big claw bathtub that Win falls totally in love with.  Lauren says that the rent here is more expensive than the one bedroom they were going to look at, but Winnie doesn’t give a care she is completely in love with this apartment and spontaneously takes it. Now I am wondering how Win and Josh have money for groceries and an apartment and what not when neither one works, but  I guess we are to assume that both have generous parents?

KC goes to see her father in the hospital, and he looks very sick. He reminds her of the time that KC was ashamed when her crunchy granola parents went to visit sorority lady, business major KC at college and KC feels really guilty over that now, of course. KC’s dad also says that there will be time to tell her all of his secrets…. KC really, really hopes that the experimental chemo works as she realizes she cannot live without her dad.

Next, Win tells Josh she needs the station wagon for her banners for the health fair the next day. Josh says he was at the computer lab all day and forgot to buy the car.  Josh then sees that Winnie is working on the banners, still, and the house is not nearly ready to be moved out of and shit is all disorganized and Josh starts yelling at Winnie, and even tells her that she is being unrealistic in terms of Winnie thinking KC’s dad will have this great recovery.  Winnie then tells Josh that’s he not the only one who does responsible things, and she says she got them an apartment so there! Win then runs out of the apartment, and Josh leaves himself to go look at their new place. Josh can’t believe it- the electrical system sucks ass, the place is small as hell, let’s just say Josh is none too happy with their new digs!  Then Joshie goes back to the dorms, and buys a motorcycle all of a sudden! Maybe to feel like a free, single man and to get back at Win or some such.

It’s the day of the health fair, and Kimberly spots her secret admirer and ( drumroll, please) it’s CLIFFORD BRONTON AKA A FATTER CARLTON FROM FRESH PRINCE!! ( or, well, Alfonso Ribeiro now…) and Kimberly is all upset that Clifford is not exactly Denzel Washington ( or Darryl Stephens- Darryl BTW is the star of the show Noah’s Arc which is basically a black, gay man version of Golden Girls and rocks ass and Darryl is totes hot-but I digress as usual- get used to it, ladies it’s what I do). Kimberly pretends she didn’t see him, and runs off like a friggin superficial coward. Meanwhile, Dash gives Lauren an article he wrote about relationships for the paper, thinking that Lauren will understand that he wants to work shit out with her. I did love Lauren and Dash as a couple. They make some small talk- nothing really worth writing about.

The sorority sisters are having this lame ass convo about how most of them would never date a boy who lived in the dorms because it’s sooo low class. What snotty bitches! Courtney then decides to call Dash Ramirez of all people. She leaves Dash a message asking him to come over the next day if he really wants to help at the rummage sale.

Win is at the health fair, waiting for Josh to deliver the banners as he promised, and Josh is totes late which isn’t really like Josh,  I guess. Win runs off to find him, and then finds all of her crap all over the halls of the old apartment. Josh then says ” Remember Winnie it was MOVING DAY??” and then Winnie is all ” well I need the car for the banners” and Josh is well  ” I didn’t buy the car” and that is when Winnie learns about Josh blowing the cash on a very single man mode of transport. So Josh and Win then start arguing because Win is pissed that Josh just bought this motorcycle without asking, and Josh says Winnie got them a totally impractical place to live without asking him.  Win starts throwing shit around, and yeah it’s a pretty bad argument.  Win starts crying that she will never make this marriage work.

Kimberly and Faith are trying to comfort Winnie, and Kimberly says how men are jackasses and Faith says she doesn’t get how Clifford is a jackass after hearing about how sweet and sensitive he is. Lauren says to give Josh another chance, because Lauren wishes she didn’t blow things with Dash.  Clifford then comes to see Kimberly, and says she knows she ran away, and wants to know what she’s so scared of.  Faith says Clifford is a total gem! Hey, Faith should hook up with Clifford 😉  Then Lauren reads Dash’s article and loves it. She decides she really has to try to work crap out with Dash. Then KC gets a call saying her dad is doing really bad, and he’s on 24 hour oxygen, and she has to get to her dad ASAP.  Faith and Winnie decide to take KC to the hospital after Lauren lets them use her Jeep. God, I hated all this with KC’s dad- made me soo sad… 😦

Kimberly goes to meet Clifford for coffee the next day. Clifford says he knows he is not a very sexy black man, but he feels he and Kimberly have a great time together, and he really likes her. Kimberly  agrees to a date with Clifford that night woooooo!!

Lauren goes to the Tri Beta house to tell Courtney that KC can’t help with the sale because KC’s dad is dying.  Lauren then says she is going to see what is at the sale. At that point, after Lauren is inside, Dash comes over.  As Courtney and Dash talk, Courtney gets all hot and bothered and plants a huge kissy roo on Dash-right as Lauren walks out and sees the kiss! Lauren runs off, Dash and Courtney pull apart, and neither knows what to say to each other.

We then hear that Josh assumes Win ran off with a dude, but Lauren tells Josh that Winnie went with Faith and Lauren to see KC’s Dad, who is on his deathbed.  Josh thinks he’s been a real ass, and he has to go to Winnie.  Lauren is so pissed over Dash and Courtney’s kiss, when she goes to her dorm room, she is just so mad at men that she pigs out on cookies and watches TV with a depressed Melissa. Yeah, sisterhood!

At the hospital, right before Mr. Angeletti passes, he reveals the secret- Mr. and Mrs A had two boys, and really wanted a girl, and couldn’t get pregnant again, so they found a teen girl who couldn’t raise a baby alone, and that baby was KC. KC starts sobbing hysterically right after he says this, and dies. It’s actually a really sad moment and at the time I was really surprised and upset.  I want to say the next book deals with KC finding her birth mom, but I don’t think I have that one. 😦

Josh does show to the hospital, Winnie says that Mr. Angeletti died, and Josh says he doesn’t want to lose Winnie, Winnie says she doesn’t want to lose Josh, and they agree to work on things because they have such deep love for each other. OMG I feel that Win and Josh are the Brenda and Dylan of YA novels I swear!!!! Much AMOR for Josh and Win!

Next week’s entry will be a BSC Super Special, and in the next few weeks expect posts on another Freshman Dorm classic, a Little Sister novel ( oh Karen Brewer!!), Sweet Valley High, ( I haven’t recapped an SVH book in a novel- I’ve read more Kids and Twins lately) a Girl Talk book, and Fabulous Five is also coming up! I am on the hunt for more Fabulous Five books and Sleepover Friends and Elizabeth Gail as well!! I also want to read some BSC Mysteries and perhaps more Super Specials!  But yes by month’s end I will definitely at least recap one BSC book, Little Sister and Freshman Choices Freshman Dorm 14!! STAY TUNED!!!

In other news- I am seeing Shrek the Musical Saturday woooo  I can’t WAIT!


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