Intro to ” The Gymnasts” Series

I will be recapping a few books from the Gymnasts series. It seems a few of the readers have read some Gymnasts books, so I hope everyone will enjoy those recaps. This one will be quite short.

The Gymnasts series tells the story of four girls taking gymnastics courses at Evergreen Gymnastics Academy in Colorado. The girls are 11 years old, except for Darlene who is 13.  Lauren Baca is the girl that is the subject of the first ever Gymnasts book, she always says things are a ” proven fact”, her mother is a member of the local board of ed, and her father is a principal. Lauren is half Mexican but it’s never some big huge deal ( gee like the big huge deal Ann M Martin makes over Jessi Ramsey being black??). Lauren is quite short, rather feisty and just got back into gymnastics, and her parents worry that gymnastics will get in the way of her studies.

Cindi Jockett ( Jockett like ” jock?” GROAN) is Lauren’s best friend in elementary school and a fellow gymnast, of course.  Cindi is very talented on the uneven bars.  Cindi has four older brothers, one brother is Jared who is 13 and acts like he’s so much more mature and  older than Cindi ( kind of like how Stacey, Kristy et all act like 13 is soo much older than 11? Hmmmmmmm…). Cindi is the subject of the book I will quickly recap today, ” First Meet.”


Darlene Broderick is the 13 year old. Her father is ” Big Beef” Broderick who plays football for the Denver Broncos ( the Denver Broncos were a bigger deal in the 80’s). Darlene is black, but again this is soo not made a huge deal!! I like that about the Gymnasts books. Darlene attends private school, and always has different hairstyles, and great clothes.


Jodi Sutton’s mom is a gymnastics coach, so of course gymnastics is in the blood. Jodi does not seem to try especially hard, but she is talented. Jodi always wears her hair in a braid. If you ask me, she seems to be most boring Pinecone.

Incidentally, the Pinecones are the beginner gymnastics group, and the four girls are the Pinecones. There is this girl in the gymnastics academy named Becky who is always teasing and harassing the Pinecones and she’s a very talented, more advanced gymnast as well- but also a total Stacy Hansen like beeyotch.  Patrick is the Pinecones’ coach, and the girls just adore him. He is tough but fair.

In ” First Meet” the Pinecones have to compete against the Atomic Amazons, who are really, really good, and  members of another gymnastics school. The girls are shit your pants nervous over this meet, needless to say. Patrick wants Cindi to perform a really difficult move on the uneven bars called the Eagle at this meet, and Cindi does not feel at all ready to do this. Needless to say, at the meet, Cindi ends up winning a medal on the uneven bars, because she does a beautiful job, and although the Atomic Amazons kicked the Pinecones butts in the meet ( and I am glad that was done in a somewhat realistic manner, the author, Elizabeth Levy, didn’t have the Pinecones win just because they are the Pinecones) Cindi and the others are really proud that Cindi did the Eagle perfectly and won a medal. Also,  Jodi, Lauren and Cindi are invited to a boy-girl party at Darlene’s, and her school friends are there as well as the girls from the Evergreen Academy, and Jodi, Lauren and Cindi are initially really nervous, but end up having a wonderful time.  Jared also gets to attend the party which he is rather jazzed about because Jared has sort of a crush on Darlene- wow a white kid having a crush on an African American girl- whoa, huh??? Very un Sweet Valley like if you ask me 😉

I will be doing full recaps on more Gymnasts books, so not to fret if this post did not feed your Gymnasts hunger!

Now I will be pretty much giving you all my version of a summer reading list- my summer ( at least a good portion) list of upcoming Fitzie’s SS recaps!! Enjoy!! Next I will be recapping ” Elizabeth Gail and the Frightened Runaways.” That will be a longer recap.

After that:

Sweet Valley Twins #67- Jessica the Thief ( one of my FAVORITES!!)

BSC #14- Hello, Mallory

Freshman Dorm #24- Freshman Obsession

Sleepover Friends #20- Lauren in the Middle

Girl Talk #8- Stealing the Show ( another FAVORITE of mine!!)

SVU Thriller Edition- The Roommate ( a new favorite of mine 😉  VERY Single White Female!!

Sleepover Friends #9- No More Sleepovers, Patti? ( I loved this one at age 12)

SVU Thriller Edition Love and Murder ( this sucked- but more on that in the recap)


BSC #43- Stacey’s Emergency

BSC #11- Kristy and the Snobs

Freshman Dorm #13- Freshman Flames

Sweet Valley Twins #65- Patty’s Last Dance

BSC #66- Maid Mary Anne ( lots of BSC comin’ up as many of you did request!!)

BSC #4- Mary Anne Saves the Day

Sweet Valley Kids #21- Jessica and the Spelling Bee Surprise

BSC #8- Boy Crazy Stacey

Freshman Dorm #4- Freshman Nights ( GREAT book even now- and I also want to say as it sort of relates- PLEASE read the book ” Pledged” if you haven’t already- a non YA book on sororities- and it’s great)

The Fabulous Five #8- the Runaway Crisis

So as you can see, all summer long there will be a great mix of non trad YA novel series like Elizabeth Gail, Fabulous Five and Girl Talk, and plenty of SVT and BSC as well- and more of those to come! ENJOY!!


5 Responses to “Intro to ” The Gymnasts” Series”

  1. I loved the Gymnasts books! Can’t wait to read more. I really need to update my Sleepover Friends recaps. Maybe I will do some shorter ones like this, to catch up a bit.

  2. girltalkread Says:

    Good idea Zanne- I have soooo missed your recaps! I have some Sleepover Friends ones coming up too!

  3. First Meet was my favourite Gymnasts book… but I hold a warm spot in my heart for the special edition where one of the girls in the gym (not a Pinecone) went to the Barcelona Olympics… yup that’s how old they are. Kinda of makes you sad doesn’t it?

  4. Ummm… well i dont get your 9 book it confuses me a little

  5. girltalkread Says:

    Madeline what are you confused about???

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