Freshman Dorm #24- Freshman Obsession

As most of you reading are probably aware, I used to devour Freshman Dorm books all through 8th grade and through most of my high school years. I never read this book before because by Book #19 I stopped reading the series, mostly because after awhile I don’t think B. Dalton was really selling these books so I could never locate them. So when I finally saw a lot of 10 Freshman Dorm books on EBay I SQUEED and had to get some- I have snarked on some already,but today I am not going to write a long recap b/c Freshman Dorm book recaps can get long and frankly I don’t have all the time in the world. So I will hit the high points-

The main plot pot? Melissa McDormand, the track star whose boyfriend Brooks dumped her at the altar, gets hooked on steroids.  Her track star rival Caitlin gets Melissa into steroids, telling her that being on these ‘roids will give Melissa the edge she wins to win track meets and get herself back on track.  Melissa and Caitlin get their meds from the ‘Roid Dungeon, where bunches of weightlifters work out and get steroids on the down low. Melissa thinks ‘roids are just great as they have helped her build muscle and win more meets.  Melissa starts having constant anger issues, and Melissa keeps having pain in her ankle, but just takes more ‘roids to mask the pain and get her through more races. Eventually Melissa strains her ankle way too much and ends up breaking her ankle. Melissa also meets a weightlifter in a wheelchair named Danny who warns her against using steroids but Melissa doesn’t want to hear it. Eventually when Melissa realizes the damage that steroids caused and how Danny was right ( and Caitlin is kicked off the team for using) Melissa and Danny fall in love and Melissa stops juicin.’

Faith has just started dating a dreamy guy named Becker.  Becker has managed to convince Faith that her old friends are no good and Faith realized they were right and Faith has pretty much cut herself off from KC, Winnie and Lauren. Faith wants to see Melissa run in the meet but it gets Becker all bent out of shape. Becker tells Faith that she’s the only person in his life and all he needs, and if Faith cared about him, she wouldn’t need anyone but Becker. CREEPY MUCH?

Becker gets Faith into the professional theatre program at school by suggesting that Faith write a Wild West version of the Taming of the Shrew- everyone who entered into the program has to come up with an original concept of Taming of the Shrew and Becker suggested the wild west version that everyone loved. Becker keeps reminding Faith that he is the reason she got into the program and she owes it to him to be devoted.  KC then tells Faith that she talked to a girl who used to date Becker who got got this girl into a writing program but it turns out the writing was plagarized and she was kicked out of the program. Faith has reason to worry because it turns out that Becker’s “original concept” wasn’t original at all- a Seattle theatre company did the same thing in 1977!!! So Faith has to go before the theatre committee and just like the time Faith got out of having the alcohol on campus, Faith doesn’t get in trouble because the professors running the theatre program give Faith credit for turning an original concept into something great and improving on it. Nonetheless, Faith dumps Becker because he’s a controlling douche who wants to cut her off from everyone she loves, and Becker finds a new girl named Cheryl to control.

Brooks ends up joining the ROTC because Brooks wants structure and meaning in his life, and to feel like a man. Brooks tries to make things up to Melissa by giving her a quilt that his grandma owned, and Melissa in a roid rage tears up the quilt bit by bit and leaves it all over the dorm floor.  Brooks and Dash go to a men’s empowerment group as well, and it leads Brooks to join the ROTC.

Winnie is pregnant!! Winnie can’t wait to announce the news to her mom  that she will be a grammie! When Winnie’s mom Francine comes to visit, Winnie’s mom is too obsessed over her new nerdy fiance Craig to even spend any time with Winnie and it upsets Winnie a great deal and makes her think of how her mom was never really ” a mom” who’d give advice or bake cookies. Winnie finally tells Francine she’s knocked up,  and Win’s mom is not too thrilled and pretty much tells Winnie she’s ruining her life, and didn’t she hear of birth control? Winnie is all excited thinking that Francine will help Winnie raise the baby ( this is before hearing Francine’s reaction) and Francie is all ” well no I am going to be traveling with Craig and won’t be around much” and Winnie is none too pleased.

That’s pretty much it. Melissa gets on roids, gets pissy and alienates folks, destroys a quilt, gets injured, stops the roids and gets with a hunky man in a wheelchair. 

I am going to do my best to recap a Gymnasts book this week.  After that here comes BOY CRAZY STACEY!!!! That will DEFINITELY be a full recap, as will the Gymnast book!!


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