2, 2, 2 books in one!!

Just because Sweet Valley Kids books happen to be so short, and also because I read 2 Sweet Valley Kids books in a row this weekend ( had no power all weekend because of a TORNADO in my town) I figured I would recap 2 books in one post this week. So here we go:

Sweet Valley Kids#21- Jessica and the Spelling- Bee Surprise: This will be very short and to the point. Jessica shocks herself when she wins the second grade spelling bee. Everyone in her class teases Jessica because Elizabeth is the smarter twin, and everyone thinks it’s a fluke Jessica won. Jessica is now SUPER nervous about being in the district spelling bee. Well- big shock of the year- Jessica wins the spelling bee!!! And Jessica is never smart again. Oh, remember that episode of Full House where Stephanie wins the class spelling bee, and she has to go against a wicked smart Asian boy, and the boy beats her in the 4th grade spelling bee or whatever, and Steph demands a rematch at her house?  I found Stephanie really annoying in that episode, and usually I hearted her. I LOVED Stephanie and DJ when I was a kid- Michelle always sucked ass! Speaking of which, why  hasn’t that gal who recapped eps of Full House updated her blog in, like, forever?? I miss her!!

Sweet Valley Kids #25- Left- Out Elizabeth:

Jessica, Liz and Steven are going skiing with Mr, and Mrs. Wakefield, and Todd and his parents. Yep good ol’ Todd Wilkins. Elizabeth is really looking forward to skiing and playing in the snow with Todd. Then Steven and Todd make buddies with this guy named Mark, a 9 year old who is apparently this great skiier, and Todd and Steven both develop HUGE boy crushes on Mark and wants to always ski with him on harder slopes, and not with Jess and Liz on the bunny slopes.  Elizabeth gets really upset at Todd because he is completely ignoring her, and he doesn’t even help Jessica and Elizabeth enter the snow sculpture contest. By the way, as an aside, why did so many YA series have books involving skiing or ski trips? Baby Sitters Winter Vacation, I think SVH did a couple, The Gymnasts’ Bad Break ( and please look for my posts on ” Bad Break” and ” winter vacation- BSC style” if you haven’t yet read them). But then Steven sprains his knee skiing with Mark because he didn’t stay on the easy trail. And Todd begins to hang out with Liz more after that. And Jessica and Elizabeth win the snow sculpture contest by making twin snow bunnies- how cute awwww 😉 Well since they are 7 years old, I guess it is sort  of cute.

I also want to take aside some time to mourn legends we have lost recently- Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. Michael’s death hit me especially hard- I could easily write a whole post ( which I still may do this week) on how MJ impacted my childhood and my life. I am also uber upset over Billy Mays’ death- it’s just too much!!!

Stay tuned- this week I am also going to try to recap The Gymnasts #9- Crush on The Coach!!


3 Responses to “2, 2, 2 books in one!!”

  1. I actually did write a post on how MJ affected my life. Check it out at http://unprofessionalcritic.blogspot.com/2009/06/you-wont-find-nobody-else-like-me.html

    Love this blog!

  2. There was even a BSC “Little Sister” book called Karen’s Ski Trip, where the Brewers go skiing and Andrew is like this skiing prodigy, but then he falls and breaks something and can’t enter the big ski contest. Or some crap like that.

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