I wasted an hour reading this shit!!

And no I don’t mean ” Hello, Mallory” ( which is being recapped soon I promise!!). I mean a Sweet Valley Senior Year book called ” Say it to my Face” SVH Sr year #2.  This book was HELLA shitty and I couldn’t even finish reading it- I threw it down in disgust after about 100 pages!!! I mean come on- Lila turning on Jessica to hang out with some bitch named Melissa??? And what’s the whole thing with the huge earthquake ruining the homes so badly that all the Wakefields live with the Fowlers, except Liz who lives in the home of a random girl, and gets her panties wet over the girl’s bro, Connor? Liz hanging out with ” cool kids” from another school ( the students at that school go to SVH now because their school was destroyed in the quake) and being as bitchy as Jess but failing miserably as hell? And Todd and Liz aren’t together senior year? That doesn’t match with SVU’s first book? And OK Sweet Valley High started in what- 1986? But these books are written in 99 and the ghostwriters are clearly trying to be all ” 90’s cool”- Maria says ” You go girl” and the kids go to raves- ummmmm so junior and senior years are 13 years apart? That’s worse than the kids of 90210 being juniors for 2 years straight!!

Ugh, ugh I hated this fuckin book and I will never read another shiteous senior year book.  Also, I read ” Bruce’s Story” and that was another that seemed so utterly awful that it will make me nauseous to recap, as will BSC’s Euro vacation- Come on Stacey’s single mom can pay for Stace to get clothes at Harrod’s? I HATED that book!!!!! And Abby is pretty sassy and kinda cool but just- no. Maybe I can read BSC 90 featuring Abby but that super special- HELLA HELLA FRIGGIN SHITTY! It just has to be said.

If you haven’t yet read SVH Senior Year- NEVER DO!!!!


One Response to “I wasted an hour reading this shit!!”

  1. Hehe, at least on 90210, you could pretend and say oh they were sophomores or something that first year…in BSC world, it’s like they’ve had Xmas and Halloween eighty times.

    Can’t wait to see you recap a Mallory book. She’s so fun to hate.

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