Sweet Valley High #95- The Morning After

The last Sweet Valley High book I read ( which I believe was in the summer after my junior year of high school- yep ’tis true) was A Night to Remember the book right before this one, and I found the plot of a Night to Remember so dumb that I did not bother to read the next book after that, and never read an SVH book again. So this was the first time reading this book, which I got in a huge 75 lot SVH/SVT/ SV Kids package that I got off E Bay.

Well, as the Dairi Burger ( LOVE that blog- it inspired me to start my own, along with Tiff from the old BSC site Claud’s Room) said, hardly anything really happens in this book. So I am pretty much going to go over some of the things that happened in this book to some of the characters in small paragraphs.

First of all- background- in A Night to Remember, it was the night of the Jungle Prom. Both Jess and Elizabeth Wakefield really wanted to be the jungle queen and were competing rather viciously for the title of Jungle Queen. Would love to know why Elizabeth would care about being Jungle Queen but whatevs. So Jessica feels that Liz would be a shoo in, and is pissy over Elizabeth talking to her man Sam, so she spikes Liz’s punch to sabotage her, Liz gets really plastered from, like, 2 cups of punch from what I recall ( Sam was also drunk) and I guess Elizabeth drove them home but got into a major car accident and Sam was killed- but Elizabeth remembers nothing about that night at all- not even drinking.  Well, I guess since the punch was spiked, she thought it was regular punch??? Odd, I say, very odd. And also on that night SVH and Big Mesa got into some big rumble and Bruce was getting his ass kicked, but some girl who is really hot saves Bruce from death or something. So moving on…

Jessica and Elizabeth- Literally all that pretty much happens is that Jessica is refusing to speak to Liz, assuming that Liz killed her precious Sam. I did love Sam and Jess together I must admit. More so than I liked Jessica with AJ, or even Liz and Todd- because Elizabeth and Todd blow. Or well Elizabeth never blows… and so Todd dumps her as soon as he sees that girls at college put out. Well anyhoo so yeah it’s basically Ned, Alice and Steven being all upset over Jessica being depressed, and Elizabeth being depressed, and them not talking to each other. We do gather that Jess is feeling some guilt over spiking Elizabeth’s punch and even thinks at one point that technically Jessica is the one that killed Sam by getting Liz drunk, but toward the end Elizabeth is officially arrested for this crime ( and she is arrested like 2 weeks after Sam’s death- and the police admit it’s because Ned is a prominent attorney, so Liz pretty much got special treatment!! SV police rock.) and Jessica never tells the police that she spiked Elizabeth’s punch, because the police tell Liz that her blood alcohol level was over the legal limit, and Elizabeth says that that is not possible because she never drinks- a popular high school kid who NEVER drinks?? Ohhhkayyyy…. and yeah you’d think Jessica would say something at that point but of course not. And yes of course we have the obligatory scene where Jessica visits Sam’s grave and cries. And I do love that Ned, Alice and Steve almost expect that Jess and Elizabeth should have just snapped out of it- ya know so what Liz got into a major car accident that caused her sister’s man’s death, and so what Jessica’s boyfriend died? Move on!! Oh Ned, Alice and Steven!!

Bruce: Well Bruce is determined to find the gal who saved his life. He keeps going to Big Mesa High to ask about her, and people make snarky innuendos when Bruce inquires about his woman, whose name is Pamela Robertson. Bruce and Pamela go on a couple of dates, and Bruce hears rumors that Pamela  is a huge ho- which he feels are confirmed when he sees a guy who has a ponytail hug Pamela roughly. Pamela wants to explain as she is falling in love with Bruce ( of course) but Bruce doesn’t want to hear it and runs off.

Olivia- She is taking art classes and someone wants to buy a painting of hers that this person says will be on display at some important art gallery. Well Liv goes there and it’s really someone’s house- and the dude whose house it is is a slightly older guy who’s in art class with Olivia and did want to buy her painting because she is so talented.  The guy is hot, and has sandy hair…so I guess love is in the air for Olivia. Boring plot line, and yeah Olivia is an artist but she’s no Claud Kishi or even Ashley Wyeth if you ask me. Oh God remember the book where Olivia was in love with her art teacher? How VERY Stacey McGill of her- oh God I HAVE to locate that book about Liv falling in love with the teacher!!

Lila- She is convinced that her guidance counselor, who she was basically seeing for therapy after John Pfeiffer attempted to rape her, and this guidance counselor Nathan Prichard did tell Lila to seek pro help but she refused. Well Lila freaked out at the Jungle Prom when the violence started to occur, and Nathan basically pulled Lila out of harm’s way but with Lila’s PTSD ( hello the exaggerated startle response, being afraid of men) Lila believes Nathan tried to molest her. She realizes that it was all in her head and is very upset over that.  George Fowler then apparently asks for Lila’s mom to come back from Paris to comfort Lila and Lila can’t wait to see her mom that apparently George Fowler ” sent away” after Lila’s mam left him for another man.

Margo- Yep we get introduced to Evil Margo ( who I only know about from reading the Dairi Burger and 1 bruce 1 blogs). Evil Margo is living in New York in a foster home, and is crazy mean to her cute little foster sister Nina. Margo ends up setting her foster home on fire, and Nina is trapped inside so she dies instantly- but not before Margo escapes of course. Very ” Devil in the Flesh” ( oh God I should snark on that movie someday- ever see that bad Lifetime movie with Rose McGowan? PRICELESS) only Margo kills the foster sister instead of her slutty mom.  Margo then goes to Cleveland to baby sit for some little red haired kid, and Margo is intrigued by the hottie brother but Margo realizes that she has no time to have the sex with hottie bro she just has to steal enough shit and get enough cash to go to- California….

Nicholas Morrow- Apparently he and Olivia Davidson are the best of friends. Both are lamenting being single after Nicholas’s split from Andrea Slade,  and since Olivia’s dude James ( WHO?) left to study in Paris, and Olivia is afraid she will be single forever- yeah at 16. At least Nick points out that logic is dumb. Well, we know Olivia has Mr Sandy Hair now, but Nicholas is still hopelessly single. There is this new TV show Hunks ( that sounds VERY similar to the dating show on 90210 when Steve and Brandon both fell for Celeste!) where a woman picks from 3 guys to go on a date with after asking questions- ya know the Dating Game for the young. And Olivia sees this flyer and decides to sign Nicholas up for this Hunks show…

And oh yes Todd is not speaking to Elizabeth at all since the Jungle Prom. He was already pissy that Elizabeth was all over Sam at the prom and was all obsessed with being queen, and then she had to go and kill Sam. 

And that’s seriously all we get in this book- Elizabeth finally arrested in the end, we know Nicholas WILL be on Hunks, and Olivia WILL fall in love ( well that’s my guess) and Margo is coming but nothing really happens yet!! Ugh these miniseries books really suck ass if you ask me!  I think I may have ” The Verdict” from my big lot so that will have to be read soon.

And now- I will tell you all 15 books that will be recapped, snarked, written about in the next 15-16 or so weeks, but in no particular order… just some of the highlights you can look forward to…

1) Girl Talk #8 Stealing the Show

2) Sleepover Friends #9- No More Sleepovers, Patti?

3) BSC #87- Stacey and the Bad Girls

4) BSC #8- Boy Crazy Stacey

5) Sweet Valley Kids #40- Robin in the Middle

6) SVH #60- That Fatal Night

7) Sweet Valley Twins Special- the Unicorns Go Hawaiian

8) SVU Thriller- The Roommate

9) BSC #1- Kristy’s Great Idea

10) BSC Little Sister- Karen’s Kittycat Club

11) Sleepover Friends #11- Stephanie’s Family Secret

12) Freshman Dorm #24- Freshman Obsession

13) SVU Thriller- Love and Murder ( aka who knew a book featuring Lila Fowler would be a steaming pile of poo?)

14) VC Andrews Wildflowers- yep a VC Andrews book is a comin’!!


The Fabulous Five #8- The Runaway Crisis


Also look for more Gymnasts books, more Fabulous Five, Elizabeth Gail, and Freshman Dorm- and of course SVH, SV Kids, Twins and BSC as usual!!

I also am really looking to snark on ” Devil in the Flesh” now if get a chance!!


2 Responses to “Sweet Valley High #95- The Morning After”

  1. I’d love to read more about this

  2. girltalkread Says:

    Loopdoop in case you are interested- I plan to recap both A Night to Remember and a book called the Evil Twin that pretty much comes after Elizabeth gets acquitted ( yep Liz gets off) and the twins make up all and all- that and Evil Margo is heavily involved- well I plan to recap both of those in the next few months- maybe April? so stay tuned!

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