A Departure…

I meant to review ” Last Chance” which is a wonderful Sweet Valley High novel, but I just really don’t feel like doing a whole recap on this book tonight, and this book needs a whole recap to really do it justice. I will try to get on re-capping ” Last Chance” by Monday, but definitely by next week- especially as I am really excited to get to novels in series that are not commonly reviewed on most blogs!

Well, anyway, I wanted to tell all of you about a true crime book that I read that I found really spellbinding. Yes- I tend to be into true crime. I love the show ” Snapped”, and I read true crime books  all the time even though most of them are quite poorly written.  I just find crime fascinating for some reason, and the sicker the crime the better the true crime book- I know I am a sick freak!!

The book that I am currently reading for the 2nd time is ” Cruel Sacrifice” and the crime it details is truly horrific. In 1992, four teen girls brutallybeat and murdered a little 12 year old girl named Shanda Sharer- because one of the girls, Melinda Loveless, was pissed that Shanda ” stole”her girlfriend Amanda- and yes I mean lesbian lover.  The things these girls did to Shanda- three of whom didn’t even know her- are really disgusting, and this book does a good job of writing about each of the 4 girls who murdered Shanda, their lives, and reasons why how they lived as kids may have led to them committing such a sadistic crime. The book describes Shanda rather well as well- there is also a book called Little Lost Angel that does describe the victim, Shanda, better, but has a terrible anti homosexuality and anti public school theme that irked me a LOT when I read it. So I’d really recommend Cruel Sacrifice instead because it is a little more balanced- Melinda is from a horribly abusive home, stuff like that- but it does not absolve any of the perpetrators at all. Definitely a good read, and you will get through it quickly.

I also recently read another true crime book about Christa Pike, the youngest female to ever be on death row. She killed a girl who she thought had designs on her boyfriend, and again the way Christa killed this girl was thorougly gross. But that book was just sooooo badly written that I wouldn’t really want to read it again, though if you want to read more about the crime,  it is worth getting it from the library.

By next week, it’s back to recapping YA novels, but I figured that since these crime books involve young adult perpetrators, they are worth writing about, and the Shanda Sharer story is very intriguing and disgusting.

So for those who may want to read along- as I said ” Last Chance” is a-comin’, and then ” Perfect Match”, which is a Girl Talk book- I have also been reading a lot of Gymnast books lately, so expect a few reviews of those to come soon!! I know the Dairi Burger does reviews on ” Pen Pals” books, and I enjoyed the first book instead, but I no longer have any of those books. At least I finally found Fabulous Five and Elizabeth Gail!! I also have sooo many Sweet Valley Twins books to read and review, so look forward to that.  In the meantime. Cruel Sacrifice ( or Little Lost Angel) is a must read, as is a book called Hell Hath No Fury about Betty Broderick. Remember the Lifetime movie about Betty Broderick, who is the woman who killed her ex hubby and his new wife after the ex totes screwed Betty over? How brilliant was Meredith Baxter Birney in that role? In ” Hell Hath No Fury” you will really see what a sleaze Daniel Broderick was- Betty rules!


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