Another Recap:

This is just a recap of books I have recapped since my last ( this is what I have done so far) blog.

So since that time, in case you have missed it I have recapped two Gymnasts books now- #2- First Meet, and #6- Bad Break. I did another Sleepover Friends book, numero #20, Lauren in the Middle. I also recapped a Sweet Valley Twins Super Special The Unicorns Go Hawaiian ( and I did not miss Elizabeth, who was hardly in this book, one bit- who would have known?) I also recapped Baby Sitters Club #8 Boy Crazy Stacey aka the best BSC book EVER, Freshman Dorm’s Freshman Obsession, and The Fabulous Five Book 1 Seventh Grade Rumors.

Please also look for our past recaps of Girl Talk Books 1, 3, and 7- all awesome, a bunch of recaps on both the ” Making Out” and ” Girlfriends” series, a hilarious recap done by my sister on the Baby Sitters Club full length movie, and Baby Sitters Club Snowbound, SVU #1 College Girls, and Sweet Valley Twins #1 Best Friends are other past recaps I can recommend if you get bored one day and want to read bunches of my past postings.

Please look for future posts on more Sleepover Friends, Fab Five, and Sweet Valley Twins books for sure, as well Elizabeth Gail books, as well as Sweet Valley High and Baby Sitters Club.  I have no more BSC Little Sister books but I do aim to get more because I figure that this blog focuses on books that not many other blogs focus on, and hardly anyone snarks BSC Little Sis- tales of a former walking highlighter used to do GREAT recaps on those but she hasn’t updated in quite awhile. So I am HOPING to be able to recap more BSC Little Sister books as well, and I have TONS of Sweet Valley Kids I can do, but SVH is not nearly as fun to snark as BSC Little Sis!


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