So Far….

Got this idea from Chick Manifesto- I wanted to give readers a short update of posts I have done recently in case you have missed them, and I also have a poll!!

In the past week to week and a half, I have done recaps of ” Hello, Mallory” which is BSC #14, ” A Night to Remember” which is an extremely shit-tacular Sweet Valley High book, and a very short recap of  Sweet Valley Senior Year book 2.  So if you have missed those, please catch up and enjoy!

I will now be taking a break for at least a week- don’t expect another book until at least Tuesday June 2- and for that post I will be recapping a Sleepover Friends book called ” Lauren in the Middle”. It was one I never read before, and it was- well wait for the recap!!

As for the book I will recap after that- YOU, dear readers- get to vote on that!!! So what do you want me to recap after the Sleepover Friends book? Your choices are….

Girl Talk #8- Stealing the Show- Sabrina really wants to play Sandy in ” Grease!” Does she get the part?

Freshman Dorm #24- Freshman Obsession- where track star Melissa McDormand starts to use steroids, Brooks and Dash join some mens’ group, and Faith is dating this dude who may be in  a cult!!

And your third choice is- Sweet Valley Kids #40- Robin in the Middle. Jess and Liz’s cousin Robin comes to visit, and the girls both want all of her attention!!! Poor Robin!!

So whatever book gets the most votes out of SVK #40, the Girl Talk book or Freshman Obsession WILL be recapped following my Sleepover Friends recap. and after the ” mystery book” ( based on who gets the most votes) I will then recap/review ” The Unicorns Go Hawaiian” and then whatever book from your choices above that is voted second gets recapped after the Unicorns Go Hawaiian! Enjoy!!


2 Responses to “So Far….”

  1. ‘Freshman Obsession’ , please! Can it top Jessica being ‘Kidnapped by the Cult’ ?!

  2. I read a few SV Kids books so I have the nostalgia thing going on. I’ll vote for Robin in the Middle.

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