Archie Andrews Getting Married??


Yes I know I JUST posted but OH MY GOODNESS I gotta share this! I was a DEVOTED Archie comics reader from about the ages of 7-13 years of age- my father got me into them and I would buy at least one new comic a week! And I do love my brunettes to death, but I am Team Betty all the way!

And yes, yes, Archie comics can be easily snarked on but they were as beloved a part of my childhood as Cabbage Patch Kids, Jem, the pogo ball and Elizabeth Gail books- and yes so was the BSC and SVH- but I dunno whilst it’s easy to snark on Archie and co ( BTW Jughead is definitely the basis for Winston Egbert and Screech Powers and you know Reggie is sooo Bruce Patman) I am not sure I can!!


2 Responses to “Archie Andrews Getting Married??”

  1. I preferred Veronica. Betty was sweet, but just too eager to please. Veronica was always screwing with Archie’s head and that made her hilarious.

  2. Betty was way too goody-goody for me. And she could be a stealth bitch, many times. At least Veronica owned her bitchiness. Team Veronica.

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