SVU Thriller- The Roommate

Does anyone remember any previous SVU postings I have done in which Isabella Ricci is mentioned? Isabella is the woman that is the protoganist of this tale, and Jessica’s new best friend at Sweet Valley University. Isabella is celebrating her birthday with her boyfriend Danny Wyatt.  Danny announces he has a present for Isabella, and it’s a beautiful ring that used to belong to his great grandmother. Isabella thinks that since Danny gave her a diamond ring, it means he wants to be engaged and Isabella is all excitable about that and shit. But Danny soon bursts her bubble, and says he is not nearly ready to settle down yet, and they are both too young to get married.  Did I mention that Danny has handsome African American features?  Isabella starts to cry because she feels she’s been played for a fool.

Next scene- Isabella and Jessica go to a salon to get free haircuts. Well Jessica says there’s no way in hell she’s going to participate in training night at this salon and get a free haircut, but Isabella says she is totally going to go for it.  We also hear how Jessica has hair like spun gold, and she could never see herself parting with her lovely long, blonde locks.  We also hear how excited Jessica is about meeting a new man named Josh Stone who has the looks of a Greek god and is the sweetest, most awesome man on the whole planet.  And Isabella gets her hair totally chopped off and her hair is now super short.  Isabella thinks she looks rotten, but Jess assures Isabella that she is beautiful enough to carry off a short haircut.  Isabella then tells Jessica about how Danny doesn’t want to marry her- and yeah I do feel that Danny giving Isabella a ring that was in his family and had a diamond in it, and being shocked that Isabella thought that meant he wanted to marry her, is a shit move.  Jessica assures Isabella that Danny really loved her and threw her that fab surprise birthday party and all. Isabella then gets into a fender bender and has to pay tons of money to get her Range Rover fixed. Bad luck is just really following Isabella around.  Isabella is telling Danny about how between having to repair the car, and the dryer and cappuchino maker being broken, and money for rent and all that, she’s in a real financial bind and has no idea what to do. Danny says maybe Tom Watts can get Isabella a job at the TV station, but Isabella says that between her course load and sorority obligations, she has no time to get a job.  Isabella then has a brilliant idea- to defray costs and help her out financially, she will get a roommate!  Danny tells Isabella to make sure to be careful and Isabella tells Danny not to worry as she’s an excellent judge of character!!!

And on to Chapter 2!  Jessica takes Josh to dinner to have Josh meet her twin sis Liz and Liz’s BF Tom Watts.  Elizabeth and Tom are all excited because Josh is an English major who is thinking of becoming a journalist.  Josh gets a boner over possibly being allowed to work at the campus TV station with Liz and Tom- exciting. Now Isabella is interviewing prospective roommates.  The girl with the nose ring and drum set is out.  ( was that gal Randy Zak from Girl Talk in college? 🙂 ) as is the girl whose parents treat her like she’s about 6 and the parents grill Isabella and tell her she has to make sure little Anita would get to class.  And the third woman starts moving in her shit as soon as she gets to Is’s apartment. Isabella is in despair  because it costs even more to repair her car than she thought, and she still has no roomie! 

The next scene is just Elizabeth saying how great Josh is, and Jessica saying she is wary because she’s had such shit relationships lately- there was her creep ex husband Mike McAllery, and the professor she dated who ended up having a psycho ex wife who killed the prof and then herself. Elizabeth assures Jessica that she’s sure Josh has no skeletons in his closet.  Isabella hears a knock at the door- it’s a girl with mousy brown hair and a shapeless brown dress on.  The girl immediately endears herself to Isabella by mixing the cappuchino maker and making Is a fab cappuchino.  The girl, who says her name is Lisa Fontaine, went to New York University and transferred to SVU recently. Isabella asks Lisa questions about New York,  but Lisa is not engaging in that conversation at all and answers the questions in a very vague manner.  After the cappuchino and very brief conversation, Isabella thinks that while Lisa isn’t the kind of girl Isabella would ever hang with socially, Isabella has great instincts and instantly asks Lisa to move right on in.  When Lisa is moving in, Isabella notices a gorgeous rosewood box that Lisa has and asks Lisa where did Lisa get it and Lisa is all unhinged like and goes ” None of your business!!” But Lisa getting all bent out of shape over Isabella asking about a box isn’t any indication that Lisa is odd or anything…

Next chapter begins with Jessica and Josh having a boring picnic and Jess gets all insecure because she thinks Josh was ogling a hottie on roller blades but he only noticed the girl’s blades and not her body at all!!  Then- Isabella tells Lisa she barely ever uses the elevator because it always breaks down and she usually uses the stairs. I swear they stole this scene right out of Single White Female!  Isabella and Lisa are in the basement doing laundry, and Lisa sees a rat and is all cooing at it. Ummmm OK.  Jessica then asks Isabella how things are with Lisa, and Isabella says Lisa has such stringy brown hair and shapeless dresses, and Jessica is all ” I smell makeover!!”  Then the president of the sorority, Magda, says that Isabella’s new short hair is pretty flattering.  Then the girls all ask Jess when they will all meet Josh and Jess says soon enough.  We get then inside the head of Lisa Fontaine- she feels like a hopeless sack of garbage all the time. she doesn’t get how a girl as beautiful, popular and fantastic as Isabella wants to live with a frump like Lisa.  Isabella made cookies for Lisa and then as they eat cookies, Is asks Lisa if she wants to go shopping with Izzy tomorrow as Lisa hasn’t gotten any of her stuff from New York yet, and Lisa is all wet through her panties over hanging out with Isabella and says sure.

Lisa is all amazed at all of the great clothes at the mall, and Isabella thinks to herself that Lisa must have been to the best stores on Fifth Avenue back in New York and she doesn’t get why Lisa is so awed by the stores in Sweet Valley.  Isabella has Lisa try on a black blazer and matching skirt and when Lisa comes out of the dressing room modeling her outfit Isabella notices how Lisa actually had a cute little body under those sack dresses she used to wear.  Lisa buys a bunch of new clothes and some jewelry and Isabella fixes Lisa’s hair in a French twist.  Lisa then asks Isabella to hang out that night and Isabella declines, saying that she is going on a date with Danny tonight.  Lisa’s ” stony expression” returns when Isabella turns Lisa down.

Jess and Josh are visiting with Liz at the TV station, and Elizabeth is telling Josh all about the workings of the TV station and Josh is quite fascinated.  Elizabeth asks Josh to help with some TV segment and Josh gets yet another boner from getting to help out at the TV station. Now, believe me, all of this boring Elizabeth/Josh interaction becomes important later.  Danny then comes to pick up Isabella for their date, and when Lisa meets him she gets all hot and bothered and looks all horny, apparently. Danny got a present for Isabella- a three week old kitten- and what the FUCK- kittens are supposed to be weaned with their mommies for 8 weeks- 3 weeks old WTF? That angers me!  Lisa suggests they name the kitten Rosie.  Lisa is then left alone talking to the kitty and Lisa thinks of how easy it would be to crush the kitten’s fragile little bones- CREEPY!  Lisa also thinks about how fab it would be have a boyfriend as fine as Danny.

On to Chapter 5- yep it’s only Chapter 5 and I have noticed this post is getting WAY long.  Jessica promises Isabella that the sorority meet her new man. Jessica is hoping to meet Lisa in the meantime.  Lisa is back at the apartment preparing a pesto sandwich for Isabella. The phone rings, the answering machine picks up the call, and it’s Danny asking Izzy if she wants to meet him at the dining hall for lunch. Since Lisa wants to have Isabella all to herself, Lisa erases the answering machine message.  Next scene- Jessica all bitching Liz out claiming Elizabeth is attracted to Josh and that is why she offered him a job at the TV station. Liz says that is ludicrous, and she  doesn’t get why Jess is being so insecure and jealous. 

Lisa and Isabella have lunch together, and Lisa says she can’t start classes yet because the registrar’s office lost her schedule. Hmmmm… Isabella says how she has no brothers or sisters, and Lisa tells a sob story of losing her twin sister at birth.  Isabella then says she always wanted a younger sister, and Isabella feels Lisa understands exactly what she means.  Lisa says she and Isabella can pretend to be sisters, and Izzy thinks that sounds just FABU!

Jessica meets Lisa, and Jessica notices that Lisa is dressed like Isabella and even gestures like her.  Then Josh walks into the coffee shop and GUESS WHAT? Josh and Isabella were HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEARTS!  Jessica tries to reassure herself that Isabella is madly in love with Danny and Isabella and Josh don’t want each other.  Jessica then is all bummed over having to watch her prof’s kids tonight and Lisa says she will be happy to take  the babysitting job for Jessica.  Is then mentions having to pick up her car. When Lisa is home that night, Danny calls.  Lisa says she’s not sure when Isabella is, but a few hours ago Isabella had run into her old boyfriend, and they left the coffee shop together and of course Danny is all oh umm have her call back and of course those seeds of doubt are being planted into Danny’s head…  When Is gets home, Lisa says Danny called and wonders why Isabella hasn’t called him. Izzy is all ” Danny was supposed to call me” and Lisa says she feels Danny is too demanding.  Lisa suggests that Is not call Danny back for 24 hours- that will show him!

Jessica goes to see Josh and is all confrontational and shit accusing him of still wanting Isabella. Josh tells Jessica that he and Isabella are over, and he is all about Jessica.   And they make out.  Isabella is then getting ready to meet Danny at the snack bar.  Isabella can’t find the pullover she wanted to wear, and she goes into Lisa’s room to see if she can find it as she lets Lisa borrow some of her clothes.  Isabella has then seen that Lisa has borrowed TONS of Izzy’s clothes!  Then Isabella notices that her own closet has all duplicates of clothes Lisa borrowed. Isabella is wondering why Lisa would do this… Isabella then asks Danny why would Lisa biy all the same clothes that Izzy does?  Danny pretty much blows Isabella off and says imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Danny then says how Lisa told him about Is running into Joshie and pretty much accuses her of wanting Josh because Lisa says Josh and Isabella were all cozy. Isabella is steamed that Danny would think that. 

Isabella then sees a woman on campus with a haircut just like Isabella’s and similar clothes- and it’s Lisa! Isabella doesn’t get why Lisa is now looking just like her.  Isabella wants to talk to Jess so she goes to Jessica’s dorm room but Liz says Jessica went to meet a girl named Lisa!  Jessica is taking Lisa on a tour of the Theta house.  Magda mentions the Zeta fraternity party that night and Jessica and Magda say Lisa should come. Magda also says she hopes Isabella is going to the dance.  Meanwhile Isabella gets back to her apartment and sees Lisa in Izzy’s silver dress serving Danny coffee!  Lisa asks Is if she likes Lis’s new do and Izzy is all ” it looks like you stuck your head in a Cuisinart!”  and Danny is all pissy that Isabella says that.  Isabella then does feel really bad because Lisa fixed the broken dishwasher.  Is asks Lisa if she wants to go out for a  ” bite to eat” ( what college kid says that?) and Lisa says no because she has to sit for Jess again.  Danny again yells at Is for being rude to Lisa and Isabella tries to say she finds it creepy that Lisa is copying her every move, but Danny won’t bother to listen and poo-poohs everything Is says.  Lisa is actually at the Zeta party and Jessica asks where Isabella is, and Lisa says that Isabella had to go meet someone somewhere and wouldn’t say anything more than that.  Then Lisa asks Jessica where Josh is, and Jess says Josh couldn’t make it to the party.  Lisa is all ” isn’t it funny that Josh and Is both couldn’t make it”” -yep now Lisa is planting seeds of doubt in Jessica’s mind making her think that Josh and Isabella are riding the hobby horse.

Jess screams at Isabella at the sorority house demanding to know where Isabella was last night. Isabella says she was out to dinner with Danny.  It’s time to nominate new pledges to the sorority. Jessica nominates Lisa Fontaine!  Isabella is none too happy and says she wants to talk to Jess about why that is, but Jessica says ” I have to meet MY boyfriend!!” and storms off.  Jess is then ready to bite Josh’s head off about ” being with Isabella” but Josh says how he had a big psych project to do and bought Jessica a gorgeous porcelain box to make it up to her, and Jess and Josh make out again. 

Isabella then calls Danny and says she wants to see him because she is really upset over Jessica nominating Lisa to the sorority and tries to explain that she feels Lisa is trying to ” steal her life” or whatever and Lisa creeps her out but Danny starts screaming at Is again and tells her the world doesn’t revolve around her. Ya know, I ADORE Danny in SVU Book #1 college girls ( and yes ladies and gents I did recap that book) but Danny sucks ass in this book!

Isabella comes back to her place and goes straight to bed and falls asleep crying over Danny. As Is sleeps, Lisa puts on Isabella’s earrings and her favorite French perfume. As Lisa watches Is sleep, she thinks that nothing can ever come between Lisa and her ” sister” and she has to go do something to take Is from Danny and have Isabella all to herself.  So this is where it’s all Single White Female for SURE- Lisa goes to Danny’s room and it’s totally dark in Danny’s room. Danny gets all horny from smelling the French perfume and takes ” Isabella” in his arms and says he is sorry for arguing with her, and ” Isabella” starts making out with Danny passionately and Danny thinks that Izzy has never been so passionate and never kissed him this ” hungrily” because most Sweet Valley girls are frigid.  Then Lisa/ Izzy tries to grab Danny’s crotch and Danny is all ” no we can’t do this not this way” , and then suddenly ” Isabella” disappeared into the night. I wonder if the director of Single White Female ever sued Francine Pascal for totally stealing this part of the plot!!!

Lisa sees Danny at the coffeehouse the next morning, watching Danny wait for Izzy ( he had asked Lis/Is to meet him there as they made out the night before. Lisa thinks to herself that now Danny knows he totally wants Lisa and not Isabella, but Lisa is sadly mistaken as Danny is just sulking over Isabella the whole time.  Lisa tries to tell Danny that he deserves a lot better than Is, and Danny gets all upset saying Lisa doesn’t really know Isabella.  Lisa then thinks ” Danny Wyatt, I will make you forget Isabella Ricci ever existed.”

Lisa sees Josh at the registrar’s office. He tells Lisa that he has to write Jess a letter saying plans changed and he can’t take her to Malibu this weekend, but he’s writing a letter cause he’s a puss… because he doesn’t want to face Jessica’s wrath.  Lisa then tells Josh she can put the letter in Jessica’s mailbox for him.  Then Lisa tells Josh she’s very worried about Isabella lately and she looks horrible and sad all the time. Josh says he has to go over to see Isabella right away…. Isabella is about to leave the coffeshop where she was supposed to meet Danny and he never showed. I can’t even remember reading where Isabella asked Danny to meet her there but no matter. Josh is there and he asks Isabella what’s wrong and she says life is just lousy lately and Josh covers her hand with his and tells Isabella he loves her because she will always be his first love.  Jessica then runs into Lisa who insists on treating Jess to lunch at the coffeehouse- and Lisa also gives Jessica the letter from Josh. Jess is already fuming and then when the gals walk into the coffeehouse Jessica sees Isabella and Josh being all cozy! Oh, shitballs!

Elizabeth is trying to convince Jess that what she saw between Izzy and Josh may have been innocent when Isabella comes over and tries to tell Jess she thinks Lisa is trying to sabotage Jessica. Jessica yells that Isabella is trying to blame everyone but herself for her probs and she’s sick of it! Lisa then tells Danny what she saw at the coffeeshop.  Lisa hugs Danny and Danny says Lisa is a good friend. Then Isabella sees Danny and Lisa in a tight embrace, and Isabella thinks that she’d expect Lisa to betray her but never Danny.  Then Josh tries to make up with Jessica but this time it ends in Jess telling Josh she never wants to see him as long as she lives and not them making out. God this review is getting LONG and I am STILL not done… ugh.

Isabella goes to pack all of Lisa’s shit, put it in boxes, and leave it in the hall and have the locks changed so Lisa never has to return.  Isabella notices a bunch of answering machine tapes in a shoebox. Then Is sees a bunch of letters addressed to a Helen Mueller.  Is then finds pics of two little girls who look exactly alike and then a scary headline- Mueller Twin Found Dead.  Meanwhile Jessica conspires with her arch rival in the sorority, Alison Quinn, to get Alison’s girl Mia along with Lisa in the sorority by forcing Izzy to resign. Meanwhile, Isabella is reading the article about the dead Mueller girl.  The girl’s name was Rosie and she was found dead in any icy river.  Isabella realizes that Lisa is Helen Mueller after seeing the pics, the name and the article and then Isabella falls sharply on her hip.  When Lisa comes home, Rosie scratches her and Lisa is all ” you will pay you little animal”- sick shit. 

Isabella manages to run off and go to the registrar’s office.  Basically neither Lisa nor Helen were ever registered at SVU.  We then get to Lisa cutting her own wrist with a knife, and Lisa loves seeing the blood.  We get some background on how Helen’s parents loved Rosie more than Helen and called Helen a bad girl and Rosie the good, sweet girl and when Helen and Rosie went to play one day Rosie fell in the river and Helen ran off and refused to try to help Rosie and just let her die. 

Isabella runs to Danny’s room and again tries to tell Danny Lisa is a fraud and a psycho and again Danny blows her off.  Is then sees that Rosie the kitten is dead!  Is then tries to go stay at the Theta house and Alison refuses to let her in even though it’s raining like heck and says the sorority can’t allow such a ragamuffin in their house and makes her leave.

Isabella tries to go return to her apartment to see if Lisa is out of there yet.  When Is gets there, Lisa is SURE there and pins Izzy’s hands behind her back and ties them with duct tape and says Isabella can never leave her.   Meanwhile Josh goes to see Jess and tells her about how Lisa kept insisting that Josh go to the coffeehouse to see Isabella and he only had his hand on Izzy’s to comfort her and Jess starts to think Lisa made all that crap up about Josh cheating on Jessica. And Jess and Josh make out again. 

Lisa goes to see Danny and is a dumb little shit who pretty much tells Dannyh everything she did to pull Is and Dan apart- including going to Danny’s room at night and trying to touch his penis. Danny is steamed and tells Lisa her fantasy is over, and runs over to Isabella’s place.  Jessica is also going to the apartment and got on the elevator and it takes Jessica forever to get upstairs.  When Jessica gets up there, Lisa puts a knife to her throat, drops it, and ties Jessica’s hands behind her wrists- and all Jess can say is  this will severely hurt Lisa’s chances of getting into the Theta house! HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH!  Isabella manages to run off and go into the elevator, but it’s stuck. Jess is stuck trapped in the apartment. Danny finds out that Helen/Lisa escaped from a mental institution 2 weeks ago and this lady Nancy wants to bring her back.  Lisa goes after Isabella in the basement,  Danny finally gets there but Lisa whacks him with a pipe, and is then trying to choke Isabella and keeps calling her Rosie. When the police arrive, Jessica says that Is, Dan and Lis/HELEN ( like HELL!) are in the basement.  Then Lisa says she ” hears” Rosie in the well and has to help Rosie so she runs and falls into the elevator shaft and dies. Yep all that and stupid Helen falls down the elevator shaft. 

Danny’s in the hospital with a head injury. Danny says he does want to marry Isabella and Is is all ” not now but someday” and they make out and all is now happy in Sweet Valley land and Izzy will never need therapy or even remember this ever happened, I am sure.

Next week I will be recapping Karen’s Kitty Cat Club a Little Sister book!! Oh Karen Brewer how we despise thee! Other upcoming books: Sweet Valley High #50 Out of Reach featuring the Chinese dancer Jade Wu,  Girl Talk #8 Stealing The Show, The Gymnasts #9 Crush on the Coach, and BSC #83- STACEY VS THE BSC!!!


4 Responses to “SVU Thriller- The Roommate”

  1. Wow, this is actually the only SVU book I’ve ever read. It was a long time ago, though, and I thought I remembered it being Jessica who had the creepy stalker freak girl after her. This was a total blast from the past.

  2. Yay, how I love to watch ppl hate on Karen Brewer!

    Oh, and Stacey McGill, too.

  3. Jan aka Girl Talk Read Says:

    yo it’s me the author!! 😉 Nothing is more fun than hating on Karen Brewer, Sadako! And Shannon yes there is a book with a creepy ass girl who uses a psuedonym and stalks Jessica- it’s another SVU thriller called Very Bad Things. I have recapped it so please look for that recap- but yeah Very Bad Things and The roommate are VERY similar only in this one no one believes Isabella, and in Very Bad Things no one believes Jess when she says Gia is crazy! ( Gia being the stalker)

  4. fitzey, so happy to finally have found your blog lololo 🙂 lol shannon knowl

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