Lauren in the Middle- Where she at? In the Middle!

First of all, before I begin recapping Sleepover Friends #20, ” Lauren in the Middle” I wanted to announce that only 2 people voted on what I should recap next so in the event of a tiebreaker I pick- Sweet Valley Kids #40- Robin in the Middle.  Following this recap, I will then list oodles of fun books coming up in the next few weeks and months as I always do!! WOOOOO!!!!

Lauren is meeting her dad’s boss’s niece Virginia Kincaid, but everyone calls Virginia Ginger. Ginger shakes hands when she meets Lauren, which Lauren finds so grown up. Ginger is from the South and rolls her ” r’s” when she speaks.  Ginger is flattered that she was invited to the sleepover, but Mr. Blaney, Lauren’s papa’s voice, asked for Ginger to be included. ah, whatevs, I guess.  Ginger has just moved to town, and Mr. Blaney is very glad that Ginger is going to have a new friend in Lauren.

Ginger asks Lauren what her favorite color is, and Lauren says blue, and Ginger says that’s also her favorite color! Then Ginger sees the poster of Kevin DeSpain ( some actor who is the equivalent of Cam Geary in BSC, basically) on Lauren’s wall and Ginger agrees that Kevin DeSpain is her favorite actor. Lauren says her friend Kate does not see the genius that is Kevin DeSpain’s acting, and Ginger asks who Kate is, and Lauren describes how Kate wants to be a movie director when she grows up and that she adores all types of movies. I used to find Kate so awesome when I was 11 years old, because at that age I wanted to be a movie critic- I even wrote a whole report on that for Girl Scouts. But I digress.  Lauren then describes Stephanie as a cool girl with curly hair from ” the city” ( I never know which city they mean) who always wears red, black and white, and Patti as a really smart girl. Ginger asks which girl is Lauren’s best friend and Lauren says Kate, Patti, and Stephanie are all her best friends, and Ginger says you can only have one best friend. Ah, fifth grade where yes one could only have one best friend…  Lauren says that’s not the case in the Sleepover Friends.

Kate, Stephanie and Patti come running up the stairs for the sleepover. Kate starts rushing to talk saying that there’s an old silent movie on that she must continue to watch.   Stephanie starts obsessing over her hair being frizzy. At least Patti does ask Ginger about when she got to Riverhurst and makes polite conversation.  The gals then start chowing down on cheesy nacho flavored chips and drinking Dr Pepper.  Ginger starts shuffling around playing cards and says she wants to read Lauren’s fortune with the cards.  Ginger starts talking about how the Jack card represents a hobby she will start with a young person friend, and Ginger feels that friend could be her! Another card apparently reads about a problem Lauren will have in the future.  And yet another card talks about future success, and Patti says maybe that means Lauren could win in the raffle the school organized to raise art supplies. First place is a trip for two to San Francisco- that’s the grand prize in raffle for elementary school kids? Shit, all we get in raffles at work are Target and Cheesecake Factory gift cards! And whoever sells the most tickets at the raffle wins a really cool embroidered jacket from Just Juniors, a cool store at the mall ( the store sounds like they sell clothes like they sold at 5-7-9- who remembers that store? I LOVED that store in junior high!!). I wonder what would happen if a boy sold the most tickets.  Stephanie says the plan is that if one of the Sleepover Friends wins the jacket the girls will share it among the four of them.  Ginger then reads a card that’s for a blonde girl, and Kate is blonde, and Ginger says the card she drew means that this blonde will have trouble with friends…  Then Stephanie says that they should play Truth or Dare!

Stephanie asks Lauren ( she picked truth) who’d she want to be shipwrecked on an island with if she could pick anyone from school and Lauren says Walter Williams because he’d be able to rescue them because he’s so smart.  Then Lauren asks Kate to reveal a secret and Kate says she no longer likes Royce Mason, a 7th grader,  and Lauren is all shocked wanting to know when Kate stopped liking Royce.   Then it’s Ginger’s turn, and she picks Dare, and Kate dares Ginger to knock on Donald Foster’s door and introduce herself, and as we know Donald is the most conceited boy in seventh grade.  Well, Ginger is happy to take the dare, and as she goes off Lauren says Kate is being too hard on Ginger and Kate says she doesn’t much like Ginger because of the fortune telling ” mumbo jumbo” and she didn’t like how Ginger said Kate would have trouble with friends. Stephanie tells Kate and Lauren to can it. Then Ginger comes back with Donald Foster’s baseball cap and says they had a great talk and Patti was right in saying that Donald is a nice boy ( Patti has a thing for Donald Foster, apparently).

That night, Kate says she doesn’t feel there is enough room for five girls to sleep in Lauren’s bedroom, so Kate and Stephanie sleep in the spare room while Lauren, Ginger and Patti sleep in Lauren’s room.  Lauren laments how this is the first time the Sleepover Friends had ever split during a sleepover. The next morning, Kate is already gone when Lauren, Patti and Ginger wake up. Stephanie reminds Lauren that Kate had to go with her parents to to pick up her great aunt Sally at the airport, and then Stephanie rushes off saying that she is going to ” the city” ( WHAT EFFIN CITY?) to see her Nana.  Patti then says her dad and mom are going to see a documentary about Eskimos and do Lauren and Ginger want to go but Ginger says no so Lauren decides not to go either even though Lauren loves Eskimos. So Lauren asks Ginger if she wants to go to the mall instead.  It turns out that Ginger loves the same new rock band that Lauren does, and they both order fries, shakes and burgers at the restaurant at the mall. Ginger then says that Stephanie and Kate don’t like her.  Lauren says to Ginger that they just don’t know Ginge yet, and Patti likes her, but Ginger says she bets Patti likes everyone, and Lauren thinks to herself that yes, Patti does get along with anybody.  Ginger then says that she feels Kate and Stephanie are jealous, and they want Lauren all to themselves and can’t stand to see Lauren making a new friend.  Lauren starts thinking that Ginge could perhaps be right. I think I will call Ginger ” Ginge” from now on.  Lauren and Ginge go to Just Juniors and admire the jacket that one could win in the raffle- when they see Christy Soames, the biggest snob in 5th grade, walking out wearing that cool jacket!  Lauren then talks about how all Christy talks about is clothes and how all of her clothes are designer and she wants to be a model.  Ginger is all thrilled to meet Christy and after Lauren and Ginge leave Christy, Ginge comments on how pretty Christy is. So Ginger is a mini lesbo? 😉  Lauren sees a cardigan in Just Juniors that she loves- it’s blue with red and turquoise triangles- ah 80’s fashions! And Ginge gets herself a similar cardigan in green and Lauren thinks it’s flattering to have a friend who likes the same types of clothes you do.  Ginge then does Lauren’s hair in cute little coils, and Lauren and Ginge don’t meet up again until Monday at school.

Lauren sees Stephanie, Kate and Patti before school as they bike to school together, and Lauren is hoping that Stephanie and Kate admire her new hairdo but they so don’t. Patti says Lauren’s hair looks nice and Stephanie did admire Lauren’s new cardigan. Lauren doesn’t like that Stephanie and Kate are acting weird about Lauren’s new hairdo.  When the girls see Ginger, she is wearing her hair just like Lauren’s new coils and wearing her green cardigan that is like Lauren’s blue one!  Ginge then asks Lauren to direct her to the principal’s office, and ignores the other girls. Rude, much? and shit how CREEPY and Single White Female of Ginge to wear her hair like Lauren’s and do her hair like hers, too!!  In class, Kate does pass Lauren a note saying that she does like Lauren’s new hairstyle.

In art class, Ginger makes a sculpture of Lauren’s face! How very Lionel Richie ” Hello” of Ginger isn’t it? And again- CREEPY! Lauren can’t believe it! At lunch, Ginger sits with Lauren and the other Sleepover Friends and says she got Mr. Patterson for a teacher and he’s really funny and nice.  Then Pete Stone ( a boy Lauren crushes on on and off) sits at their table and asks Lauren who is her twin. Teachers have even asked Lauren that Q, and Lauren is not really liking having Ginger as a twin. Ginger wants to hang out after school but Lauren wants a break from everyone and says she has to do chores for her mom.

After school, Kate and Stephanie say how they find Ginge to be phony. Lauren says Kate and Stephanie are just jealous because Ginge and Lauren have a lot in common like their favorite color is blue and Stephanie is all when do you see Ginger wear blue? And Lauren does notice that even Ginge’s jeans are black and not blue!! But then Ginger calls Lauren over to meet Ginge’s mom and Lauren sees that Ginger’s mom’s car is blue- so there! And Lauren goes over to meet Ginge’s mommy.

It turns out that Mrs. Kincaid was borrowing Christy Soames’ mom’s car. But whatevs.  Lauren goes to jog with her bro Roger after school, and she falls and hurts her ankle.  Lauren has to take off two days of school due to her sprained ankle, and then will use crutches for a week.  The first day Lauren is home from school she hopes that one of the Sleepover friends comes over after school but only Ginger comes over and really just comes over quick to ask where the Norrises live ( Ginger is hoping to sell them raffle tickets).  Lauren is sad that none of her close buddies came to visit, but the next day Patti comes over and Patti says the day before Patti had a Quarks Club meeting after school ( Oh God I have to find that book and recap it- or I believe Zanne from the Sleepover Friends blog has recapped that book about the Quarks Club- it’s fantastic!). Patti says she hopes Lauren can make it to school the next day because that is when they will announce the winners of the raffle.

The next day the art teacher, Ms. Gilberto, announces the winner of the raffle and it’s Karla Stamos- Karla Stamos is a girl who always wears brown and is rather boring- Lauren can’t believe Karla would care to sell enough tickets to win a cool jacket!  As Ms. Gilberto unveils the new mural in front of the new art class, Lauren sees Christy Soames with Ginger- and Ginger and Christy have matching hairstyles ( loose buns) and matching embroidered denim jackets! So Ginger has found a new twin to admire!

Lauren is just stunned and realizes that Kate and Stephanie were right and Ginge is a major phony pants.  The mural is then unveiled and Stephanie made a huge pic of the Sleepover Friends, and this warms the cockles of Lauren’s heart ( eh I wrote ” cockles”) . That night, the sleepover party is at the Greenes, and Stephanie reveals how she talked to a girl who went to camp with Ginge and she said Ginge would only glom onto one girl at a time and be her ” best friend” and she went through 4 best friends during camp and the girls all called her ” Shifty Kincaid.”  Kate said she noticed Ginger never actually shuffled the cards she set them up so that she could make trouble between Lauren and Kate. Well, all’s well that end’s well, the Sleepover Friends are all buddies again and Lauren realizes she is so lucky to have three awesome and genuine best friends! YEAH!!!!

So next time ( I am hoping by the end of this week) I should recap ” Robin in the Middle”- yeah Sweet Valley Kids. Next week I will recap Book #1 of the Fabulous Five series- Seventh Grade Rumors- which is a KICK ASS book I swear to ya all- and some of the next few books I will be recapping include:

” The Unicorns Go Hawaiian” ( sp?)  a Sweet Valley Twins Super Special, Gymnasts #9 ” Crush on the Coach”. Baby Sitters Little Sister #4 Karen’s Kittycat Club”, Baby Sitters #8 ” Boy Crazy Stacey”,  Baby Sitters Club #32, ” Kristy and the Secret of Susan” and Sweet Valley Twins #69 ” Won’t Someone Help Anna?” In fact LOTS of Sweet Valley Twins and High is on the horizon in the next few months, and I will be recapping ” Freshman Obsession” right after Unicorns Go Hawaiian, for Nose in a Novel!! 😉


6 Responses to “Lauren in the Middle- Where she at? In the Middle!”

  1. Maybe the City is San Francisco… because I really don’t see that trip being a prize otherwise. What are they fundraising for, because after plane tickets, they’ll have nothing left!! 😉

  2. perfectsize12 Says:

    5-7-9 was the shit! Where else would I have been able to buy so many plaid sort-of sweatshirt type things in bright colors?

    I was so miffed when I was no longer able to fit into their clothes in the 8th grade. Only people built like stick figures could wear 5-7-9!

    On another note… Those raffle prizes? WTF? Clearly I went to the wrong elementary school.

  3. girltalkread Says:

    5-7-9 was great until- yeah- I stopped being able to fit into it!!! So then I always shopped at Fashion Bug and Weathervane!! Ah, shopping in the ’90s!!! And I also went the wrong elementary school- the most I think someone could win in a raffle was a gift certificate to the local pizza parlor!

  4. I seriously LIVED at 5-7-9. My neurotic thirteen-year-old self absolutely loved being able to get so many coordinating separates.

  5. I really need to update my blog soon! Thanks for mentioning me. 🙂

    I remember 5-7-9!

    I really think the city is New York City, although I can’t imagine these girls running around the city by themselves. I live in a suburb of Chicago and I wasn’t allowed to go into the city with my friends until high school (my parents were really strict though).

  6. Jan aka Girl Talk Read Says:

    I was in Chicago for a week long trip last month, Zanne and I LOVED IT! but yeah I wouldn’t let 10 and 11 year olds run around there by themselves! The Sleepover Friends had WAY too much freedom- and yeah Zanne you really need to recap ASAP!

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