BSC Super Special #7-Snowbound

The basic premise of this story- there is a big blizzard in Stoneybrook. Kristy asks the editor of the Stoneybrook News if the members of the BSC can write an article about all of their experiences during the snowstorm. The editor allows it.  Following, I will basically summarize what happened to each girl during the blizzard- First of all, know that I guess the weathermen in Stoneybrook kept predicting a big storm, but it never came. So the girls weren’t really believing snow would ever arrive- but boy did it EVER!

The club meeting gets  cancelled on Wednesday, the day of the storm, because all of the girls will be far too busy.  Mallory and Mary Anne are babysitting for the Pikes while Mr. and Mrs. Pike go to NYC for a day, Dawn is going with her mother to get Jeff at the airport, Claud has to sit for the Perkins girls, Stacey needs to get to the mall to get a perm so it’s fresh for the school dance, and Kristy is going to have Bart over for some lovin’, and Jessi has a ballet rehearsal.

Well, the snowstorm hits- and here is what happens-

The Pikes get snowed in whilst in NYC- leaving Mary and Mal to stay overnight with the kids, and there is really only enough food for the day, so the food starts getting very scarce. No pizza places are even delivering because the conditions are so bad. So Logan ends up going to the Pikes house on cross country skis and brings a bunch of food in his backpack so that the Pikes have adequate food. Logan is SUCH a dreamboat!

Claudia is sitting for the Perkins girls, and the Perkins have to end up staying at their friends’ house because they are snowed in. Mrs. Kishi asks if she should go over to the home to be with Claudia, Gabbie, Mariah and Laura, and Claudia says no because of course she can handle it,and Mrs. Kishi just gives in to Claudia. The power goes out and they can’t find Chewy the dog, then they find him in the basement. Claud had a boring storyline.

Stacey and her mom get totally stuck in the snow on the way home from the Washington Mall.  A strange man goes up to their car and offers his home for the night so that they will not freeze in the car. Stacey is very cool with the idea because the man and his wife have a baby, so of course they can’t be psychos at all! He has a beautiful Victorian home, and Stacey enjoys playing with the baby.   The next day, Stacey’s mom calls Triple A after noon time, and Stace and her mom finally get home safely.

Kristy has Bart over, and whenit starts snowing Bart says he can walk home, but Watson won’t allow it. When a few flakes are falling, I don’t see why Bart couldn’t have walked home. I have walked home in snow before! But no matter- Watson insists that Bart has to stay at the Brewer home overnight. Kristy is all nervous because she is very afraid Bart will see her in her pajamas.  Kristy’s family also teases Bart and Kristy about being boyfriend and girlfriend the whole time. Charming.

Dawn and her mom are stuck in the airport all night waiting for Jeff, because his plane is delayed. They eat vending machine food. Jeff gets to the airport eventually after being in Chicago overnight. BORING!

Jessi gets stuck at the dance school during the storm. Jessi is whining over having to eat canned foods and other prepared foods, and Lordy Jessi is a BRAT! I don’t think I ever realized this when I read the BSC books at age 11, and I actually really liked Jessi back then, but now after reading both this book and the Super Special about the play, ( soon to recap that one!) I really see how annoying and bratty Jessi is- ugh! Quint ( LOVED Quint at age 11!) is coming from NYC to go to the dance, and he walks from the train station to Jessi’s ballet school! So Quint can walk in the snow, but Bart cannot? SOOOO CONFUSED!

They still have their awesome school dance on Friday night, not to worry.

Re: this book- I thought I had never read it as a child, and I remembered that my sister owned it.  Then as I read this again, certain things stuck out in my mind that I KNEW that I read this before, but hadn’t remembered.

Observations- OK, I know they had kept saying it would snow and never did, but still I know in New England, even if they keep saying it will snow and it hasn’t thus far, but even so if we hear “snow” we have to go out and get provisions at the grocery store that will last us a week no matter what,  and we pretty much make any effort not to go any damn place if we hear that ONE FLAKE OF SNOW will fall- swear to it!! At least in CT, anyway! And these gals are from CT, too, correct? So that means I am shocked that the Pikes and the Perkinses felt it OK to be gallivanting out knowing that it could snow, that Mrs. Pike hadn’t gone grocery shopping just in case, and that Mrs. McGill agreed to take Stacey to the mall in case it would snow- I know if my mom heard it was going to snow and I said oh let’s go to the mall she would have been like fuck off no you don’t. So this book really didn’t make sense to me at all, and it was not good!! This is definitely not a Super Special along the lines of ” Baby Sitters on Board” or the BCS Super Special NYC special- HELLS NO!!!

I may recap ANOTHER book this week- Karen’s Roller Skates- depends how busy the week gets. And after that- another Freshman Dorm book to be recapped next week, and soon after that there WILL be Girl Talk, Fabulous Five, and The Gymnasts to enjoy!!


One Response to “BSC Super Special #7-Snowbound”

  1. I always thought it was weird that the Pikes left their kids in the care of an 11 yo and a 13 yo.

    And yeah, it just started snowing and Bart couldn’t go home? Hmm, maybe Watson was doing a lil matchmaking?

    Yeah, it seems like all of Stoneybrook really dropped the ball. Except for Logan!

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