Gymnasts #9- Crush on the Coach

As you can see, I have had a lot of downtime lately- and well I read MANY books ( during the day) during our 48 hour power outage, so expect me to be busier than usual!!

Lauren’s mom has decided to run for City Council.  Lauren and Cindi are on their way to gymnastics practice, and Lauren tells us readers that she loves her coach, Patrick, because he thinks that Lauren is funny and has ” explosive power.” Lauren is glad that Cindi talked Lauren into returning to gymnastics classes after a haitus.  Lauren’s mom’s slogan, BTW is ” Baca’s the Best, It’s Time for a Change!!”  Lauren’s mom then says that her campaign manager, Sixto, wants Lauren to be in Mrs. Baca’s TV commercial because Sixto thinks it looks good that Lauren goes to the Denver Public Schools- and Lauren gets straight A’s to boot.  Then when Lauren gets to practice, Patrick says he thinks it’s great that Lauren’s ma is running, and he plans to vote for her.

Now it’s Chapter 2. Lauren then tells us readers that Lauren’s parents weren’t too jazzed when Lauren decided to return to gymnastics because they feel it distracts her from her studies.  Lauren then manages to perform some tricky move on the uneven bars.  Lauren is happy that she’s getting to be almost as good as Cindi, who is apparently amazing to watch on the uneven bars.  Lauren then tells Patrick that Cindi is so good on the bars, and she will never be as good as Cindi. Patrick tells Lauren that she’s made more improvement than any kid he has ever coached, and that she’s a joy to work with.

Lauren is telling her friends after practice how proud she is of herself for tackling a hard move and doing an awesome release from the bars.  Then Ashley and Jodi start talking about Mrs. Baca running for city council, and Cindi and Darlene join in on the convo and don’t seem to want to discuss anything but Lauren’s mom’s campaign.  Darlene senses Lauren is not too comfortable with all this talk of Mrs. Baca running for city council, and Darlene says it sucks having a famous parent. Annoying pain Becky Dyson says that Lauren’s mom running for ” dinky” city council would never compare to Darlene’s dad playing for the Denver Broncos.  Darlene says maybe Lauren’s mom will be in the White House someday and Becky scoffs.  Becky then says Lauren would hire Patrick to be her personal “first coach” and Lauren says she likes that idea, and Becky says it’s because Lauren has a tremendous crush on Patrick.  Lauren denies it, but Cindi is all ” yes you do Lauren.”  Lauren is major blushing at this point.  Then Cindi asks Lauren if Lauren wants to hang out at her house along with Darlene and Jodi after practice and Lauren says she can’t because she has to hear Mrs. Baca speak at some rally.  Lauren says it’s a drag because almost every evening Lauren has to hear her mom speak at some rally or other, and it’s cutting into Lauren’s social life.

Lauren mentions being hungry to her mom. Lauren’s mom says they are going out for pizza after the big teacher’s rally.  Lauren is bored as hell at the rally. She daydreams about being Becky in gymnastics, and Patrick praising her.  Lauren’s mom is running against some dude who’s been on the city council for years and only cares about spending money on himself and not on any services the townspeople may need. He wears $600 suits and crocodile shoes.  Lauren and her dad have to hand out brochures after the rally, which Lauren doesn’t really enjoy.  Patrick is at the rally! He tells Lauren to tell Mrs. Baca he loved her speech on education, and he then asks for a pamphlet. Lauren is all “blushy” again.  Patrick then asks Lauren if she hungry and does she want to grab a slice of pizza with him?? Odd question from a gymnastics coach, isn’t it? Asking one of your students if they want to go out for pizza? Lauren says no because she’s getting pizza with her parents, but Lauren thinks to herself that she’d rather have pizza with Patrick than her parents. She then wonders why Patrick cared more about Lauren being hungry than her parents did.

Lauren and her mom argue because Mrs. Baca asks how Lauren liked the speech and Lauren keeps saying Patrick liked it, and Mrs. Baca says she wanted Lauren’s opinion and not Patrick’s, and must every sentence Lauren says start with the name Patrick? Lauren counters that all Mrs. B wants to talk about is her stupid rally and campaign ( well Lauren didn’t call it stupid, but I imagine an 11 year old saying that).  Lauren’s mom then says she knows Lauren is tired, but she and Lauren’s papi warned Lauren that the rally would be time consuming for all three members of the Baca clan, and then Lauren’s mom says that since Lauren is so tired from gymnastics, school and the campaign, Mrs. B feels Lauren should drop gymnastics for awhile. OK- shitty! This isn’t the 11 year old kid’s campaign it’s Lauren’s mom.  And it’s for the lame City Council, it’s not as if Mrs. Baca is running for Prez!  Lauren is so pissed over what her mom suggested she doesn’t even want pizza. Lauren then goes upstairs to cry in her room, and Lauren then tells Mrs. Baca when she goes upstairs that gymnastics and she does NOT want to quit!  Lauren’s mom then says that gymnastics shouldn’t be Lauren’s whole life- umm yeah Mrs. Baca the friggin campaign should??? Lauren says Mrs. B doesn’t even care about Lauren’s best day ever of gymnastics, and if Lauren quits for a bit she will fall behind and she won’t be in the same group as Cindi as Cin will advance and Lauren will be ” stuck in the baby group” as she puts it.  Lauren tries to calm down and says that she knows she can be a good campaigner for her mom and do gymnastics and Lauren’s mom said she and Mr. B just want what is best for Lauren.

Lauren is tired the next day at practice. As Lauren is watching Patrick demonstrate a move, Lauren is holding his clipboard and Ashley says it looks like Lauren is in love with Patrick because she’s looking at him adoringly and holding his clipboard.  Lauren gets pissy at the girls and Cindi says she’s just teasing and remember something called a joke? Patrick tells the girls to stop talking and pay attention.  Lauren tries the move Patrick showed and she can’t really do it, so Lauren feels crappy. Darlene does the move perfectly and in fluid motion. Lauren then messes up another routine they just learned because per Patrick she is ” trying too hard.”  Patrick then tells Lauren not to worry she has plenty of time to learn the move and Lauren is all ” who knows if I have time” and Darlene goes ” what” and Lauren tells her ” oh nothing.”

After practice Becky is all bitchy. She calls Lauren scatterbrained and says if Lauren’s ma is half as scatterbrained as Lauren, Becky would never vote for her. Becky is such the cunt. And them’s fightin’ words- Becky talking about Lauren’s ma? NOT ALLOWED!  Becky then says all politicians are sleazy and Lauren says to take it back because her mom is not sleazy! Patrick asks what the ruckus is about, and Cindi says Becky called Mrs B sleazy and Patrick tells Becky to apologize.  Then Jodi tells Becky ” Baca is the best, Becky is a beast” and starts cheering ” Baca is the best” and the rest of the Pinecones start chanting ” Pinecones for Baca!!”  Jodi says the Pinecones should get shirts made up that say ” Pinecones for Baca” and Darlene  thinks it’s a good idea as well.  Jodi asks  Lauren what she thinks, and Lauren thinks to herself that she doesn’t really feel like wearing a shirt at meets or gymnastics or whatever advertising her mom’s campaign as she wants the campaign and gymnastics seperate.  Lauren says ” oh I bet Sixto would love that idea” and Jodi says ” oh really” and Jodi suggests going to campaign headquarters to see if Sixto would pay for the shirts to be made. Lauren grudgingly agrees to this plan and takes the Pinecones to campaign headquarters to pitch Jodi’s idea.

Sixto gets all excited when he hears Lauren and her friends are gymnastics and after they show off some moves. He wants all of the Pinecones to be in a commercial showing Mrs. B’s concern for child welfare. Lauren doesn’t really want to go along but she does if it will help her mom’s campaign and so it’s official- Lauren’s gymnastics and the campaign are intertwined.

Lauren tells her friends she’s now sort of glad they are doing a commercial ( a couple of weeks have gone by) because Lauren’s mom hasn’t told her to quit gymnastics ever sincethat day where the pinecones went to headquarters. Then Lauren gets to Evergreen Academy, and Lauren sees Ashley- and Becky- wearing Julia Baca ( Julia being Lauren’s ma of course) tshirts and cameras filming Becky and her friends. Lauren is fuming because Becky the cunt isn’t even a Pinecone!  The shirts say ” Jumping for Julia” instead of “Pinecones for Baca” which is what the shirts were supposed to say.  Sixto then notices Patrick when he sees all the cameras and wonders what is going on. Sixto says he just wants a few shots of  the girls practicing and Patrick says he’s happy to help Julia Baca, but Sixto just can’t rush into and interrupt a practice and he wants advanced notice. He also says he wants Lauren’s opinion as to whether or not she’s OK with this.  Lauren is really upset that her mom’s campaign is now completely interfering with gymnastics and she screams that she doesn’t want Becky in the commercial, only Pinecones! After Lauren’s rant, Patrick tells her to go to the parent lounge and get a cup of water to cool down. 

Patrick and Lauren talk in the lounge.  Patrick says he did tell Sixto to come back another day as he cannot interrupt practice without warning.   Patrick does also tell Lauren she has to apologize for yelling at Sixto and ranting and raving. Lauren starts saying how she showed that she’s not the perfect candidate’s daughter because she went off today on Sixto,  even though she gets straight A’s and follows her parents rules. Patrick tells Lauren that even though she may not be the perfect candidate’s daughter, if he had a daughter, he’d want one just like Lauren- fiesty and smart.  Lauren is all happy to hear that.

The Pinecones are trying to do a pyramid with Lauren on top as she’s so little and Mrs B’s daughter of course- for the campaign. The girls crash land.  They are planning to shoot the campaign commercial featuring the pyramid tomorrow and Lauren is all nervous.

Lauren goes to the headquarters to apologize to Sixto, but he’s all ” oh it’s OK your coach already did” and then goes back to trying to plan a strategy to get votes from the elderly.  Lauren’s mom is wondering what Lauren did that she had to apologize.  Lauren explains and Lauren’s mom then says that since her campaign is interfering with Lauren’s gymnastics like this, she’s not sure about the commercial being done with Pinecones. Lauren insists they do the commercial as the other girls are really looking forward to it. Lauren’s mom reluctantly agrees to let the Pinecones  and Lauren be in a commercial for her campaign.

Lauren is happy to see her mom and Patrick shake hands and Patrick tell Mrs. B that she has  a great daughter.  They do the whole commercial and the pyramid still wasn’t great. The Pinecones hope their footage is used, and that Becky doesn’t appear in the commercial.   When Sixto shows the Pinecones and Mrs B the finished product, Lauren is so embarassed as it shows her doing a klutzy move and Becky looking great.  Lauren yells to Sixto that he made the Pinecones look terrible and says he stinks- which yeah I am no fan of this smug Sixto.  Lauren runs away from headquarters to the library, and when it closes she runs to the gym- and Patrick is there. Lauren tells Patrick she feels bad because Lauren made her mom go ahead with the commercial even though Mrs. B really didn’t want the campaign to interfere with the gymnastics.  Patrick tells Lauren he admires her parents for letting her do gymnastics because she loves it, and they agreed to let her continue in gymnastics because they trust her. Lauren is not sure she believes that.  When Lauren goes home, her mom says she told Sixto to change the commercial, because no way is Becky going to star in a commercial for Julia Baca! OK I like Mrs. B a lot more now!

The commercial is re-shot, and the pyramid is AWESOME!!!  And the week after the commercial is done- Julia Baca won the race!!! Everyone cheers at the election party ” Baca is the best!!” and Patrick says ” Both Bacas are the best” and Lauren is all ” that is why I have a crush on my coach.”

OK my major critique of this tale- this book is BARELY about Lauren having  a thing for Patrick other than the girls teasing her once or twice. It’s about Lauren struggling with her mom running for public office, and Lauren being upset over possibly having to quit gymnastics- so Crush on the Coach is a SHIT title as the book is NOT really about that!!! It just really irked me. This is not like ” Stacey’s Big Crush” that BSC book where Stacey writes a lame poem for Wes and confesses her feelings and all. I thought Lauren would pull some fool move like that and she sooo doesn’t!! WTF???????? Am I the only one who is thinking that this book had a  crap title?

By the end of the week/ beginning of next week ( in between the 4th, my four day work week, and doin’ lots o’ laundry) I hope to recap Girl Talk Numero Ocho, ” Stealing the Show” which is a FABULOUS book!!!  In the next few weeks, dear readers, you can also look forward to recaps of  Gymnasts #8- Captain of the Team ( my favorite Gymnasts book as a kid) BSC #76- Stacey’s Lie, Sweet Valley High #50 ” Out of Reach” ( featuring Jade Wu who I LOVED as a kid and then I was upset that we never really hear about Jade again), BSC #83- Stacey vs the BSC – can’t wait to read that one after seeing all the great recaps of this book- especially Claudia’s Room  and the Dibbly Fresh recaps!! and also Katie and Sabrina’s Big Competition which is Girl Talk #35, which I got done with after about 4 or 5 bathroom breaks last week- OK TMI but it’s TRUE!!!

And remember- coming up I will have lots of Sweet Valley Twins, U and Kids Books to recap, some ” Very Special” books from the BSC and SVT series, and Elizabeth Gail books!!!


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  1. I never really read the Gymnasts series (the only one we had when I was growing up was Tumbling Ghosts), but I LOVED the “Go for the Gold” (Going for the Gold? Something about gold) special gymnasts book about the Olympics like nobody’s business.

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