The Gymnasts #6- Bad Break

Cindi is very excited- her parents said that she and the other gymnasts- Lauren, Jodi and Darlene can all stay at a huge house in Aspen to go skiing for Washington’s Birthday weekend. Cindi’s brothers Jared and Tim will also be there, as will Cindi’s parents.  Cindi is trying to learn how to do a Valdez walkover ( it’s a walkover started from a sitting position) on the balance beam and the Pinecones’ coach, Patrick, says that when all of the Pinecones learn that routine, he will make them all a special pasta dinner.  Then, Ashley ( this whiny 9 year old who’s in the Pinecones and looks up to Becky ” the Bitch” Dyson who is not a Pinecone she’s more advanced in gymnastics) says that no gymnasts should do skiing or they can risk getting hurt. Who is Ashley Jessi Ramsey?? ( read my post on the Baby Sitters Club Winter Vacation for more on that) and that Bela Karolyi that famous Romanian gym coach who I believe coached Nadia Comaneci said that gymnasts shouldn’t ski.  Ashley tries to get Becky on her side, but it doesn’t work. Becky says that she herself is a great skier and she is ALSO skiing in Aspen this weekend!  Cindi, Lauren, Jodi and Darlene all hope that they do not run into Becky on this ski trip.

Cindi, Lauren, Jodi and Darlene are going to ski on a bunny slope because Cindi is the only one who has really skied before, and Jared is going to join them because he sort of has a crush on Darlene.  Cindi and the girls go on the mountain and notice someone who is skiing really, really badly, and they realize it’s Becky!  Becky tries to say she’s just practicing before going on Ajax Mountain, which is the tough mountain.  Then Cindi and Becky have to go on the same chair lift to the mountain. Becky almost falls afterward, but Cindi holds out her hand to prevent Becky from falling. Then Jodi says ” show us your stuff, Cindi”! and Cindi does want to show off to impress her friends, and Cindi does this super turn but the snow is full of ridges.  Cindi falls headfirst as her pole slips, then slides down the mountain- and Cindi feels and hears her bone snap!!

Cindi screams that her leg hurts and she knows it’s broken. This ski patrol guy with a beard acts like a real douche and tells Cindi that it was only a minor fall and she didn’t break her leg. Jared says that Cindi can take a lot of pain and she’s not one to scream.  Another ski patroller, a woman, goes over and says that if Cindi thinks her leg is broken it probably is. Ann, the ski patrol lady, assures Cindi that her friends and family will meet her at the hospital, and tells Cindi she’s being very brave.

Cindi’s family and friends do all arrive in the hospital and the doctor asks who all those people are and Cindi’s dad says ” We’re the Jocketts” and the doc says ” all of you?” and Cindi finds that funny because she says the girls sure don’t look related- Cindi is a strawberry blonde, Jodi is blonde, Lauren has short dark hair and is half Hispanic, and Darlene is black. Ya know on a related aside I love Darlene- she doesn’t always go on and on about being black like Jessi does ( granted Jessi had a hard time of things when she first arrived in Stoneybrook but still) and Darlene is not this wicked stereotypical character- OK Darlene is rich b/c her dad is a Denver Bronco, but Darlene goes to private school and Jared has a crush on her and all and yes Cindi mentions the girls looking like the United Nations but they don’t all harp on it all the time. Hope I explained myself well there! By the way so you know it is also mentioned that Ti An, the youngest Pinecone, is Vietnamese.  The doctor tells Cindi that her leg will take about two months to heal, and Cindi freaks because she will be out of gymnastics for two months, and the doc acts like it’s some sort of joke when she freaks out. The physical therapist then comes to see Cindi, and talks to Cindi’s parents as if Cindi is not even there! Cindi is pissed.

When Cindi gets back to the Aspen home, Jodi is all apologetic and feels that she caused Cindi to get hurt by telling her to show off and Cindi says it’s not Jodi’s fault.  The girls all want to sign Cindi’s cast but Cindi doesn’t let them because she says her leg hurts.  Cindi is then making jokes all the way home from Aspen and the other girls worry and Cindi snaps at them saying she has the right to make jokes and not just cry over her injury.

The day after Cindi gets home she goes to see her regular doctor, Dr. Heilbrun. Cindi mentions that she likes Dr. Heilbrun because she treats Cindi like a person and not a patient.  The doctor mentions that Cindi can work out with arm weights to keep up her strength.  When Cindi and her mom go home, Patrick comes to visit.  Patrick tells Cindi he’d like her to help him keep records while she recupurates.  Patrick also says he wants to talk to Cindi’s doc about doing a special exercise routine at the gym.

Cindi returns to the gym and Lauren, Darlene, Jodi and Ti An are all excited to see Cindi.  Ti An asks Cindy how she broke her leg and Lauren tells Cindi she doesn’t have to talk about it but Cindi tells Ti An what happened.  Patrick then shows Cindi a stationary bike she can use to pedal on her one good leg, and Cindi finds that pretty easy to do.  Cindi also finally allows everyone to draw pictures on her cast because her leg doesn’t hurt as much now.

Cindi says she has settled into a routine of going to the gym four days a week.  Cindi is trying to get Jodi to get on the beam and Jodi just keeps goofing around. Cindi remarks to herself that it’s the first time she’s noticed that the Pinecones goof off a lot.  Cindi tells Jodi to get moving, and Lauren comments that ever since Patrick gave Cindi a clipboard she’s been acting really bossy.  Cindi tells Jodi again that she has to get to practicing and Jodi is all huffy. Patrick then comes over to see what is going on, and then Jodi gets moving.  Becky then goes over to Cindi and says that when Cindi’s leg heals, her leg will look so gross.  Becky remarks how she only had a cast for three weeks with a broken ankle and her calf was all withered when the cast came off.  Then Becky leaves and Patrick asks Cindi what is the matter and Cindi says that the Pinecones only work when Patrick is around and goof off if it’s only Cindi. Patrick remarks that he recalls Cindi goofing off a lot as well.  After practice, Cindi overhears the girls in the locker room saying Lauren should tell Cindi because she’s her best friend. Cindi doesn’t know what Lauren is supposed to do or say and Cindi assumes Lauren is to tell Cindi that she’s being way too bossy for her own good and Cindi gets upset.

Well two months has gone by and Cindi is getting her cast off.  Lauren pretty much insists on going with Cindi to get her cast off her leg.  Cindi says Lauren will miss gymnastics and Lauren says that’s fine as she wants to go with Cindi.   After Cindi finally gets her cast off ( and Cindi sees how her calf that was broken is much smaller than the other and does look really odd) , Lauren says they have to go back to the gym because Lauren forgot something. Lauren asks Cindi to go into the gym with her but Cindi thinks the girls won’t want to see her because of her bossiness, but then Cindi’s mother says that she needs to give Patrick a check and tells Cindi to give it to Patrick because Cin’s mom has errands to do. So Cindi is forced to enter the gym- and SURPRISE- the girls organized a ” cast off” party for Cindi!  Lauren tells Cindi that soon she will be back to full strength in gymnastics and Cindi can learn the Valdez walkover and they will get Patrick’s pasta dinner! Cindi says she is not 100 percent yet but Patrick is confident Cindi will be soon.

Cindi is preparing to get on the uneven bars, but she gets too scared. Patrick says he is right there to spot, but Cindi just gets too nervous, and runs off into the bathroom crying.  About a week later, Cindi is still not performing up to par, but no one is being pushy or mad, and Cindi feels everyone is pitying her and she’s no fan of it.  Ti An can do the Valdez walkover perfectly, and Jodi has now done it too. It’s only Cindi who hasn’t mastered it yet. Patrick wants Cindi to go for it but she again gets nervous and just can’t do it.  Darlene asks Cindi if she wants to go to Cindi’s house and watch a tape of the Olympics but Cindi says no. Then Becky says that a lot of gymnasts never come back to 100 percent after an accident and Lauren gets pissed.  Then Darlene tells Cindi she’s tearing the Pinecones apart due to her anxiety.  Cindi says she’s sorry but there’s nothing she can do about it.

When Cindi gets home, she asks her bro Tim who is sixteen to drive her to Darlene’s.  Cindi talks to Tim about her fears and how she may quit gymnastics, and Tim tells Cindi not to do anything hasty.  Cindi then goes to Darlene’s and tells the girls that she didn’t want to cry over her broken leg or she’d feel like a coward. Darlene says well we all cried so are all of us cowards?  Then everyone starts crying because Cindi is finally crying over her broken leg and subsequent gymnastics anxieties.  The girls tell Cindi not to talk about quitting, but Cin says she can’t promise that.

Cindi and Patrick have a talk at the gym, sort of a pep talk that Patrick gives Cin about things not always being in our control, and how Cindi was brave throughout her ordeal.  Cindi then says she didn’t want to show her fears and Patrick says all the gymnasts have their fears and Cindi thinks about how  Darlene gives these little hoots when she’s afraid,  Jodi pretends not to be scared but bites her nails, Lauren cracks jokes, Ti An gets really quiet, and Ashley and Becky ate like bullies because they are really scared underneath.  Patrick asks Cindi what she used to do when she was scared before, and Cindi says she would just do it anyway.  And- Cindi gets on the beam and does the Valdez walkover!! WOOOOO! And the Pinecones get their awesome pasta dinner!  At the dinner, Jodi again says how she feels Cindi’s broken leg was her fault and Cindi says no it was not and she got through it and Cindi is only human after all, as all of the Pinecones are. 

I will TRY to recap ” Boy Crazy Stacey” by the end of this week, but more likely it will be the beginning of next week. I have found some Sweet Valley High and Twins books I didn’t think I had and I am VERY HAPPY!! So some of those will be recapped soon!  In the next few weeks expect posts on Sweet Valley University’s Thriller ” The Roommate” ( so trashy and awful- well worth the $3.50 I spent on EBay!!), a little sister book called ” Karen’s Kittycat Club”, another Sweet Valley Kids book called ” Left out Elizabeth”, and a Girl Talk book- Girl Talk #8 Stealing the Show- where Bradley Jr High performs ” Grease!!’ Also expect recaps in the next few weeks of ” Kristy and the Secret of Susan”, ” Kristy and the Worst Kid Ever”, and the Sweet Valley Twins book ” Won’t Someone Help Anna?”  I am also hoping to recap Stacey’s Lie BSC #76 and Sweet Valley High #74- The Perfect Girl” soon as well. And I forgot- after I recap ” Left Out Elizabeth” it’s another Gymnasts book called ” Crush on the Coach!” ( which it turns out is no ” Teacher Crush” SVH #57- but more on that when I recap it!!)


2 Responses to “The Gymnasts #6- Bad Break”

  1. Golden snitch Says:

    I remember this book and this series.

  2. girltalkread Says:

    Glad to hear it Golden Snitch- I really liked this series when I was in like 6th and 7th grade because I used to take gymnastics. Lauren was totally my favorite- and funny enough as a kid my favorite Sleepover Friend was Lauren too- tho for Sleepover Friends now I like Patti most b/c she is the least annoying.

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