In Honor of the Mamas…

I have decided to recap the book ” Kristy and the Mother’s Day Surprise.” I read it awhile ago, and since I have time now that my mother left to go to Wal Mart after our brunch, I decided that in honor of Mother’s Day, I just had to recap and snark on this special Baby Sitters Club book!! And not to worry Sweet Valley Twins fans- ” Jessica the Thief” WILL be my next post, and that is coming VERY soon!

Chapter 1 is pretty much Kristy saying that living in her large family is awesome. Now we go on to a Baby Sitters’ Club meeting, which are the best part of Kristy’s week. Figures.  The ladies are saying how none of them know what to get their mothers for Mother’s Day, and all of them want to get her something special. Mary Anne talks about how she has no mom to give Mother’s Day gifts to- awww poor Mary Anne.  They then schedule a sitter to go to Jamie Newton’s house in the next few days. And that is all that happens in the first two chapters. Moving on…

At dinner that night, there is the usual noise and chaos, but Mrs. Thomas looks all happy and chill to be watching all of the kids make noise. Mrs. Thomas then asks how the kids would feel about another brother or sister in the house. Mrs. Thomas is not pregnant ( but Kristy points out that she could be as she’s only in her late 30’s- she gave birth to Charlie right after graduating from college- damn that would SUCK)  but they want to know how the kids would feel about another sibling. Kristy, Sam and Charlie think having a baby in the house would be just awesome- but Karen, David Michael and Andrew don’t sound too thrilled ( at least the little ones are acting in a rather realistic manner).  In bed that night, Kristy has a fab idea of what to get her mother for Mother’s Day, and plans to share it at the next BSC meeting.

Kristy’s idea- to give the moms that they sit for- as well as some of their own mothers- a break for Mother’s Day. Well, God knows Stoneybrook mothers don’t get nearly enough breaks from their kids.  Oh outfit description- Mallory is wearing a Stoneybrook Middle School sweatshirt. Mal, if you want to be considered cool, don’t wear the sweatshirt of the middle school you attend, ‘kay?  And Dawn is wearing an ” I’m Awesome” necklace- Dawn, a truly awesome person would not have to have that on their necklace.  Kristy then says that she and the other BSC’ers could take out a bunch of the kids they sit for and take them someplace fun for the day, while the moms get to relax.  Kristy also decides that the outing could happen the day before Mother’s Day, so that the sitters and the kids could spend time with their own moms on Mother’s Day.  They also discuss making invitations to this get together, and figure that maybe the fathers could watch the kids for the day while the moms get their break. They do not know where to take the children yet, though. And while Kristy, Mal and Jessi decide that this outing could be a Mother’s Day gift to their moms, Claud and Dawn are going to make Mother’s Day gifts for their moms. And Stacey is in NYC in case you are wondering, and of course as we were reminded, Mary Anne has no mom.

Claudia is sitting for Jamie and Lucy Newton. Claudia sees a flyer for Sudsy’s Carnival, which will be held on Mother’s Day weekend and will have a few rides, games, snacks, that sort of thing, but is on a pretty small scale. Jamie really wants to go,  but Jamie’s parents can’t take him. All Jamie wants to do is go to the carnival and buy a balloon for Lucy. AWWWWW ( seriously I find that so sweet. I kinda like Jamie).  Claudia thinks that the carnival may be a great place to take Jamie and the other kids on their Mom’s Day outing, so that Jamie can see the balloon seller and get a balloon for Lucy!

Claudia tells the other gals about the carnival at the next BSC meeting, and to cut down on expenses, they say the kids could be limited to doing three activities each. Then, so that the little ones are not bored at a carnival all day, they are having lunch at Claudia’s house afterward, and having the kids make art projects for their mothers.  The kids that are going to be invited are Becca Ramsey, Karen, Andrew and David Michael,  Claire, Margo, Nicky and perhaps Vanessa Pike, Jamie Newton, Buddy and Suzy Barrett, Myriah and Gabby Perkins ( get this- Marnie Barrett  and Gabby are both 2, right? But Marnie is too little to attend, but Gabby can be invited? Ummmmm) , the 3 Rodowsky boys, Haley and Matt Braddock,  Jenny Prezioso, Charlotte Johannsen and a few kids in Kristy’s neighborhood. So if all those kids come, it could be a total of 29 kids!  The BSC feel that if 29 kids can attend, they will need an extra sitter. So they call Logan and Shannon, but both of them will be out of town that weekend. But guess who is free? STACEY!!! So Stacey will be coming to Stoneybrook to help the BSC out with the carnival!

Kristy is playing softball with Karen, David Michael and Andrew. Mrs. Thomas  ( oh yeah I mean Brewer!!)  got her invitation about how the kids will be at Sudsy’s with the BSC, and gets all teary. Watson then tells Elizabeth  that there is an important call, and while she is inside handling that, Karen, David Michael and Andrew get into an argument and David Michael says that Elizabeth loves him and his siblings more than she loves Karen and Andrew, and Watson loves his kids more than he loves David Michael, Sam, Charlie and Kristy. Karen says that is not true, but DM insists that it is, and that argument is worrying Kristy.

It ends up that only 21 kids are coming because not every child is free that was invited.  They decide to put the kids into groups- 3 kids in a group to each baby sitter. Kristy’s group is Karen and Andrew, and Shea Rodowsky. Mary Anne’s group is Jenny P, and Claire and Margo Pike. Claudia gets Gabby and Myriah Perkins, and Jamie Newton.  Dawn is going to watch over Suzy Barrett, Nina Marshall and Archie R.  Jessi gets Matt and Haley Braddock, and Nicky Pike.  Mal will be with Buddy Barrett, David Michael, and Jackie Rodowsky.  And Stacey’s girls are Charlotte, Becca and Vanessa Pike.  The girls then talk about other times they took kids on big outings or watched lots of kids- like for Kristy’s mom’s wedding and the time they took a bunch of kids in NYC to a museum when they were visiting Stace ( featured in Stacey’s Mistake, which will be recapped in the summer to early fall most likely). Stacey is on the phone during the meeting , and is talking about how her parents are arguing all the time lately ( foreshadowing….)

Next- the day before the Mom’s Day outing- and Stacey is here! WOO STACE!  At the meeting, Stacey meets Jessi and says ” I guess you are Jessi Ramsey” and Kristy says that is not really a necessary statement since Stacey knows Jessi is black- yes, we all know Jessi is black that’s for sure.  Jessi then says that she is living in Stacey’s old bedroom-yep Jessi moved into Stacey’s old place.  The BSC runs through the schedule they will have for the next day, and Mallory says that Mr. Pike will be watching Marnie for the day, along with the triplets, since the Barretts don’t have their dad around, and Mr. Pike is thrilled as he loves kids ( yeah, obviously!)  Mimi then comes upstairs saying she is looking for a cow and acting really odd ( this is more foreshadowing BTW- and yes I will be recapping BSC 26 when Mimi dies, but it will be sorta hard to snark on that 😦

On the day of the carnival, Kristy declares that she is wearing a t-shirt with the Beav on it ( why??), an old sweatshirt of Sam’s that says Stoneybrook High on it, and jeans and running shoes.  Stacey has a tight fitting pink jumpsuit over a white shirt and jelly shoes ( jelly shoes to walk around a carnival all day?)  and Claud has on a big blue shirt over blue and black leopard striped pants and a snake bracelet.  Kristy also says that each kid will be wearing a paper necklace with a color on it, so they know what group they are all in for the day.  And Stacey and Charlotte J have a very emotional reunion, as you could guess.  Then Jenny starts complaining about Matt Braddock being there ( I guess Jenny has some issue with Matt being deaf) and Haley pretty much threatens to kick Jenny’s ass. On to the carnival!

Karen Brewer has a little crush on Shea Rodowsky, and Shea is protective of Andrew because he had cried when his dad left. Awww how sweet.  Karen goes through the Haunted House and freaks the fuck out.  Jamie gets a balloon for his sister. Margo is not allowed to go on any rides because Mallory says that Margo will get sick, and yes Margo is known for getting sick almost anywhere. Margo whines, so they agree to let her go on the merry go round and sit in one of the chairs- and Margo pukes. Lovely. So the carnival time is over, and the kids and sitters then go to Carle Playground for lunch  ( made by the dads).

Jenny is a slow, picky eater. Jackie spills a lot.  Buddy Barrett is also darn picky.  Shea eats very quickly, and Gab and Myriah make their sandwiches in the shape of cats and snowmen by nibbling around the sandwich- I did that a couple times when I was, like, 8, I have to admit. Some of the kids play on the horsies, and there is also some kind of water fountain game, in which Claire Pike gets very wet. After lunch, it’s over to Claud’s for the art project.  The kids all make cards for their moms for Mother’s Day.  Half the kids make the cards, while the other half get stories read to them so they can relax, and then they switch off. The day ends up being a great success- naturally.

It turns out that Claudia, Stace and Dawn made pins that are more like brooches, and personalized with stuff their moms like. Mary Anne decided to get her dad a gift for Mother’s Day because he acts like a mom and dad to Mary Anne, and she got him a book he wanted.  When Kristy, David Michael, Andrew and Karen get home Elizabeth Brewer has QUITE  the annoucement- Elizabeth and Watson have adopted a little girl from Vietnam named Emily Michelle, and she will be coming to them the next day ! She is 2 years old.  Everyone gets really excited, except Karen and Andrew- but then Kristy tells Karen she will be Emily’s big sister, and assures Andrew that he will always be a special part of the family.

Kristy decides to invite all of the BSC members over to see Emily Michelle come home- gee not too overwhelming for the kid.  They make cookies for Emily’s arrival, and Dawn is singing Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds wrong, singing it ” the girl with colitis goes by” instead of the ” girl with kalidascope eyes.”  When Watson and Eliz arrive with Emily Michelle, she is sleeping. Kristy marvels at how adorable Emily Michelle is, and how Emily is the best Mother’s Day gift ever!  Kristy also says Emily Michelle will unite the family. THE END

Next time I swear- Jessica the Thief WILL be snarked on! And then- Hello, Mallory and following that, Freshman Obsession! Look forward to a few weeks of great books!


3 Responses to “In Honor of the Mamas…”

  1. Whoohoo! I just reread this last week. It was so dumb how Marnie was too young but Gabbie wasn’t. But then Gabbie can do anything! Also I thought it was odd that some kids were too young for the haunted house but some of the same age kids weren’t. Like Claire was too young but Myriah wasn’t, stuff like that.

    I also thought it extremely fucked up that none of the kids knew that Emily was coming till, like, the day before? Like, oh, btw, we just adopted a kid. And does no one have a normal reaction to babies (other than the younger kids)? I can’t think of a single kid who actually was pissed or upset at a baby. If I were 13 and my mom wanted another kid, my reaction might eventually be happy but not “Yay! More babies to play with.”

  2. Jan aka Girl Talk Read Says:

    I thought that too, Sadako!!!! Why did they only tell the kids Emily was coming the day before? That seems VERY odd- and I could see how Kristy, of course, would be all thrilled over another baby, but Sam and Charlie?? I can’t see why they’d be so jazzed!!!! And I also didn’t get how Kristy said the BSC was coming and Sam was all oh ugh eeeww they are too young- when he had crushed on Stacey!

  3. Oh my god, yeah. It makes no sense. Also remember when Jessi’s mom announced she was returning to work and Jessi originally though the announcement was “new baby! yay!” Or when MA and Dawn desperately wanted Sharon and Richard to have a new child. Man. I’m so glad you did this one b/c it was just too utterly painful for me to even reread.

    Also how Kristy was all, Emily Michelle will bring us together as a family. Uh, she’s two and if your blended family already has problems, bringing in a new child isn’t going to help!

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