Freshman Dorm #14- Freshman Choices

Faith had to sit in front of a university review board for trying to buy beer at a bar with  a fake ID.  Faith is put on probation, which means she has to be on perfect behavior until she graduates so that she doesn’t get into further trouble.  Faith got into this reckless behavior by falling for a carefree young man named Scott Sills, who ran off as soon as he saw the security guard at the bar. Faith thinks that the fling with Scott wasn’t exactly worth it if it got her into trouble.  Faith is reading KC and Winnie all of the campus rules, and Winnie is like ” wow I broke every one” and one of them is that she has a key to Josh’s room- Winnie can’t believe that she and Josh are so stable. Meanwhile, KC is worried that her new man, Peter, may win a fellowship that takes him to Rome to study photography. 

Faith then meets her new RA, Erin Grant, who is pale, gaunt, and dressed all in black, and makes it known that she will enforce each and every rule to the letter.  Faith is determined to stay on Erin’s good side so she won’t be in trouble again.

Next chapter- Melissa and Brooks are engaged. Because getting engaged at 18  is really smart. Brooks tells Melissa that his dad and stepmother are coming to campus next weekend, and want to meet Melissa’s parents. Melissa is ashamed to have Brooks and his parents meet her parents because her dad is an alcoholic, unemployed doorman and her mom is a housekeeper.  Brooks says his parents want to take Melissa and her parents to Moreno’s,  which one assumes is a fancy Italian restaurant. Melissa balks at the idea, and says she will arrange the dinner. 

We next meet Liza Ruff ( who I always found sort of endearing) practicing for the role of Lady MacBeth in Macbeth. Liza wants to be taken seriously as an actress  and feels that everyone laughs at her and thinks she’s a fool. She’s also jealous that people seem to gravitate to Faith, and Liza has no friends.  Scott comes knocking on Liza and Faith’s door, looking for Faith.  Scott wants to apologize to Faith, but he says he never runs into her on campus. Liza says they can arrange an ” accidental” meeting , because sign ups for the Macbeth cast and crew are taking place in a few days, and Liza can make sure Faith gets there for 2 pm so that Scott can talk to Faith.

Faith, Josh, Winnie, KC, Lauren, and Peter are studying for the Western Civ test. KC is all upset over the possibility of Peter going to Italy, and says he can’t leave  her he just can’t!  Meanwhile, Win sees KC and Peter all over each other, and feels that Josh no longer has that passion for her.

Melissa runs into Faith on campus, and breaks down and tells her that Brooks’ parents want to meet Melissa’s parents and how nervous she is over the whole thing. She also tells Faith that Mel’s parents don’t even know she’s engaged. Faith says that she will go with Melissa to Melissa’s parents house as sort of a buffer in case Melissa’s parents freak. Melissa says she doesn’t get how Faith would want to help her ex boyfriend’s new fiancee, and Faith says that Melissa makes Brooks happy and she’s been a good friend to Winnie, and that is all that matters. Faith also says that maybe she and Winnie can help Melissa organize the dinner, and find someplace on campus to have the dinner, and everyone can cook something. Melissa is very grateful for Faith’s help. 

When Faith returns to the dorm, Liza scoops Faith up saying they must get to the Macbeth auditions to meet Lawrence Briscoe, who is a very well known director of Shakespeare plays. Liza says they do not want to be late.  Of course, when Faith gets there, Scott is also there.  Faith thinks how she is steady and goal oriented, and Scott is so carefree, and she doesn’t really want to get involved with him, and she has to plan the engagement dinner. Well, Faith tells Scott about the dinner, and Scott says he used to wait tables and could be a big help to Faith in terms of organizing the dinner.  Faith then asks Scott how he’d knew she’d be there, and Scott says Liza told him. Faith says she doesn’t need any more ” accidents” in her life, and would like to know next time before seeing Scott. Scott tells her to call if she ever wants to see him again.

Faith, Melissa and Winnie go to see Melissa’s parents to tell them Melissa is engaged to be married and to invite them to the dinner.  Melissa gets nervous, so Winnie and Faith go to the door to talk to Mrs. McDormand. Melissa had said her mom would scream bloody murder, but instead Mrs. McDormand just says for Win and Faith to tell Melissa that infatuation comes and goes, and marriage is a hard proposition that lasts forever. She also says she and Daddy Mc D will be at the engagement dinner.  Winnie thinks about how Mrs. McDormand says how infatuation fades, and she thinks that’s how she and Josh are already- steady, predictable, no more infatuation.  We then hear that Peter gets into the Morgan Foundation Fellowship and will be headed for Italy. Of course, KC is mucho upset.

Liza goes to audition with Lawrence Briscoe. He is younger than Liza imagined.  Lawrence asks Liza to return on Saturday at 7 pm and tells her that he needs to see that Liza has a ” passion for theatre.” He also says that Liza is mature beyond her years, and that he is very demanding, and needs to see passion from his actors. You can sooooo see what’s coming….

Faith is at the grocery store buying items for Melissa and Brooks’ engagement dinner. Of course, Scott Sills is there with Max the dog- must be the campus mutt?  Scott then kind of throws Faith into the grocery cart, saying he will help her shop as they speed through the store and Faith grabs things when she can.  Faith is actually having a lot of fun doing this until Faith and Scott get kicked out of the store. Then Scott jokes that Faith can buy wine with her fake ID and Faith freaks saying that’s not a joke. Scott says he is sorry, and Faith goes back to finish the shopping. Scott offers his help at the dinner again, and Faith decides to take the help, and thinks that is far as it will go- Scott is not  man to have a relationship with at all and after this dinner Faith needs to go back to her predictable ways. Well, Faith and Scott get to her dorm room, and Faith has a citation on her door- OH NOES- and it’s for having lit candles in the room- candles that Liza was using while auditioning for Lady Macbeth. Faith decides this is Scott’s fault, and yells at him to leave her alone. Whoa Faith chillax a LITTLE OK- god I was on probation in college and nothing bad came of it- I got a master’s since then, I am gainfully employed, and I write a fab blog… it’s all good.

The next chapter isn’t really that exciting other than when Winnie goes to see Josh, he is too wrapped up in a computer program to really pay attention to her and Winnie is all pissy and thinks- she knows how to make Josh really miss her- maybe she will go to Italy as well! That will show Josh!

Faith goes to meet Lawrence B. Mr. Director to be part of the stage crew. Lawrence compliments Faith on her dress- like he complimented Liza on her dress. Lawrence then gives his whole speil about how he’s so demanding, and he can see that Faith needs to be shaped by a ” knowing hand” . Faith tries to calm down ol’ Larry by talking about how she’s on probation and if she’s ever caught with alcohol again she could be expelled, but this only seems to turn Lawrence on.  Lawrence then asks Faith to come back for an evening callback, and gives her the whole ” passion for theatre” line, and Faith pretty much tells Lawrence to shove it.

Faith storms into her and Liza’s room, and is complaining about Briscoe. Liza says not everyone can be mature, and Faith tells Liza doesn’t she realize that Lawrence says the same shit to all the girls?  Liza says that’s bunk and Faith just doesn’t know how to talk to a man and she is too uptight.  Faith is starting to think that maybe she is a little too uptight, and doesn’t have to always be a goody goody. So Faith calls Scott, tells him she is sorry, and that she wants Scott to help at the dinner. Scott says he is more than happy to.

It’s the day of the dinner.  Winnie starts talking about going to Europe, and Josh says he can just come with her, as he is always there with her. And Winnie starts to think that Josh only thinks of her as a faithful companion, and not a lover anymore.

Brooks’ dad and stepmom arrive. Fred Baldwin is still a hunk, apparently, with graying blonde hair and a great tan. Sue Baldwin looks younger than 40, and her face is completely unlined.  Whereas Mommy McDormand is chubby and wearing an old dress, and Jim McDormand has a pot belly and is balding.  Sue B brings a bracelet for Melissa and Fred brings his expensive watch that Brooks has always admired, and poor Mrs. McD feels bad that she didn’t bring anything.  Then, Sue Baldwin ( who seems like a lush to me) brings out a bottle of champagne and insists it be opened right then and there so the four parents can celebrate the engagement. Of course, Melissa is freakin’ because of Jim being an alkie. Stay tuned…. ( as an aside- Sue Baldwin also shows her lushness by saying how after dinner, the four ‘rents should go to the bar and have margaritas- God Sue how old are you 22???- Melissa your mom in law is a DRUNK!!)

We then learn that Liza starts to realize Faith was right, and she is not going to meet with Lawrence Briscoe. OK back to what will happen now that lushy Mrs. B brought alkie to the dinner…  Scott insists on opening the bottle, and he declares that the champagne has definitely gone bad.   He just cannot allow these folks to drink suck bad alkie. Scott then tells Faith to get rid of the bottle ( not in earshot of the Baldwins of course)  Then Faith- with the bottle- runs into Erin Grant and Larry Briscoe! Briscoe says he is so glad Faith brought the prop he needed with her for Erin to rehearse, and he takes the bottle.  Then Lawrence tells Faith she owes him big time, and she will work on the Macbeth crew.

The next day, Melissa runs into her mom on campus. Melissa’s mom pretty much says that if Melissa bothered to have contact with her parents, she’d know that Jim’s been off the sauce for 6 months.  Melissa’s mom then says that she can abuse her parents all she wants, as parents will always love you,but husbands won’t always have to be there- whoa foreshadowing much Mrs. Mc D?????…

Liza finds out Erin Grant got the part of Lady MacBeth by doing Lawrence Briscoe. Liza cries, thinking again that she will never be a serious actress.  Then we learn that KC has decided to go to Europe with Peter and all is SHA LA LA LA because KC and Peter will be TOGETHER- YEAH…. yeah…..

Faith has to go before the board, and Scott is at the hearing to provide moral support. Faith can’t believe it.  Well, Faith goes before the board, and the citation is thrown out!  The board says they are tired of Erin Grant’s stupid, petty citations, and they rip the citation up! So Faith is soooo not in trouble!  Faith then tells Scott the news, and decides that she loves being with Scott- and not because it’s some serious r-ship, but because Scott makes Faith feel good RIGHT NOW, and that is all that matters to Faith.

Well, kids, after I recap a Sweet Valley High book, for a few weeks I will be bringing back the spirit of this blog and recapping books from series that a lot of other YA bloggers don’t recap. Soooo to that end I will list some of the books I will be recapping- and yes it will be awhile before I recap BSC, Sweet Valley Twins, or SVH, but I still will be recapping those at some point as well! 

Girl Talk #27- Perfect Match

The Fabulous Five #5- The Bragging War

The Gymnasts #2- First Meet

Elizabeth Gail #8- Elizabeth Gail and the Frightened Runaways

Freshman Dorm #22- Freshman Obsession

And Sleepover Friends is  a comin’ as well!!

Have a great weekend, YA readers!


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