Who Needs Babysitting When There are Boys Around???

And the above title is the reason I was never a babysitter, boys and girls…. well other than for my own sister and cousins. And here goes the recap of Boy Crazy Stacey BSC #8. I will be recapping this book chapter by chapter which is a departure from the usual recaps but then again I have been known to recap books in various fashions soo- let’s begin!

First, though- cover snark. I thought Scott was a total book cover hottie when I was about 12. Now I think he just looks odd with his plastic looking full of hairspray hair. Plus he looks at least 20. Stacey really resembles a young Jenny Lewis on this cover ( first pointed out by Tiff at the Claudia’s Room blog but it’s true!) and Claire- well I believe it’s Claire as it describes a scene in the book- shit, Claire looks like a 50 year old midget!!!

Chapter 1:  Stacey is going to a sleepover at Kristy’s house. She has never been to Kristy’s new house before and is not sure how to behave at a mansion. Stacey chooses what to wear to the mansion carefully- a pink shirt with green and yellow birds splashed all over it ( sounds like a shirt Armand would wear in the movie ” The Birdcage”) and baggy shorts with a green belt looped around the middle. Soooo sophisticated.  Stacey briefly mentions her diabetes.  Stacey then mentions how she and Mary Anne will be spending two weeks together caring for the Pikes in Sea City New Jersey, and Stacey is a little nervous about that as she feels she and Mary Anne don’t have much in common- Stacey fancys herself as being very mature for her age, Mary Anne acts young- Stacey LOVES boys, and Mary Anne has no interest in boys yet.  As for the other sitters- Claud will be in New Hampshire with her family for two weeks, Dawn is going to California to see her dad, and Kristy will be bonding with her new family- Watson, Karen and Andrew of course.  Kristy then demands that Stacey and Mary Anne send postcards every day describing their sitting job at the Pikes and later they will all be entered in the Baby Sitters Club notebook- boy is Kristy a killjoy! 

Chapter 2-  Mary Anne and Stacey go the Pike home for Mrs. Pike to tell them all about Sea City, and the kids, and things like that.  For one thing, the Pike kids cannot go swimming or even wading before 9 am or after 5 pm because lifeguards are only on duty from 9-5 and the kids are not to swim without lifeguards on duty.  Stacey then tells Mrs. Pike about her diabetes and how she has to give herself injections, but she knows how to care for herself quite well. Mrs. Pike says she will be sure that there is food Stacey can eat in the house.  As the girls leave, Mary Anne tells Stacey she cannot wait to go on the trip because it’s her first time at the Jersey Shore, her first trip away from her dad, and she got her first bikini!  Stacey’s mom is still all nervous about Stacey going to Sea City, but Stacey assures Ma McGill that things will be fine. God, hardly anything happens in the first two chapters!

Chapter 3:  TIME FOR SEA CITY! Stacey gets into one car ( a station wagon) with Claire, Margo, Nicky, Mallory and Mr. Pike. Mary Anne is going in the other car with Vanessa, the triplets Adam, Byron and Jordan, and Mrs. Pike.  There is a bucket that has a sign saying the Pike Barf Bucket on it because Margo gets carsick, airsick, seasick, you name it, very easily so they are always prepared.  We also learn that Claire is calling her mother ” Moozie” and her father ” Daggles” and sadly when I read this book to my sister when she was about 4 or 5, she did this too for awhile- but back then I found it cute.  This is also really the book where Claire starts ALWAYS saying silly billy goo goo. GRRR.  Claire and Margo eventually start coloring in coloring books, and Mallory begins to read the Secret Garden. Then Mrs. Pike’s car passes Mr Pike’s and Nicky sees the triplets made a sign that says Barfmobile as they laugh and point. How did Mary Anne or Mrs. Pike allow that one?  So Nicky makes a sign that says Vomit Comet and asks Mr. Pike if they can pass the other Pike car so he can hold his sign up! And Mr. Pike is all ” not yet, son!” Me Lord!  Then Nicky starts singing ” jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg”- I never remember Nicky being this annoying! Mal tells him she hates that song so he tries to sing other equally annoying songs, but Mr. Pike puts a stop to that.  They all stop at Howard Johnson’s for an ice cream break and Stacey finds a sugar free popsicle to munch on.  And then- Sea City! I always remember how the kids see the ad with the three dimensional cow, and the ” suntan girl” which is the old Coppertone ad with the little girl with the dog pulling on her swimsuit to show her tan line. 

Chapter 4: Sea City arrival. Stacey describes the house as being large, rambling and looking like a huge gingerbread house, sort of. Funny how Watson is referred to as being so rich, but the Pikes can afford a huge rental house on the Jersey shore,  and Mrs. Pike can actually stay home to raise the eight kids but they never say the Pikes are rich.  Mary Anne then suggests that she and Stacey take the kids out to the town and the kids can show Mary Anne and Stacey the town and the cool sights.  They pass a store called Candy Heaven and each kid gets a jawbreaker. They pass Burger Garden which Claire calls ” Gurber Garden” and the tables outside all look like mushrooms. Oh God I SOOOO wished I could eat at Burger Garden when I was an eight year old reading this book!!  Heck, I wanna eat there NOW- I am such the 8 year old even at age 31 believe me!  They also pass the mini golf course and Stacey says she wants to play sometime.  The kids then frolic around the beach for a bit after their tour, and Stacey then notices a blonde hunk who is about 17 or 18 walking off with the other lifeguards.  The blonde hunk then winks at Stacey, and Stacey then tells Mary Anne she thinks she’s in love.  Oh boy!

Chapter 5:  Claire and Margo wake up Mary Anne and Stace at the ass crack of dawn to go swimming.  Mr. Pike is making breakfast and asks Stacey what she can eat. Stacey tells Mr. Pike she can have bacon, some toast, and plain scrambled eggs. Then Stacey feels she is making extra work for Mr. Pike and begins to feel apprehensive.  After breakfast, Mary Anne and Stacey show each other their bikinis. We get Stacey’s speil- as told to us readers- about how Mary Anne’s bathing suit is nice and all- blue and white striped- but not nearly as revealing as Stacey’s yellow bikini with bows on the sides,a nd Stacey fills out her suit quite nicely whereas Mary Anne is not exactly filling out her bikini. God, Stacey can be a real bitch, and we first see that in this tale.  And by the way when Mary Anne sees Stacey all filling out her sexy yellow bikini, her eyes almost bug out of her head… ummm what?  Then Stacey notices a boy of about 14 ( who Stacey is not in love with) carrying a bunch of stuff and with kids who don’t resemble him so Stacey tells Mary Anne she bets he’s a guy mother’s helper. Then the girls notice Adam and Jordan splashing and frolicking in the water and Byron is all hanging back and not really playing with his brothers.  Stacey is soon distracted by other things- she sees THE HUNK!  Stacey then is watching her hunk a lot more than she is watching after the children.  Stacey sees how some ” lifeguard groupies” who are about 12 and 13 get to do such cool things for the boy lifeguards like bring them sandwiches and pick up things that fall off the lifeguard stand. What a priviledge!  As Mary Anne is trying to solve a squabble between the triplets ( A and J are pissy that B won’t go in the water) the lifeguard says ” Hi, cutie” to Stacey so of course Stacey melts.  Then Claire goes crying to Stacey because her foot is bleeding from cutting it on a shell.  The hottie lifeguard cleans Claire’s wound and puts a Band Aid on it and both Claire and Stacey look at Scott adoringly.  Stacey talks to Scott a little more and finds out he lives in Princeton, NJ, is 18 years old and will start college in September. Stacey then writes- after learning the lifeguard’s name which is Scott Foley- Stacey + Scott=LUV

Chapter 6:  Stacey and Mary Anne take the Pike kids to Burger Garden while Mr. and Mrs. Pike go to a more fancy restaurant for dinner.  The waitstaff all dress as animals and the waitress for the Pikes is dressed as a mouse.  The family have to grab a few tables by the Enchanted Tree because each table is fairly small. Nicky wants to sit with the triplets but they don’t want him too because they feel Nicky is a baby.  So finally the triplets sit alone, Nicky sits with Stacey, Mallory and Vanessa, and Mary Anne eats with Margo and Claire.  It turns out the Enchanted Tree has candy bars on it and if you get a gold wrapper you win Burger Garden food.  So each kid gets a candy bar and Nicky got a gold wrapper!  The kids, Stacey and Mal then go to Ice Cream Palace for dessert. Mary Anne says her skin feels stiff and she feels funny- turns out Mary Anne has a NASTY sideburn from not wearing sunscreen and wanting to tan right away at the beach!!  This is always another part I remembered from the book- Mary Anne having the bad sunburn and then wearing tons of sunblock, a hat and a caftan and sitting under the umbrella all the time afterward.  When everyone gets home, Claire gives Mary Anne butter to put on her sunburn- kinda funny!

Chapter 7:  Scott tells Stacey to go fetch him a soda as he winks a lot and calls her princess. Stacey rushes to get Scott a soda and is more in love than ever because Scott is giving her attention.  Stacey is pretty much either trying to get Byron to go in the water or catering to Scott the rest of the day and Mary Anne seems a little pissy because Stacey is not really helping Mary Anne with the kids and all but Stacey pretty much thinks to herself that it’s not her problem.  Because Stacey isn’t getting paid to watch the Pikes- umm oh yeah she IS and should be BABY SITTING and not fetching sodas for Scott!  After 5, Mary Anne has to take everything back the house and get the kids back as Stacey says she must talk to Scott.  Scott tells Stacey she’s been his lifesaver and gives her his whistle. TRUE LOVE- OK when I was little I was convinced Scott wanted Stacey after he did that- hey I was 8 or 9 years old what did I know?

Chapter 8-  A misty, cloudy day in Sea City- certainly not beach weather. Mr. and Mrs. Pike want to go to Smithtown, which sort of sounds like Sturbridge Village in that it’s some historical town, but none of the kids want to go.  Stacey and Mary Anne take the kids mini golfing. Claire takes about 1500 tries on each hole, thereby pissing off the other patrons at Fred’s Putt Putt Course. Why couldn’t they limit the number of times Claire would have a turn at getting the ball in the hole?  Nicky got a hole in one and the triplets are awed.  After the game everyone rolls their ball into a chute, and Claire’s ball ends up winning a free game at the putt putt course! Claire wants to play again, and Stacey says they can save that for the next rainy day.

Chapter 9:  The famous chapter where Karen and Andrew wash Watson’s car with Brillo pads and scrub all the paint off. Kristy writes this in a postcard to Mary Anne. A big ” who cares” chapter.

Chapter 10: More flirting with Scott, and Stacey is still ignoring the kiddos and leaving Mary Anne with all the responsibility.  Stacey fetches Scott more sodas. All of the sodas come from the Pike fridge- I hope Stacey pays Mr. and Mrs. Pike back for all that soda Scott drank!  That night, Mr. and Mrs. Pike are going to spend the evening with the kids and Mary Anne and Stacey get to hang out alone in Sea City for five hours. Stacey wears a dope pink sundress with a white jacket for the ocassion. Mary Anne and Stacey go to the boardwalk and buy some souvenirs and ride the Ferris wheel. Stacey is hoping she sees Scott and Mary Anne groans. Well- Stacey sees Scott all right- kissing a gorgeous brunette on the boardwalk!  And this is after Stacey buys this expensive box of chocolates to give to Scott. Stacey dumps the chocolates and runs off crying.

Chapter 11:  Mary Anne and Stacey have a squabble. Mary Anne says Stacey stuck her with all the responsibility of watching the kids and Stacey says nonsense because apparently that guy mother’s helper, Alex, was hanging around Mary Anne a lot and Stacey calls him a nerd and Mary Anne says he’s really nice and not a nerd!  So Stacey decides to stay inside for the day being all upset over Scott, and Stacey and Byron hang together and go over to  a bay  that’s a smaller body of water as Byron tells Stacey big waves scare him. It’s when we learn Byron is sweeter and more sensitive than the other triplets.

Chapter 12: The beginning of the next week. Yes Stacey begins and ends her first crush in a week- such is the life of 12 and 13 year olds!  Alex and the kids he sits for are playing with the Pike kids, and Stacey then sees Alex’s cousin Toby who is wearing cool wrap-around shades and looks to be about 14. Stacey declares him to be very cute.  Toby and Stacey chat and we learn Toby loves computers and Spanish class.  Toby then tells a corny joke and Stacey is in LUV again.

Chapter 13:  It’s now the last night in Sea City, and Mary Anne and Stacey get another night off- which they will be spending with Alex and Toby!  Toby and Stacey play games together on the boardwalk as Mary Anne and Alex do whatever. Stacey and Toby then ride the tunnel of love, and Toby gives Stacey her very first kiss!!

Chapter 14:  Last day of Sea City time.  There’s a chore bucket that determines which Pike kid does each chore to clean up the house and get ready to leave.  Stacey and Mary Anne say final goodbyes to Toby and Alex, and Mary Anne cries over saying goodbye to Alex.  Stacey says a dumb final goodbye to Scott- LAME And oh we find out Mary Anne and Alex also went in the Tunnel of Love.

Chapter 15:  Last chapter of course.  After Stacey and Mary Anne are at their respective homes, Stacey calls Mary Anne to apologize but wimpy Mary Anne says SHE’S sorry for understanding Stacey’s crush! UGH! Mary Anne then says she realizes boys are not alien creatures, and Mary Anne and Alex exchanged engraved rings!  Stacey tells Mary Anne she’s glad they got to know each other better. Then Stacey calls Claudia, and we learn Claudia has discovered a love for pottery while she was on her trip, and Stacey tells Claud about her first kiss.

Wow I LOVED this book as a kid it was MY FAVORITE BSC book- besides Baby Sitters on Board that is!!  My sister, my cousin and my best friends Jenny and Becky loved it too!! A CLASSIC BSC book if you ask me- and yes with some good turning points in the series- the girls actually do start 8th grade after this summer, we learn that Byron is pretty sensitive, Claire starts the silly billy goo goo crap, and Mary Anne has her first ” thing” for a boy. Good times, good, good times. And we also learn Stacey is a moron and a bitch.

Next time- and that will be next week- no more blogs for this week I doubt- I will be snarking HEAVILY on a Sweet Valley University Thriller because those thrillers are such CRAP- they are like Lifetime movies but WORSE! After that recap, I will have a BSC Little Sister Book to snark on and a couple of Sweet Valley Kids books as well. I also plan to recap a couple more Gymnasts books over the next few weeks as well, and during the summer I also do plan to snark on a couple more summer related YA novels such as Malibu Summer ( a Sweet Valley High super special) and BSC Super Special California Girls OR Baby Sitters on Board- one or the other!!!


6 Responses to “Who Needs Babysitting When There are Boys Around???”

  1. Man, I have no idea how MA put up with Stacey and her stupidity. I hate that girl.

  2. Despite there being 131 BSC titles (and just in the linear world, not counting mysteries, super specials, etc) I have to say the first 10 books are my absolute favorites, ESPECTIALLY #8, 9, and 10. Mad love for early BSC. And I adore your review…just snarky enough.

  3. sansvous Says:

    i loved this book! plus all the other sea city ones, cos what could be more exciting than the jersey shore with all its touristy goodness. makes me want to go on vacay right this mo’ damnit!

    oh and california girls too. (i think it was the first bsc super special i read and i was way excited about the lottery and the plane ride and mallory’s makeup nonsense). so pls do that soon! can’t wait! 🙂

  4. Great recap! I loved this book. It is one of my all-time favorites. I really wanted to go to Sea City after reading this book!

  5. girltalkread Says:

    Zanne- my cousin and I wanted to go to Sea City soooo badly when we read this book- then we found out it’s not a real town! I still want to go on vacay to the Jersey Shore some day!! Sansvous- oh yeah early BSC is the WAY best- after about book 15 they were never as good- my favorites are definitely 1, 3, 4 and 8!!! I have already recapped 3 and 8 and soon 1 and 4 will be recapped as well!!! And I do hope to recap Cali Girls sometime this summer so look for it!
    Sadako- I have no clue why Stacey was my favorite when I was a kid. She’s a raging bitch. I now say Mary Anne is totes the best.

  6. I completely agree with everything in this post. keep up the good work

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